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MOR Marshmallow Petals Collection Review

Here is my review of MOR Boutique's Marshmallow Petals release for Spring 2021. This is a fresh new take on MOR's iconic Marshmallow fragrance released in 2001. This took 20 years in the making and so I'm very excited to be talking about it. 

MOR Marshmallow Petals Collection

MOR describes the Marshmallow Petals Collection as:

"A fresh and modern take on MOR’s iconic Marshmallow fragrance which launched in 2001, Marshmallow Petals is soft, sweet and spirited – just like the airy citrus accords and featherlight touch of warm Violet, Iris and Marshmallow which capture the essence of our new scent.

For the launch of our new Marshmallow Petals fragrance, we bring you a carefully considered edit of highly covetable products, each of which fits with our ethos of ‘we look back to move forward’."

MOR describes the Marshmallow Petals fragrance as:

"Delicate, sensual and delightfully unexpected, this spirited new fragrance delivers a fresh, modern take on a MOR icon.

Breezy top notes of Orange Blossom and Currant Buds are enveloped by a whisper-light

hint of Violet and Marshmallow as this feminine fragrance unfolds on your skin; softening down to a velvety base of creamy Sandalwood and Patchouli."

This beautiful new collection comprises of quite a few pampering products:

Eau De Parfum ARRP49.95

Triple Milled Soap ARRP 22.95

Moisturising Body Wash ARRP 29.95

Creamy Body Lotion ARRP 29.95

Hand & Nail Cream ARRP 29.95

Fragrant Candle ARRP29.95

All of the information and products above can be sourced from

Every single item is so well presented and packaged and I think they make for great gifts that will be well-received.

What a beautiful and extensive collection of fine products! So lovingly displayed.

MOR Marshmallow Petals Eau De Parfum

My Thoughts on MOR Marshmallow Petals Eau De Parfum:

The Bottle: Simple timeless bottle with a pink metal cap. I like that they haven’t gone design crazy and kept it elegant and timeless.

The Scent: I did think of lovely rose flavoured marshmallows when I had my first sniff. Touch of fresh citrus and crisp green apple. This should be appealing to most people. It is feminine and sweet. Quite a lovely scent. I felt that it was a “young” scent for those 17 and up. It’s not unusual these days for younger people to wear fragrances. I got my first high end fragrance when I was 14.

Sweet but not to sweet. Light, refreshing, calming. Not musky at all. Think of a Summer’s breeze in a floral park on a beautiful day when you last felt most loved. That’s how this smelt to me.

Top Notes: Orange Blossom, Currant Buds

Middle Notes: Marshmallow, Violet, Orris Root (Iris), Jasmine, Ylang Ylang, Rose

Base Notes: Sandalwood, Patchouli, Musk, Oakmoss, Vetiver

The Dry Down: Fairly reasonable it dried down to a light floral woody scent. Although musk is one of the base notes, it smelt more floral (you get more of the jasmine as it dries down) and woody from the sandalwood, patchouli. The oakmoss lends a very pleasant earthiness to it. Like how it smells after a rain.

The Tastes: Yummy yet comforting. It is like comfort food. Sweet rose marshmallow tastes with a bit of crisp green apple. Something you reach for when you need that cozy feeling.

The Colours: A range of pinks, light lavenders and a bit of baby blues. Touches of soft cotton white.

The Feelings: As I mentioned above, this brought about feelings of being in a Summer’s breeze in a floral park on a beautiful day when I last felt most loved. The particular memory just reminds me of the time, dad and I were in our neighbourhood park and plucking these wild tropical fruit that tastes a lot like Marshmallow Petals, floral rosy sweet and a crisp apple finish. I have no idea what that fruit is called but Marshmallow Petals tastes like to me.

The Wear Time: A very reasonable 5-6 hours. It lightly dries down to a warmer floral berry woody scent

Suggested occasions to wear this: Good for every day. This could be for work or play. This isn’t an intrusive scent and like I said above would appeal to almost anyone. It’s not a heavy scent. Definitely a more modern take on Mor’s iconic Marshmallow.

Overall: A lovely one to purchase or gift. Age range is huge. I would say from 17 years upwards. If you like light refreshing floral berry fragrances with woody notes and marshmallow, this one is for you.

MOR Marshmallow Petals Eau De Parfum 50ml

MOR Marshmallow Petals Triple-Milled Soap

MOR Marshmallow Petals Triple-Milled Soap 150g

This has a blend of Shea, Cocoa Seed and Mango butters. Foams up really lovely and your hands just feel so clean and moisturised after. I find this packaging and form very attractive and it would make a good gift. It's cool that you can recycle the keepsake tin for your treasures.

MOR Marshmallow Petals Triple-Milled Soap

MOR Marshmallow Petals Fragrant Candle

MOR Marshmallow Petals Fragrant Candle 135g

This is a soy wax base candle. It is meant to have up to 20 hours of burn. I love that it comes in this metal container too which I definitely will recycle. The Marshmallow Petals fragrance from this candle is fairly strong, and I left it in a closet (I was cleaning up) and my clothes all smelled lovely after a day. I'm really excited about using this when we go camping! It is just perfect for travelling and bringing a piece of home with you.

MOR Marshmallow Petals Hand & Nail Cream

MOR Marshmallow Petals Hand & Nail Cream 100ml

Priced at A$29.95, you get 100ml of gorgeous hydrating and moisturising goodness. It has shea butter, almond and macadamia oil. I like this blend. It absorbs very quickly. It was good as a nail cream too. My hands and nail beds are so dry and my skin just drank this right up.

MOR Marshmallow Petals Moisturising Body Wash and Creamy Body Lotion

MOR Marshmallow Petals Moisturising Body Wash and Creamy Body Lotion

MOR Marshmallow Petals Moisturising Body Wash gives you a blend of moisturising oils to leave your skin feeling cleansed, refreshed and delicately scented. It does lather up quite nicely and my husband enjoys it too.

For extra care, MOR Marshmallow Petals Moisturising Creamy Body Lotion is the perfect after shower addition to body care. Leaves skin silky smooth. This absorbs quickly too and skin stays hydrated for the day.

MOR Marshmallow Petals Moisturising Body Wash and Creamy Body Lotion


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