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Where Your Beauty Beats Sephora Press Day 15 Feb

Hello Friends! I was lucky to be invited to another Sephora Press Day (the Universe is looking after me - so grateful).

This time, the press event was held at the Australia Technology Park and the show space was massive! I was also lucky enough to be able to do video interview with the CEO and co-founder of YUNI, Emmanuel Rey; Brian Granoff, who isTarte's Global Trainer; Alphie Sadsad,, the National Artistry Lead for Sephora Australia; and Brett Gallagher, Global Education Director for COVER FX. Those interviews will be on my Youtube channel soon, so stay tuned!

I took a lot of photographs and I want to share with you the exciting new products that are exclusive to Sephora in Australia. If you do not have a Sephora near you, you can shop at Sephora on their app or online at For my International friends, please go to, and you will be directed to the appropriate webstore or you can locate your nearest Sephora store.

I felt that for this Press Day, the focus was on skincare and "clean beauty". So the majority of the brands there were all about skincare. There were a few colour cosmetics brands there too like my faves: Tarte; Givenchy; Becca; Bite Beauty; Zoeva and Kat Von D. As you might already be aware, Tarte has a range of skincare products (they launched their own skincare a few years ago), so Tarte was showing both colour cosmetics as well as skincare. I AM so excited to share with you the new products from Tarte and I'll have a detailed commentary about Tarte's products in a separate article and Youtube video. I attended a Tarte event before Press Day and OMG it was so amazing and I have to tell you all about it. I practically spent the whole time at the Tarte event saying (continuously) "thank you, thank you, thank you".

Also, 100 Gold Members (loyalty program) of Sephora Australia (with a plus one) were invited to the event at night. Obviously, because Sephora is so good to me, I always do go and buy a lot of products from Sephora (a kind of thank you, I'm not one of those bloggers who just take free stuff and do nothing in return). Therefore, I am a Gold Member I seized the opportunity and invited one of my ex-boss' daughters from the Firm I used to work at. She (Laura), had an amazing time and it was also good for me to "see" the event from a customer's perspective.

So Friday, 15 February 2019 was a big day for me. I was at Press Day from 1 p.m. till 8 p.m. As I was interviewing quite a few people, I didn't manage to get to all of the stalls (even at the night session), so do forgive me if I have left out any brands. I'll be talking about their products in separate articles.

I do a lot of videos on my various social media platforms and I've linked them down below. There is a separate IG Story Highlight "SEPHORA", if you want to see more "video" action. I do a lot of daily Instastories, so follow me on my Instagram @teacupofmakeup_luxe (if you aren't already following me).

Thank you so much to Spehora Australia and One Day Dream PR for having me!!!



I think I first became aware of YUNI Beauty in 2018 at the SS18 Sephora Showcase. I wasn't able to talk to them as I had very little time. This time I was able to interview Emmanuel Rey, Founder & CEO of YUNI Beauty and also have a conversation with him about the beauty industry and many other topics that I am so interested in. Emmanuel is SO wise and has such a wealth of knowledge. I feel so blessed and enlightened.

The new product that YUNI is introducing is this very fascinating product called "Yunicorn" which is a cleanser and face mask. I can't wait to try this product and give you my thoughts on it. To see more of their products (before I get a chance to write my article on YUNI) I highly recommend that you go to their website

Whilst I was interviewing Emmanuel Rey, he brought along the hand cream above. He said that when he does interviews, he does a hand massage for the interviewer. How nice is that???!!!



It was so good to talk to Indie Lee again. I met her at a press event the day before the Sephora Press Day. I'll have a separate article on Indie Lee once I have tried her products. Indie was gracious and was so lovely to Laura at the night event.


