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Shu:Palette in Blushing Beige by Shu Uemura | 我的想法

I was so excited when I was sent this year's Limited Edition shu:palette in Blushing Beige! I have last year's one too called shu:palette.

It retails for AUD228. I think it's quite a bargain as a single eyeshadow costs AUD22 and you get 16 eyeshadows in the palette (so real value of AUD352) and you get a double ended brush that's of a high quality. 我是如此兴奋,当我被送到今年的限量版 shu: palette in blushing beige 色板!让我为你分享我的想法对于这个调色板。它的零售价为AUD228。我认为这是相当划算作为一个单一的眼影成本AUD22和您在调色板(AUD352,所以真正的价值)得到16眼影。您还可以得到一个双头刷,这是一个高品质的。

It is available wherever Shu Uemura is available and also online at

The gorgeous shu:palette in blushing beige. 这里是美丽的调色板!


Closeup shot of the eyeshadows. There are six matte colours and the rest are shimmer colours. 有六种颜色雾面,其余都是闪光的颜色。

The colours are (from top left, clockwise) 颜色的名称是: IR white pink: M light pink 128; ME light Pink; S beige pink; ME light pink; ME soft copper 270; M dark purple 787; M dark purple 797; ME white 906; M soft beige 816; P light coral 131; M medium beige 845; ME light brown 853; ME medium brown 883; ME medium plum 761 and ME dark purple.

IR means iridescent, ME means metallic and M means matte; P means Pearl; and S means soft. IR指虹彩,ME意味着金属和M表示磨砂; P表示珍珠;和S表示柔软。

So there's quite a lot of variation of tones and textures here to play with. There are endless eyeshadow looks you can create. I have even used M medium beige 845 to fill in my brows. 有这么多不同的颜色和纹理。我想你可以从这个调色板创造这么多漂亮的眼影的样式!

Swatches on white paper. Look how pigmented they are! You can't really see the lightest two shades at the left as they are white colours, but they do have such a pretty shimmer to them. 我画在白纸上的颜色给你看。颜色是非常色素。

Swatches of some of my favourite colours on skin. IR white pink: M light pink 128; ME light Pink; S beige pink; ME light pink; ME soft copper 270; M dark purple 797 and ME dark purple. 这些都是从调色板中我最喜欢的颜色。

The texture and quality is what you would expect from a high end brand like Shu Uemura. I do buy a lot of Japanese and Korean makeup and I have come to realise that they don't quite fancy matte colours too much nor colours that are too strong. 这些眼影的质量和质感是最高等级的。大多数是微光但是这是可以预料的日本品牌。这似乎是他们最喜欢的色彩类型。 The Asian esthetic is to lightly and delicately enhance the eye area and often shimmer colours are used. I think it is because it suits the typical Asian almond eye shape where often there is no double eyelid (though not always the case, as I have double eyelids). Most eyeshadow palettes I have from Japanese like cle de peau and Korean brands like Etude House do not include matte colours, though, I have recently seen an emerging trend that they are slowly including one or two matte colours. 大多数日本和韩国彩妆品牌的眼影软,闪闪的颜色。我想这是因为这种颜色更吸引他们,因为他们提升他们的眼形之美。

I'm a huge fan of Shu Uemura products as I know they are made of the highest quality ingredients. The colour payoff, whilst subtle and elegant lasts all day.

Compared to last year's shu:palette (at the bottom), you can see that this year's has more of a pink undertone. It is still has a fairly neutral colour scheme that should match most skin tones. There are no double ups. 与去年同期相比的调色板(在照片的底部),你可以看到,今年有更多的粉红底色的。它仍然有一个应该符合大多数肤色相当中性的配色方案。它们俩都没有有没有双窗口。The shu:palette has the following eyeshadows (from top clockwise - photographed upside down): M black 990; ME medium olive 471; M dark brown 895; P medium brown 875; P light beige 822; S light beige 815; P soft beige 823; M light beige 813; G beige 821; M soft beige 814; ME light beige 825; ME medium brown 856; M soft brown 851; ME medium brown 862; IR light beige 811 and IR dark blue 690.

This was the shu:palette in blushing beige look I created the other day for an event. I used the eyeshadows that I have circled for you. 这是我创建眼影的样式使用我在照片盘旋眼影。 I think it makes for a lovely day time look. This palette is obviously very versatile and I did a smokey eye look the other day but forgot to take a selfie!

Final Thoughts | 最后的想法:

I love it. It is a lovely compact eyeshadow palette that is easy to travel with. The variety of shades and textures makes it a very versatile palette. I think I prefer this one to last year's one as I do tend towards pinks and purples as my preferred eyeshadow colours. 我推荐它!我想你会喜欢它们。It's definitely value for money and there are no cross overs with last year's version, so if you want to add this to your collection, I think this palette really compliments last year's one. 这绝对是物超所值,有与去年的版本没有交叉,所以如果你想要将它添加到您的收藏,我觉得这个真的调色板恭维去年的之一。

Yours Truly with Lots of Love, TeacupOfMakeup. 待会见! 可爱的小茶杯

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