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Laura Mercier's Face Illuminators | 我的评论

Laura Mercier has released three new Face Illuminator Powders as companions to the very popular Indiscretion Face Illuminator Powder (a very popular highlighter and one of Laura Mercier's best sellers). I have to say, I was so ecstatic to learn about that, and squealed when I saw the photos.

这些是 Laura Mercier 品牌的3个新的面部照明器。 The three new colours are/他们的名字是: Devotion (pink/opal); Addiction (gold) and Seduction (dark bronze). The three colours aren't (as at the date of this post) available in Australia yet. I got them as birthday presents from my mother-in-law ("MIL") who was in the USA. Indiscretion costs A$45 at David Jones. You can get it from any Laura Mercier counter in David Jones or Sephora in Australia.

它们的价格是: A$45 一个。

Devotion; Addition; and Seduction cost US$44, so if they are priced the same as Indiscretion in Australia, with the current exchange rate + US tax, they did cost us about A$20 more each. YIKES! (sorry mum) My MIL got them from Sephora. I think there has been a price drop in Laura Mercier in Australia. I seem to recall Indiscretion costing around A$50 - A$60 when I bought it last year (I can't remember but I thought I paid A$65 for it, I just can't remember). They are trying to be more competitive. A lot of luxury brands have also dropped their prices. I think they might be releasing a palette with all four for Christmas but don't quote me on that! What I like about them/为什么我喜欢它们 Indiscretion is a peachy/gold colour that was suitable for all skin tones. I used it on it's own and as a highlighter on the cheekbones and even on the eyes. It's has a very soft and fine finish to it. The design of the swirls is mesmerising and the pressed powder very finely milled with no caking or large glitters.

漩涡的设计是迷人的,压制的粉末非常精细地碾磨,没有结块或大的闪光。 所有四种产品的质量一般都很好。 你可以使用它作为眼影和荧光笔在你的脸上。 每一个的数量是这么多,它会持续你很长一段时间,所以物有所值。 All three of the new ones are just the same. Absolutely beautiful, as you will see from them photos below. I like that they have that soft glow to them. They do not have any chunky glitters. The colours are buildable and you can do strobing about them (refer to my strobing post on tips). As I have fair to medium skin on my face (I'm quite tanned on my arms and hands), I've worn Seduction (dark bronze) on it's own like a blush, and it is gorgeous. I've also worn it as an eyeshadow as an all over colour and it is a gorgeous eyeshadow. The others, I've worn as highlighters and/or done strobing with them. They are sturdy. When I first got Indiscretion, I was worried that the swirls that made it so much prettier would crumble. They don't. Also the fact that they are sturdy does not affect the creaminess of them. What I don't like about them/为什么我不喜欢它们 Devotion (pink/opal) was the only one that did not perform as well as the rest, but only by a fraction of a percentage. It was slightly harder to build up the colour and I felt it was a bit dry compared to the rest which are more creamy to the touch.

“Devotion”(粉红色/蛋白石)是唯一一个表现不如其他,但只有一小部分百分比。 这是稍微难以建立的颜色,我觉得这是一个有点干,相比其他更加奶油的触摸。 Other than that, I love them. Photos of these beauties/我的这些产品的照片 I've done swatches on my skin and on my swatch cards. I thought the swatches on white cards would show you a truer colour and that there would be no bias caused by my skin tone.

我在我的皮肤和我的样品卡上做了样片。 我认为白卡上的色板会给你一个更真实的色彩,并且没有我的肤色造成的偏见。





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