Gahhh... I asked if they sold the "vaults" in the photo above, but unfortunately they don't (CRY)

As you might already know, I am a HUGE fan of Tarte. I've been collecting Tarte since 2010 (when I finally discovered the World of Beauty). I had a attended a Tarte event earlier in the week on Wednesday and I'll talk more about that event on a separate article. Thank you so much to the Tarte Team for being so kind, generous and patient. They were at Press Day from early morning (I think around 8 a.m. or earlier) and they were there all the way till 8 p.m. AND they were on their feet for majority of the time. WOW.

There are so many new products that Tarte has released this year. I'm really excited to tell you about them.

You can shop Tarte at:



One of my favorite foundations from Tarte that I use during the dryer and colder months is the "Rainforest of the Sea" one. The packaging has changed since this range was launched in around 2017. We were colour-matched and gifted one. Tarte's products ALWAYS work well for me and I have yet in my nine years of collecting Tarte, ever came across a Tarte product that I didn't enjoy using.

I had the opportunity this time to interview Brian Granoff, Tarte's Global Trainer. I've met Brian a few times before, but never really got the chance to interview him, so I SEIZED the golden opportunity. That video Interview will be featured in another separate article (and youtube video).

Brian has been with Tarte for 14 years. I think that says a lot about the brand as these days employee-loyalty rarely exists. Brian also said that he loves how Tarte is constantly creating more and more innovative and fun products and it makes his job so enjoyable.

OK. Is this not to die for? I have the first version of the pro palette and this is the "Tarteist Pro REMIX" palette. Made from Tarte's formulated amazonian clay, this palette is probably going to be in my Top 10 palettes for 2019. The shades are rich, buttery smooth and very pigmented. You can even choose to skip an eyeshadow primer, because the eyeshadows are formulated to "stick" and last on your eyes.

Another great palette that Tarte has released is the "Tarteist Pro Glow & Blush". You might already know that it is becoming "trendy" to really "amp" up your blush. This palette is beautiful and comes with four blushes, a highlighter and a bronzer/contour shade. There is something very magical about Tarte's products, their products are really worth the price, because they last and last and perform beautifully.

Thank you so much to the Tarte team for making the night extra special for Laura.



I really enjoy using Cover FX's products. I can't exactly remember when I discovered the brand, but I do have quite a lot of "Holy Grail" items.

I did a video interview with Brett Gallagher, Global Education Director for COVER FX. I did some research before I sent the interview questions and Brett gave me some really insightful and amusing answers. That interview will be featured in another article (with a youtube video).

This year, COVER FX was showcasing their new primers and custom drops. COVER FX is known for this innovative line and they have revamped the collection with new packaging and better formulas.

NEW packaging and improved formulas with a wider range of shades.

One of the really intriguing primers is the one called "Gripping Primer". Think of it like "cement" for your base. I'm really excited to try that one, especially during the warm and humid months in Australia and Asia.



OK. I AM OBSESSED WITH THIS BRAND. I'm a makeup hoarder and I love pretty packaging and of course, great formulas. Pretty Vulgar is a relatively new brand and you might have seen it often on social media platforms. I have been (secretly and hiding) expanding my collection of Pretty Vulgar products.

Pretty Vulgar's products are designed in collaboration with makeup artists and they have cruelty-free makeup formulations are developed free of parabens, sulfates and phthalates. This brand is already making huge waves in the Beauty Industry and I am excited to see it grow.

I had the pleasure of briefly chatting with Lewis Farsedakis, Founder & CEO of Pretty Vulgar. He is so clever and witty.

Some of the packaging reminds of two Japanese brands, a mix of Les Merveileueses Ladurée and Canmake.

The range of products will be expanding quickly and I am so enchanted by this clever brand. You can learn more about this brand on their website:

This was the product featured on Press Day. This is the "Faux Reals" mascara. It is meant to give you the false lash look. I can't wait to try it. I have their two original mascaras (for top and bottom lashes) as well as their eyelash primer. They are really lovely products.

Also shown were these super cute foundations. I am a huge sucker for packaging, so my eyes went immediately to these. These are not yet available in Australia, but I will try my best to source them from the USA to give you my thoughts on them.



