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Sisley Paris Makeup

I was sent the following Sisley Paris beauty products for review. Sisley Paris is a luxury brand, available for purchase online and at David Jones in Australia.


Products for review | 化妆产品评论:

Phyto Lip Twists in 7 Coral and 15 Nut Phyto Eye Twists (Waterproof) in 7 Havana and 9 Pearl Phyto Blush eclat (with botanical extracts) in 2 Pinky Berry

So Curl Mascara (curling and fortifying) in 1 Deep Black

These products perform so well, that I am more than impressed. I don't even need an eye primer for the eyeshadow sticks and I can create multiple looks with the two neutral colours. 眼影笔都非常好。颜色涂抹均匀,平稳。它们也交融了很好的。我可以从那两个色彩营造出如此多的模样。

The mascara is a dream and surprisingly doesn't smudge on me when most no-waterproof ones do. I get thick and long lashes. It holds the curl well. I've even used it as an eyeliner by dipping my tiny eyeliner brush in it. Once set, it doesn't budge. 睫毛膏的作品一样好。它有睫毛滋养许多好处。颜色不弄脏或容易脱落。我甚至浸渍一刷入管用它作为眼线。我喜欢刷已被设计的方式。这是良好的增稠性和延长你的睫毛。

Let's not forget about the lipsticks. Their so long lasting and they come in the perfect size. Easy to apply and creamy. I like lipsticks in the chubby pencil form, it's a lot quicker for me to apply them on my uneven lips. 该口红来在“扭动起来”的包装。颜色表现良好。它们是保湿和穿的嘴唇很舒服。

The gorgeous blush and highlight is to die for. 美丽妆容的腮红这么漂亮的颜色。您可以在照片看到,这是一个哑光腮红和荧光笔的混合。您可以将颜色混合或单独。它让你的肤色很健康的光泽。

Final Thoughts | 我的想法:

All in all, I think Sisley Paris products are really good and don't get as much attention as they should. I'm definitely going to get more products and also try out their foundation and skin care. 我觉得希思黎巴黎的产品应该得到更多的关注在澳大利亚,他们应该。该产品是在我看来,最高的质量。我建议它们的美容产品,我一定会买更多,也尝试它们的护肤品。

Yours Truly with Lots of Love, TeacupOfMakeup. 待会见! 可爱的小茶杯

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