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Gorgeous Facial Oils You Need! 助于你的皮肤的面部油

Hey all! In this blog, I will be talking about some Gorgeous Facial Oils you just need to have/try. But to start with, let's dispel the top 3 myths about facial oils. I was sent these oils for review but I have had some of them as staples in my beauty regime for years.

在这篇博客中,我将谈论你只需要/尝试一些华丽的面部油。 我被送这些油的审查,但我已经有一些他们作为我的美容政策的订书机多年。但首先,让我前消除关于面部油的3个神话。

Myth 1: You can't use facial oils if you have oily skin| 面部油不适合油性皮肤

SO NOT TRUE. This is probably the number 1 reason why some people avoid using face oils. The oils in certain facial oils, in particular the ones features here actually help balance out your skin and reduces oil production. They rebalance your skin and help it from overproducing sebum.

这不是真的。 面部油重新平衡你的皮肤,并帮助它从过度生产皮脂。

Myth 2: You can't use facial oils everyday | 面部油不适合日常使用

Again SO NOT TRUE. You might think that using facial oils once or twice a week is good enough. It is quite the opposite actually. The natural plant based fatty oils in these featured facial oils are really good for you! You just need to know how to apply. As part of your daily skincare routine, use a tiny drop of facial oil as the last step after you wash, tone, apply your serum and your moisturiser. Massage in that tiny drop of oil onto your face and neck and expect to see silkier smoother plumper skin.

在你的日常护肤程序中包括使用面部油实际上是好的。你应该应用面部油作为你的护肤程序的最后一步。 这是一个好的抗衰老的方法。

Myth 3: Facial oils are just for the face | 你只能在脸上使用面部油

Triple SO NOT TRUE. Besides using it to treat your face and neck, there are so many uses for facial oils which make them a multi-purpose product. Now this isn't so for all of the oils featured here but it is true for most of them. A few uses are:

  • Best thing for removing waterproof or heavy makeup

  • You can use it on your hair - apply a few drops on your hands, warm it up and run it through your hair

  • Treats scars

  • Use it on your body for the ultimate massage treat

  • I've even used it to remove lipstick from clothes! Apply a tiny bit, rub it into the stain and rinse well. Pop in the washes as per normal and the lipstick stain will disappear

  • You can even dap on a bit as a highlighter on your face. For those with oily T-Zones, apply it on the peak of your cheek bones for a natural glow.


  • 作为卸妆产品。 你只需要几滴按摩到你的脸,以消除沉重或防水化妆

  • 将其涂抹在您的头发上进行深层治疗

  • 使用它作为一种豪华的按摩油

  • 我甚至使用它来消除我的衣服上的口红污渍! 我把一个小滴放在污渍上,擦掉,然后冲洗干净,放入洗衣机

  • 我也用它作为我的化妆的荧光笔。 只是在ek骨上的几个小帕特,你会得到自然的光芒

Now let's get into more detail about my favorite facial oils! 现在让我们来谈谈我目前最喜欢的面部油!


Oh hello there Bio Oil!

This is one of the most popular oils in the World. Quote from their website "Bio-Oil has won 298 skincare awards and has become the No.1 selling scar and stretch mark product in 23 countries since its global launch in 2002." It has a very light texture and very faint rose scent. Very pleasant.

Bi Oil 是世界上最受欢迎的面部油之一。 它赢得了世界各地的许多奖项。

It's ingredients include: Calendula, Lavender, Rosemary, and Chamomile Oil. 它是由金盏花,薰衣草,迷迭香和洋甘菊油。

It's best known for treating scars, stretch marks and uneven skin tone and is also effective for ageing and dehydrated skin. 这对于减少皮肤上的疤痕和妊娠纹是非常好的。 它还有助于抗衰老,也非常保湿。

I use it to treat the keloids (raised scars from my mischievous childhood) and to remove makeup. I use it to moisturise my legs after hair removal (I use an epilator) and it really calms the skin. I also use it on my hair especially after I've bleached/dyed it. It work a treat. A great all rounder to have in your beauty cabinet. This is my mum's number 1 favourite skincare product. People are always commenting how she looks 30 years younger than her real age.

我使用它在瘢痕疙瘩我从一个淘气的孩子。 我在我的头发上使它发亮。 我在脱毛后在我的腿上使用它,以平静我的皮肤。 这是我妈妈最喜欢的面部油!

At RRP: A$ 14.95 (60ml) A$ 24.95 (125ml) A$ 34.95 (200ml), it's a very affordable oil and available almost everywhere including Priceline, Target, Kmart and chemists/pharmacies. I've seen tourists buy it in bulk! 这是一个非常实惠的产品,它可以以许多不同的方式使用。 我强烈推荐这一个。

Now this honey honey is beautiful. Skeyndor's Eternal Sleeping Oil.