If you have yet to discover Natasha Denona, I don't know where you have been.

You can learn more about the brand at:

We were treated to the World Premiere of Natasha Denona's NEW foundation (as seen in the photo above). I've known their brand rep for a few years now from the Clarisonic Blogger University and I am so happy Mitch has the job. Congratulations Mitch!

The new foundation has "flex" technology in it, so it has an elasticity to it. I tested some on the back of my hand (I work so much with my hands that they are dry and well... kinda icky) so I could really tell how this foundation works. YES, it is incredible. It flexes and moves with the skin and has a demi-matte finish.

We also got to see a new mini palette (great value for money) and the highlighter and blush duo you see above.

I'm really excited about the "Bloom Blush & Glow Palette" you see above. That RED shade on the top right is SO pretty. If you want to be bold, go for it, the "geisha" look is in.



BECCA originates from Australia and it is so amazing to watch it grow Internationally to become one of the "cult" brands in the World.

I personally have a fairly sizeable collection of Becca products. You can read one of my reviews:

You can learn more about Becca at their website:

At Press day, they featured the "Becca x Khloé Kardashian & Malika Haqq" collection along with their Ultimate Lipstick Love collection (30 shades plus 4 limited edition shades as part of the Becca x Khloé Kardashian & Malika Haqq collection). There were also 18 lip definers. Becca gondalas will now include a pretty cool system of working out whether you are "cool" or "warm" toned. I do it by looking at the colour of your veins on your wrist (I'm a neutral shade).

Ahhh...if only I could have this stand in my house. #dreamy

Just a few swatches. They swatch beautifully and so do the lip definers/pencils



I got to try out TWO NEW products from Murad Skincare. If you have been following me for a while, you will know that one of the skincare brands that I find most effective on my skin is Murad. I have a detailed article on Murad's anti-blemish range and you can read it here (it also links to a Youtube video):

I've been using Murad since 2010. Dr Murad is a genius and has also published many research articles of his own. One of my favorite articles that he has written is one about "cultural stress". I've linked that in my article on Murad.

To learn more about Murad, please go to

The first NEW product is the one shown in the photo above. This is their Revitalixir Recovery Serum. Gahhh... the technology behind it is incredible. Murad is always creating new and innovative products. I can't wait to try this. I think it is best described by Murad themselves:

The little sphere's are made of two types of algae (I think she said blue and green algae). Apparently, these little spheres help with the stability of the product (remember, I am not a scientist, so please forgive me if I can't describe it in a "scientific" manner).

It suits all skin types and is formulated without parabens; phthalates and gluten.

Like a lot of people these days, I have insomnia. It used to be so bad while I was working as a lawyer that I would on average, only get 1-2 hours of proper sleep for months while an important M&A transaction was on (no wonder I burnt out).

This is their "Night Fix Enzyme Treatment". This product was developed in collaboration with scientist/researchers who specialise in "sleep". My basic understand of this product is that it contains ingredients that help "trick" your skin into thinking that your skin is in the "rejuvenation" stage that nauturally occurs while you are sleeping. WOW. Mind blowing and I definitely can't wait to get my hands on this product.



I readily confess that I am a "Givenchy Hoarder". I love the design and formulation of their products. Just scroll through my Instagram @teacupofmakeup_luxe and you will see some of my collection.

Here they were showcasing their new Le Rose Perfecto which comes in 12 shades. This is building off the success of Givenchy's first lip perfecto in this pink packaging (I believe I have at least one which I hoard as an "untouchable").

These are lip balms + benefits. They hydrate and plump your lips and the packaging is pretty stunning. Of the 12 shades, 4 are "made-to-measure" shades which change as it reacts to your lips' PH levels (skin PH reactive complex technology). The remaining 8 shades are gorgeous and I'm pretty sure you will have no problems with finding one (or more) that you like.

