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Avon Nutra Effects Skin Care for Sensitive Skin

AVON has released a more "organic" line of skin care for sensitive skin called "Nutra Effects".

The price range is very reasonable (as it always is for AVON) almost nothing more than A$15, which is pretty rare on the market.

I've tested these for two weeks and I can say, they do what they say they do. They were comfortable on the skin. The scent was mild and pleasant. Overall, I did enjoy this skin care line. I normally use skin care products from Chanel, SKII, Bioderma, La Roche-Posay or Shiseido. Though, these don't quite reach the aesthetics and luxuriousness of those brands, I still think these are pretty good.

I didn't experience any irritation or abnormal breakouts.

As it is formulated for sensitive skin, I can't see why teenagers can't use it. The price point would suit them quite well.

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Yours Truly and Lots of Love, TeaCupofMakeup

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