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Antipodes | 对拓地 Manuka Honey Skin Brightening Duo

I was invited to preview the new Antipodes Manuka Honey Duo, a few weeks ago at Vine, in Double Bay. It was a lovely venue, where we were treated to delicious food (side note, I highly recommend this restaurant) and were given a highly educational presentation by Antipodes' representative Ms Deborah Sampson, who is Antipodes' Global Brand Trainer & Beauty Expert.

几个星期前, 我被邀请来预览新拓地麦卢卡蜂蜜铎,在Double Bay 的 Vine 餐厅. 这是一个美丽的餐厅,在这里我们被招待美味的食物(侧面说明,我强烈推荐这家餐厅).

We were also treated to a luxurious gift of the Duo to take home with us. 他们也给了我们一个礼物, 两个新美容产品

The Manuka Honey Skin Brightening Light Day Cream. 麦卢卡蜂蜜美白护肤霜

The main active ingredients of this light day cream are Manuka Honey, Bee Venom, Vinanza Grape (an ingredient I think is unique to Antipodes products - a wine derived highly potent antioxidant) and Kiwi. Due to the high quality and nature of ingredients, you will note that the bottle is in tinted glass to avoid sun damage which can affect the effectiveness of this cream (note if you're dispensing an amount for travel).

其主要成分是麦卢卡蜂蜜,Vinaza 葡萄, 蜂毒和猕猴桃. Vinaza 葡萄是一种很好的抗氧化剂.

This is a day cream (no SPF) that serves to gently moisturise and also brighten your skin.


When they were passing the sample bottle around, I, YES ME, rather embarrassingly let out a LOUD "WOW" in the quiet room. My face went RED, but it was because I almost instantly saw a transformation on the back of the hand I tested it on. My skin became plumper and noticeably brighter and smoother. I also didn't feel any sticky residue.

当我第一次测试它,我大声喊"哇!" 因为我能看到它的直接影响. 我很尴尬,因为我喊那么大声

Now, I have rather tanned hands compared to the rest of my body as I am always working with my hands, taking photos, playing with my furbabies or gardening, so the immediate difference was so obvious to me.

It has a faint honey smell which delicious. It is very light in texture and absorbs pretty much instantly.

它有一个淡淡蜂蜜的清香. 这适合所有肌肤类型. 它是油性皮肤特别好

I have oily/combination skin depending on which season we are in, and we were told that this product really helps those with such skin types. HURRAY!

I've tested it since July 20 - August 5 (a few weeks). My skin has balanced out and looks more brighter and smooth. I have gotten almost no pimples on my face as Manuka Honey is a good antiseptic.

I use it as my day cream, daily and then I apply my SPF.

The Manuka Honey Skin Brightening Eye Cream. 麦卢卡蜂蜜皮肤亮白眼霜

Likewise, the key ingredients of this eye cream are Manuka Honey, Bee Venom, Vinanza Grape (an ingredient I think is unique to Antipodes products - a wine derived highly potent antioxidant). It also includes Persian Silk Flower.

其主要成分是麦卢卡蜂蜜,Vinaza 葡萄, 蜂毒和波斯绢花.

The texture of this cream is thicker and heavier than the skin cream. This is necessary as the skin around the eye is extremely delicate, thin and most prone to dryness. You only need a tiny bit.


How I apply it is to dip a cotton bud into it, and dap spots around the undereye area. I then use my ring finger to tap, tap, tap it in.

It absorbs very quickly too.

Like the skin cream, I have been testing it for a few weeks. My under eyes (I have panda eyes) have become lighter and smoother. I don't have wrinkles or puffy eye bags, but I can imagine those suffering from those conditions would benefit from this too.


The lovely setting of the launch event and our presenter, Ms Deborah Sampson.

我们的主持, Ms Deborah Sampson.

The table decorations were amazing, the food was so yummy! I didn't have much time to eat though, I was too busy taking photos. 一切是那么漂亮,食物看起来不错,但我没有吃东西的时候,因为我太忙了拍照

The early birds networking!

Love the presenter and the presentation!

Our lovingly wrapped presenter from the launch event.


The Products

Side by side test of the skin brightening cream. Before and After. You can see an immediate brightening in my skin and my skim looks smoother and plumper within seconds.

由皮肤增白乳膏边测试边。 之前和之后。你可以看到在我的皮肤立即变亮,我的皮肤看起来秒内顺畅,饱满。

Note the note (corny) saying it is especially good for oily skin and suitable for all skin types.

More info on the box about the ingredients.

Side by Side test on my skin. Before and After. You can see that the texture of the eye cream is a bit thicker. Also an immediate plumping and brightening of the skin.

通过我的皮肤侧测试端。 之前和之后。你可以看到,眼霜的质地有点厚。它同样也有对皮肤的直接管道和增亮。

Thank you Antipodes, Tiarna and Ife for this lovely event and amazing products!

Final Thoughts:

These are two products worth investing in. The inclusion of Manuka Honey which has so many good benefits is a huge plus. I would recommend this product. 这是两个产品值得投资的。麦卢卡蜂蜜中有如此多的好处良好列入是一个巨大的利好。我推荐这款产品。

Yours Truly and Lots of Love, TeaCupofMakeup

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