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Cocoa Woods by Nest Fragrances Review

Here is my review of Cocoa Woods Eau de Parfum by Nest Fragrances.

Review of Cocoa Woods by Nest Fragrances
Cocoa Woods by Nest Fragrances

Here is Nest Fragrances' latest Fragrance "Cocoa Woods" Eau De Parfum.

Composed of cocoa, sequoia wood; white sandalwood, with a touch of tiara blossoms and Thai Ginger. I would describe this fragrance as a "Woody Oriental".

To me it "looks" and "feels" like a very "warm" scent - probably from the presence of ginger (a most unexpected ingredient for a fragrance from the House of Nest Fragrances). There is a tropical feel about it and it reminds me very much of my grandparents' plantations in Malaysia - warm, humid and comforting. There is a distinct amber glow to it. It looks very much like the golden hour that comes just at the cusp of sundown after a day at the plantation.

The dry down reveals a fairly strong base of sandalwood and a hint of jasmine. With that particular note, I am always transported back to my grandparents' home in Malaysia. That huge mansion where there were ornate and hand crafted sandalwood chairs that I just loved to lounge in and read my books. I spent many a school holidays there. It is a comforting scent that calls forth memories of a happy childhood.

My grandparents and many aunties and uncles all lived in that large mansion with their children, and "Cocoa Woods" remind of me those few times when I felt enveloped with love and care. The mansion, the plantations and my grandparents are no longer there and my extended family in Malaysia have now all drifted apart, but my memories of those days are firmly planted in mind.

As a side fact, one of the notes of this fragrance is "sequoia wood" which is considered the most expensive type of wood in the World. A precious Fragrance that evokes precious memories.


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