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Escada Fairy Love EDT

Here is a Fragrance Story on Escada's NEW limited edition "Fairy Love EDT". I hope you enjoy this read!

Escada Fairy Love Eau de Toilette 100ml

Escada describes Fairy Love EDT as:

"Wrap yourself in a starry web of fantasy with ESCADA Fairy Love Eau de Toilette, a vegan, limited-edition sparkling natural perfume featuring bright Nashi pear and raspberry trailing off into a bouquet of jasmine petals."

"Fairy dust flies, and glitter rains down: welcome to a world of stardust and magic, a whirlwind journey through pure, unbridled emotion. Designed to evolve with the ebbs and flows of your heart, ESCADA Fairy Love is a natural perfume with a conscience: fully vegan, and brimming with 86% natural ingredients, for one of the most tantalising and sustainable ESCADA perfumes yet.

Wander down the garden path, and see what lies beyond the moonlit valley... This is an ESCADA perfume fragrance for women with heart, soul, and an ever-lasting romantic streak, a technicolour experience that unwinds like a journey to some far-flung land."


"Twirling, swirling magic falling around you like fairy dust, ESCADA Fairy Love is a romantic, uplifting floral gourmand with an otherworldly sheen, crafted by master perfumer Natalie Gracia-Cetto. Bright, clear-eyed pear opens the festivities with a sparkly silveriness, making way for sweet, ripe raspberries to split open in the heart. Fairy Love's girlish fruitiness is tempered with mysterious, fragrant jasmine at the base, for a light and mystical finish as fleeting as a shooting star."

"This natural perfume is enclosed in a bright, colourful, poppy bottle, a miniature work of art for you to step back and admire. This whimsical, heart-shaped bottle is intended as a pretty portal to an enchanted fairytale world to leave on your bedside table, a symbol of undying love and the magic all around you."

To purchase it in Australia, please click here.

Review of Escada Fairy Love Eau de Toilette
Escada Fairy Love Eau de Toilette 100ml

My Thoughts on Escada Fairy Love EDT:

The Bottle: The bottle is definitely super adorable. I love the hearts within hearts design and the red and white contrast. The cap is interesting in that it sits at the "bottom" of the bottle. This bottle would appeal to those who love colourful and whimsical things.

The Scent: I get a bit of "powderiness" right at the start, The sweet fruity floral notes then start ti come through. The jasmine notes ring true. So do the nashi pear and raspberries. This is a light fruity fragrance that is sweet. It is a simple and delectable fragrance of three components, nashi pear, raspberries and Jasmine. Each note can be easily and clearly discerned. I like that they kept to simpler notes.

The Dry Down: Jasmine. Definitely jasmine. A scent I grew up with as a child in a neighbourhood filled with jasmine plants. The Jasmine notes did come through the fruity notes fairly quickly.

The Tastes: Delicious crisp and juicy nashi pear and succulent sweet raspberries. This fragrance smells almost like a fruit bowl. This made my mouth water, as I am especially fond of nashi pears. It is a true gourmand fragrance.

The Colours: More crips reds and silvers. Almost like a Christmas bauble.

The Feelings: You can't help but smile at the bottle, the fragrance and even the box it is presented in. All convey a sense of fun and playfulness. A very cheerful addition to any fragrance collection.

The Wear Time: About 5-6 hours. This is made up of 86% natural ingredients, so I was impressed by the wear time. Natural fragrances tend to require reapplication quite early on, but this lasted an admirable length of time.

Suggested occasions to wear this: Wear this for play time! Whenever you are feeling whimsical, cute and playful. This would work well for parties, picnics and outdoor dates. This works perfectly as a Summer fragrance.

Overall: I love the simplicity of it. So brilliant with three delicious notes that perfectly work with and accentuate each other. The fact that it is vegan will appeal to a lot of people as the fragrance world is beginning to embrace this "vegan everything" trend. The other attractive feature is that it is made with 86% natural ingredients. This is a sweet scent, so I think it would appeal more to younger people (probably around 17 upwards). It would make a great gift to someone young to introduce them to the World of Fragrances. A good "beginner's choice". That being said, if you are young at heart, this playful fragrance would appeal to you too.

Review of Escada Fairy Love Eau de Toilette
Escada Fairy Love Eau de Toilette 100ml (front of box)

The stunning bottle and box.

Review of Escada Fairy Love Eau de Toilette
Escada Fairy Love Eau de Toilette 100ml (back of box)

Already gift wrapped and perfect for gifting! Looks like a present Santa would bring if you've been god this year!

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Disclaimer: All of the photos here are taken by me. You cannot use them without obtaining my written permission first. These are my personal views and I do not any way guarantee or warrant the accuracy, completeness, or usefulness of any message and will not be held responsible for the content of any message. Escada Fairy Love were gifted to me by Coty PR with no obligation to post about it.


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