For more about this collection, please go to: Le Rose Perfecto

Givenchy also gave us sweet treats. It was pink-sugar happiness for me. I hadn't eaten anything before the event and really needed a sugar hit after carrying all of my photography equipment around.



I was so happy to see Fresh Beauty again. Fresh makes so many incredible, innovative and effective products. I have an article about some of my fave Fresh Beauty products which you can read at:

They were showcasing two new additions to their famous Sugar Lip Treatments:

  • Sugar Orchid Tinted Lip Treatment with sunscreen SPF 15

  • Sugar Mint Rush Freshening Lip Treatment

Fresh also had a range of eau de parfums. There are 7 scents currently and I was able to do a quick sniff test. They smell beautiful and unique and I think they will be available to us in Australia soon.

In the photo above above, you see their new Sugar Mint Rush Freshening Lip Treatment. It is a clever product made to to help freshen up your breathe with their natural ingredients - no need to carry breathe mints or gum anymore. I love products like this which have multiple uses, such great value for money.

OHHHH if only I could have all of these!

The new Sugar Orchid Tinted Lip Treatment with sunscreen SPF 15 gives you a beautiful "lip tint" look. As described by Fresh themselves:

"Ibiza, a Spanish island in the Mediterranean Sea, has incomparable natural beauty. A particular species of orchid that grows wild only on Ibiza combines a vibrant hot pink and deep fierce red. That ferociously exotic flower was my muse for Sugar Orchid."—Alina Roytberg, fresh co-founder

I understand that the colour of this product is naturally derived from these orchids. I did a swatch of it and it did in fact leave a tint on my hand, which means to me that the colour payoff is very good.



Caudalie Paris is a hugely famous and popular brand that originates from France (yes, I'm a Francophile, and hence I believe anything made in France has to be good). Read more about this brand at:, to improve your french, go to:

Caudalie rose to fame with their L’EAU DE BEAUTÉ (Beauty Elixir). I remember seeing and hearing about all around the World and it has been featured in many magazines and other publications.

At the Press Day, they were introducing their new Vino Pure range which has three products formulated to help minimize pores, control oil and anti-blemish. I'm expecting great things from this range as these products were #madeforme, mon visage est très mauvais!



I have several articles on Bite Beauty. You can read them here:

I'm a huge fan of Bite Beauty. I discovered this brand in Sephora in USA. It was also sold at organic supermarkets in Australia. My collection of Bite Beauty products is particularly large.

At the Press Day, they were showcasing their NEW Crystal Creme Shimmer Lip Crayon. As you can see in the photo above, there are 10 shades. I personally feel that Bite Beauty products are safe enough to use on your eyes as well. I'm excited to try the gifted one we got in our Press Day goodie bag. I did a few swatches and they went on smoothly - to me this means that it is a better formula (compared to other "clean beauty" lipsticks) and made at a lower temperature and hence the buttery smoothness.



Before Sephora opened in Australia, I used to order Arcona skincare from the USA. I had seen rave reviews about it especially for people like me who have oily and acne prone skin. I've tried quite a few of their products, including their exfoliating grommage, cranberry radiance pads, cleansers etc etc. I so wanted to speak to the Rep for Arcona, but I missed out.

The NEW product they were showcasing is the "Celestial Activation Essence". Sound pretty amazing huh?! It is an essence to both hydrate and brighten your complexion. I will be sure to let you know how this new product works for me.



Commodity was the only fragrance brand at the Press Day this time. I interviewed their co-founder Ash Huzenlaub last year and you can watch that interview at:

COMModity is in the process of rebranding themselves. "Where the common and the odd collide". SO clever. I think that is why Commodity is one of my all time fave fragrances to collect.

There will be a new fragrance coming from Commodity called "Light", from what i heard about it, I just can't wait to get my hands on it. Commodity is so famous now that many well-known and respected "Noses" are approaching them to design fragrances.

I was also told that Commodity will be launching more skincare (they have soaps already) and will also be doing a line of colour cosmetics. If they are anywhere as cool as the fragrances, I'm like #justtakemymoney now!

