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Glow and Firm with Avène PhysioLift Serum

Earlier this year in February, I was invited to attend a launch event for Avéne‘s new PhysioLift Smoothing Plumping Serum (“PAPS”). It was such a good event. We were treated to a special viewing of a movie during the French Film Festival in Sydney. You can see the photos on my Instagram @teacupofmakeup, just click here. Since then, I have been incorporating the serum in my daily skincare regime. I would estimate my total trial time for this serum to be around 15 weeks.

我一直在我的日常护肤体系中加入这种血清。 我估计这个血清的总试用时间大约是15周。

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My Thoughts on the PhysioLift Serum

The PAPS has been formulated so that it “instantly corrects the appearance of pronounced wrinkles, deep furrows and loss of firmness and luminosity in ageing, sensitive skin.”

Generally, based on my observation whenever I visit France, French women do not wear much face makeup on a day to day basis, unless they have a special event to attend. My French friends have told me that, above all, skincare is their number one priority in terms of beauty purchases. So I have come to realise that they don’t need to wear much face makeup as their skin is so good (obviously because of their skincare products and possibly diet)!

这款抗衰老血清是A's“PhysioLift”系列的新成员。 我尝试了大约15周。 我非常喜欢A的护肤产品,特别是它们的“Eau Thermale”。 Avéne的产品全部在法国制造。 我注意到,法国女性一般都有非常漂亮的肤色,而且通常不会穿很多化妆品。 我认为这都是因为法国护肤品的惊人之处。

I have always been a big a fan of Avéne’s skincare products. The one product I cannot live without is Avéne’s Eau Thermale (which is sourced from the Cévennes Mountains in Avéne). Knowing that Avéne’s PAPS is rich in this amazing thermal water made me more eager to try out the PAPS. This serum is the latest addition to the PhysioLift range that now comprises of five products, working in partnership to offer a 24-hour anti-ageing skincare routine. The range includes Avène PhysioLift Smoothing Day Cream (RRPA$68.95, 30ml), Avène PhysioLift Smoothing, Regenerating Night Balm (RRPA$69.95, 30ml), Avène PhysioLift Eye Contour (RRPA$64.95,15ml) and Avène PhysioLift Wrinkle Filler (RRPA$69.95, 15ml). The serum comes in 30ml and RRPA$69.95. I have not tried any of the other products from the PhysioLift collection.

The PAPS is the newest addition to Avéne’s PhysioLift range targeted at more mature skin. I always think that unless you are under 18 years old, you should start slowly incorporating some anti-aging products into your skincare regime. Avéne’s PAPS is suitable for all skin types (as are most of Avéne’s skincare) and I believe it should be a hit with those in their 20s and up.

我觉得你大约25岁时应该开始使用抗衰老护肤品。 原因是,现在有这么多的污染和生活压力,这些能为您的皮肤老化得更快。

我一直很喜欢Avéne的护肤产品,我相信它们的质量非常好,价格合理。 Avéne的产品赢得了很多奖项。

Before going into the ingredients, let me first share my thoughts about this serum. I enjoyed its unique texture. It comes out more as a hybrid gel-cream that when applied, makes my skin feel velvety and matte. I applied it to my face and neck. I have problem skin, so I am very particular about what face products I apply. I did not have any allergic reactions to this , nor did it cause me to break. I would describe this serum as having more of a “gel” feel than other conventional serums. I generally used this at night and sometimes during the day as a base for my makeup (applied before primer).

I also very much like the design of the bottle - see the interesting curves on the dispenser.

我喜欢它独特的质感。 它有一个非常轻的质地,吸收到我的皮肤非常快。 我将它涂抹在我的脸和脖子上。 我有问题的皮肤,所以我非常关注我应用的脸部产品。 我对此没有任何过敏反应。 这种血清比其他常规血清具有更多的“凝胶”感觉。 我通常在晚上使用它,有时在白天作为我化妆的基础(在底漆之前使用)。 它使我的皮肤看起来更亮,而且我的皮肤看起来不油腻。

In the photos above, on the left is my face before applying the serum. The middle photo is after applying the serum (that's why I look so happy). The photo on the right shows how it looks under makeup.

在上面的照片中,左边是我的脸在应用血清之前,。 中间的照片是应用血清后(这就是为什么我看起来很开心。右边的照片显示了化妆时的样子。

This serum is quite hydrating, and I felt that when I applied it, it did smooth out the fine lines I had in the furrow of my brows (I squint a lot). I did not need to apply much of the product. About one pump was sufficient to cover my face and neck. I liked the quick dry down time, which meant that I could apply my other skincare or makeup products very quickly after applying this serum. On the nights’ when I applied only this serum, I did not wake up to my usual slightly oily skin. In fact, I felt this product made me become rather lazy with my #almosttenstepcrazy skincare routine.

