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Chanel Rouge Allure Ink

I was very excited to see that the new Rouge Allure Inks had arrived in Australia. There are about 8 colours I think, and I got three after carefully inspecting each one. They each cost AUD52.


The ones I chose are:

150 Luxuriant (a brown pink); 152 Choquant (a brown red) and my favourite 146 Séduisant (which makes sense as it means "attractive" in French).

Chanel describes it as "A matte liquid lip colour. An intense and luminous ink. With its fine and dense pigments, it instantly and weightlessly fuses with the lips for a long-lasting result (8 hrs)". 它们是液体形式的哑光唇膏。它们相当小而紧凑,我的无名指的长度。颜色是激烈的,你只需要一点点。

Its composition as they describe it is "A second-skin texture thanks to a fine, melt-away formula composed of a unique wax (ensuring softness, suppleness and a velvety feel), jojoba oil (delivering comfort, hydration and protection) and active ingredients (sappan wood, matcha green tea, sweet almond oil, Vitamin E derivative)." 它们是用一种独特的蜡配方,其中包括荷荷巴油,苏木,抹茶,甜杏仁油,维他命E衍生物。

I really have to agree with the above. They are intense in colour. What you see in the tube is what you get with one swipe. It dries to a matte colour even though it first appears shiny on the lips. Thought being a matte formula, they are not drying at all. They are extremely comfortable on the lips. I'm not too sure about the 8 hour wear as I'm always drinking something, but it does leave behind a very pretty ink stain (which you will see below). 在嘴唇上,它们感到非常柔软,光滑。它们即使第一次出现光泽,但它们干燥成亚光色。它们不干燥的嘴唇,但很舒服。我觉得我没有在嘴唇上穿任何东西。

There is a slight aroma to them. Not unpleasant, more like a Chanel shop kind of smell. No perceivable taste either. 它们有一个轻微的香气宜人。我也认为它们没有太大的味道。

The swatches on the left are (L to R): 150 Luxuriant (a brown pink); 152 Choquant (a brown red) and my favourite 146 Séduisant (pink with gold flecks).


In the photo above you can see the stain left by 146 Séduisant.

150 and 146 are fairly similar, 146 is just a cooler tone pink.

The brush head is designed to make it very easy to apply. It has that scooped triangle shape to them (one side flat, and one side has a dip). The dip carries the ink, and you can use the more pointy end to define the outlines of your lips then use the flat side to smooth out the pigment.


They are a luxury version of Jeffree Star, Dose of Colours, LA Splash, Limecrime etc etc's liquid lipsticks. They are comparable, but I feel that they do not slip as much as the other brands. I also like that this leaves a stain instead of just patches of colour after it slowly wears off during the day. The price point is of course high as it is Chanel, but I do think they are worth trying. I've worn them on several occasions now and have received compliments. It is a shame there are only 8 to choose from as not everyone will find a suitable one to match their skin tone as the predominant colours are red, red, and more red.

我更喜欢这些相比于其它品牌的液体唇膏, 好像 Jeffree Star, Dose of Colours, LA Splash, Limecrime 其它的品牌。它们不干燥,不离开你的嘴唇颜色的补丁你吃东西了。它们也没有剥落。

This is my absolute favorite. 146 Séduisant. I hope you can see from the photo, that it has a slightly gold sheen from tiny pigments.

When worn on the lips, you won't get that glitter effect, but this one suits me to a T and is highly flattering. 从三个的的选择,我喜欢这个其中最多。它有很微小的金颗粒。这是非常讨人喜欢,我认为这将适合大多数人。I have a fairly neutral skin tone but I think this will suit almost anyone because of that almost imperceivable gold pigments in it. It was sold out in Myer and I had to go to David Jones to get it.

Final Thoughts | 最后的想法:

I love them. Their small and compact which is great if you want to carry it in a tiny clutch. It's easy to apply and the lasting power is pretty good. I think they are worth the AUD52. 我推荐它们!我想你会喜欢它们。不幸的是只有8此刻的色调,所以有些人可能会发现它很难选择合适的颜色。

Yours Truly with Lots of Love, TeacupOfMakeup. 待会见! 可爱的小茶杯

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