Here is a prototype of the new packaging for the fragrances. It is made from recycled glass. Commodity is focusing on making their products from sustainable and eco-friendly materials.



Sigma is now available in Sephora Australia! Yippee! No more waiting for their products to arrive in the mail from overseas.

I found this set to be most intriguing. It is Sigma's skincare brush set. The brushes are designed to not soak up product but rather to help you apply your skincare without using your (dirty ) hands. I'm definitely ordering one.



Youth to the People ("YTTP") is this super cool brand founded by third-generation skincare artisans Greg Gonzalez & Joe Cloyes, Co-Founders of Youth To The People. Their products are trending really well and they have created some very innovative products like their famous Kale cleanser. I'll have more on YTTP as I am attending an event to celebrate the launch of their latest product the "Superberry Hydrate + Glow Dream Maker".

For now you can learn more about YTTP by going to their website:

Don't you just love that statement in the photo above? "Adapt to whatever life throws at you." VERY COOL.





Votary is an UK based "clean beauty" skincare. I have tried one of their face oils before and I love it!

I am dying to try this Pillow Mist. I currently use one from "This Works" and I'm eager to try Votary's version.

Watch this space on more Votary goodness!



CRAP. I missed out on my change to interview founders Jenny Frankel & Taylor Frankel, Co-Founders of Nudestix. They were only at Press Day for a short while.

I had so many questions that I wanted to ask them. They have just introduced a new line of Magnetic Nude Glimmers which, don't come in the pencil form that Nudestix is famous for, but a liquid in tube format.

Yes. I did ask if they sell the vault (and whispered in my heart... please please please, give me one). No they don't... as yet.

THE NEW Magnetic Nude Glimmers.They come in three shades and can be used all over the face. Texture is really lovely.



There were some items at the Zoeva stand that were embargoed, so I can't show you everything new from Zoeva. Suffice to say, expect more and greater things to come from this very cool brand. I first discovered Zoeva when I did a swap on my Youtube channel in 2013/14 when my European friend sent me a few of their palettes, AND it has been Zoeva Love Forever.


Kat Von D

KVD was showcasing their extended range of shades in their popular foundations and also their newer powder foundations.

Lock-it and Lock0it goooooooood! KVD's foundations are one of the longest wearing ones out on the market these days.

I was late to the party. I saw this locker and was very intrigued by what it was there for. I guess someone will tell me?



OK, very cool haircare brand here. Abyssian Haircare was created by two French guys now living in Hong Kong.

When I asked in Cantonese: "廣東話嗎?", I was replied with slightly (but charming) embarrassed smiles. "小小."

That's totally ok.

What drew me to their stall was not only the charming French men, but also the brush you see above. It is made with bamboo.

I want to be a panda bear and live in a forest of bamboo.

It was interesting to hear that the brush is made in one factory and lazer engraved in another. You can definitely see an oriental touch to the design.

I'm excited to try this brand. I was given a few samples and will definitely let you know more about them.



Ahh the glorious Skin Inc. I (secretly) hoard their oxy-recharge bubble mask (which I highly recommend). They were also showcasing their new and improved Optimizer Tri-Light LED with orange and purple lights. Uhmm, I'll explain more as soon as I get my hands on one of those!



Laura and Alphie Sadsad (left photo) and Laura and me (right photo)

SO, THAT'S A WRAP! I always feel like I've won the lotto when I receive the invitations to Press Day. Thank you so much for inviting me!!!

Hope you found this helpful and interesting! Drop me an email ( or DM me on my Instagram (@teacupofmakeup_luxe) and let me know what you would like an in-depth review of. I hope you found this review useful. Please do subscribe to my blog so that you get non-obnoxious alerts of new posts. Subscribe by using the box below. Yours Truly with Lots of Love, TeacupOfMakeup. 待会见! 可爱的小茶杯!


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