这种血清非常滋润,我觉得它让我的皮肤更光滑。 当我使用它时,我的皮肤也感觉更柔软。它有一个轻微的香味。 它闻起来与Avéne的其他产品非常相似。我现在锻炼更多,体重减轻很多。 我注意到我脖子上的皮肤开始看起来不那么坚定。 当我在我的脖子上使用这种精华液时,它可以帮助那里的皮肤看起来更加坚挺。

There is a slight fragrance to this serum. To me, it smells like the rest of Avéne’s skincare products except for the range targeted for acne treatment. The fragrance did not bother me at all. It smelt like it had a slight floral creamy scent.

The photo on the left shows me looking very sad before I apply the serum. The photo on the right shows the brightness and firmness I get after applying the serum.

左边的照片是我的脸应用血清之前。 右手边的照片是应用血清后的脸。 我的脸看起来更明亮,更坚定。

Swatch of the serum showing the micro-pearlescent agents

One other very cool thing about the serum is that it contains smart micro-pearlescent agents which help to naturally even out your complexion and correct dull spots. I really like this about the serum. The effect is quite similar to light reflecting primers from a luxury French makeup and skincare brand. This serum is a good dupe for Sisley Paris’ Instant Éclat - Instant Glow Primer. This serum is not a primer, but it does give you the same visual effect that the Instant Éclat gives you. The glow factor for the serum when applied under my makeup lasted for about 4-5 hours. Which to me was an expected benefit as Avéne is much more affordable than Sisley Paris!

这款精华液的另一个有趣之处在于它含有智能微珠光助剂,可帮助自然均匀肤色并修正暗沉斑点。 对我的皮肤的效果看起来非常类似于我使用更昂贵的化妆产品时得到的效果。 我很高兴能够发现这一点!我喜欢在白天涂抹这种精华液 (底漆),然后再化妆。 它有助于延长我的化妆时间。 因为它非常滋润,所以我的皮肤会比不使用它的时候油腻。

In the photo above, I have applied the serum on my left hand and you can distinctively see the glow, as compared to my right hand.

我左手涂抹了血清,并将其与我的右手比较。 与右边相比,您可以在左侧看到健康的光芒。

The amazing glow and hydration! You can see that glow where I applied the serum on my hand as compared to the rest of my very dry hands.


Active Ingredients

The PAPS promises intense hydration, which I felt it did. As for its smoothing and lifting benefits, I definitely felt that my skin felt smoother. I was not able to determine if there was much of a lifting effect though except around my neck. As I have been loosing weight, the loose skin around my neck has been making me feel very self-conscious and I always try to wear a scarf or a top with a higher neck line. I felt that on the days that applied the PAPS, the “loose skin” was not as obvious. I think with prolonged use, this serum could really firm up my skin.

Key Ingredients:

  • Ascofilline, a high technology anti-ageing “architect” ingredient, to help maintain collagen and protect the structure of the skin,

  • Hyaluronic Acid Mono-oligomers and Hyaluronic Acid-Microspheres to reduce the appearance of skin furrows and visibly re-plump both on the surface and below the skin for a firming effect. Antioxidant Pre-tocopheryl, a physiological precursor of Vitamin E, protects the skin and preserves luminosity.

  • Avène Thermal Spring Water, known for its soothing anti-irritant properties, hence the serum offers a hydro-lifting formula that provides intense hydration and a firming effect.

  • Smart micro-pearlescent agents that adjust to the complexion and correct dull skin.


  • Ascofilline是一种高科技抗衰老成分,有助于保持胶原蛋白和保护皮肤结构,

  • 透明质酸单低聚物和透明质酸 - 微球,可以减少皮肤皱纹的出现,并且在皮肤表面和皮肤下面都可以明显地重新塑造紧致效果。

  • 抗氧化剂维生素E的生理前体Pre-tocopheryl,保护皮肤并保持亮度。

  • “Avène”的温泉水以其舒缓的抗刺激性质而闻名,因此血清提供了一种水力提升配方,能够提供强烈的水合作用和紧致效果。

  • 智能微珠光剂,适应肤色,修正暗沉的肌肤。


Final Thoughts

Would I recommend this product? Yes for an affordable price, you get a good quality product that lives up to its claims. 这款产品的价格非常合理。 质量如果非常好,你不需要使用太多。 我喜欢瓶子的设计。 所以,我建议你试试这个。


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