This is a beautiful oil that is made with essential oils of Ylang-Ylang, Jasmine and Bitter Orange. It is a great one for dry, mature or under-nourished skins. Applied at night, This restores and rebalances your skin. A few tiny drops is all it takes for your face, neck and chest. It absorbs very quickly so you don't have to worry about staining your linen. I really like using this one when I am stressed or anxious, as the soothing scents of Ylang-Ylang, Jasmine and Bitter Orange really start working for me the moment I apply it on my skin.

每当我感到压力和疲惫,我喜欢用Skeyndor 的护肤油 Eternal Sleeping Oil 让自己放松。 它是由依兰,茉莉花和苦橙油。 它闻起来很好。 我醒来感觉休息,看起来更明亮。

This product is currently available in specific salons. Click on the link above to look for stockists.

A new entry to the market is Susie Sierra's SIERRA GOLD DEEP Face Oil.

Yup, those are real gold flakes in there. This oil was created by ex-Vogue model, Susie Sierra.

This is a heavier oil (but that's not a bad thing), it absorbs almost immediately into the skin and I feel that my skin looks instantly plumper and brighter (must be the gold!). It is 100% Vegan (yay!) and the active ingredient is Blue Lotus flower from India . Blue lotus (a known aphrodisiac, wink wink) is reputed to help repair proteins in the skin's structure, restoring strength and elasticity. It also has Camellia Seed oil which helps your skin retain moisture.

It's a very luxurious oil so I mix a drop into my usual moisturiser and I mainly use it at night.

这油有真正的金片在里面! 它是如此豪华。 它是一种稍重的油,但它很快吸收到你的皮肤。 这种面部油的另一个有趣的事情是,它是由ex-Vogue Susie Sierre 模型创建的。

It too has aromatherapy benefits that help you feel calm. The first scent I detect is almond, then a fresh mild flowery scent.


There is also a lighter version you can try, the SIERRA GOLD LIGHT Face Oil. 她还卖一个较轻的版本,你可以购买。

30mls/1fl oz RRP: A$145.00

Antipodes products have become my go-to recommended product whenever anyone asks me what to buy when they come to Australia. It's actually a New Zealand brand but a very popular organic vegan skincare brand here in Australia.

They have quite an extensive range of facial oils. This organic facial oil is the Divine Face Oil made with Avocado oil and Rosehip. This one smells delicious! It also contains Ylang ylang, Sandalwood , Jasmine Oil and Orange Oil for that extra aromatherapy benefit.

Antipodes是这样一个有名的有机护肤品牌。 这是他们的面部油之一称为“Divine Face Oil”。 它由鳄梨油和玫瑰果制成。 鳄梨油含有非常强力的抗氧化剂。 它有益于抗衰老,治愈你的皮肤,恢复它,和帮助晒伤。 这味道很香。它也包含依兰,檀香,茉莉油和橙油为额外的芳香疗法的好处。

Avocado oil is a collagen boosting, so it helps with scars, anti-aging and for plumping the skin. It also helps fade age spots. Again, just like with other oils, a tiny drop is sufficient to super-charge your skincare routine.


This is Kiehl's 150th anniversary celebration product. A customised apothecary preparation for your skin.

I love the whole idea of an apothecarist mixing up a magical potion for me! You book a session at your local Kiehl's boutique and they run through a 20-25 minute session where they ask questions and analyse your skin to address any skin issues you might have. You then get a bottle with details on it, like what are the concerns it addresses, which consultant made it and when it was made.

他们用一个非常科学的方法创造了一个个性化的护肤精华给我。咨询时间约为20至25分钟。 他们通过使用一些设备和提出问题分析你的皮肤类型。你然后得到一个定制的皮肤油,以解决你的皮肤问题。

The bottle contains the base of your customised skin oil - Squalane oil (an olive oil). You get two tubes of serums that address the two biggest problems you might have with your skin. Mine were pigmentation (so brightening) and large pores (a pore minimizing complex). You mix the three ingredients when you are ready to use them by emptying the contents of the tubes into the bottle. 我的护肤问题是关于色素沉着和毛孔粗大。因此,我被给予的血清解决了这些问题。

Squalane is among the most common lipids produced by human skin cells, making up approximately 10 percent of our sebumI, so the fact that the base of this oil is squalane makes very compatible with your skin and therefore it absorbs even faster. Squalane is a very effective anti-oxidant and is good for just about everything. It also good for rebalancing the natural oils on your skin. 这种油的基础是橄榄制成的角鲨烷油。 它是人类皮肤细胞产生的最常见的脂质,占我们皮脂的约10%,所以这种油的基础是角鲨烷的事实与你的皮肤非常相容,因此它更快地吸收到你的皮肤。角鲨烯是一种非常强大的抗氧化剂。

The consultation session and product RRPA$140

This is a facial oil from Aromatherapy Associates London called the "Refining Face Oil" that is specifically targeted at helping people with oily skin.

这种豪华的面部油是特别为油性皮肤。 它有助于重新平衡你的皮肤,使它看起来更哑光。

The key ingredients are Lavender, Ylang Ylang, Jojoba and Rose. I believe it also has salicylic acid in it. It's gentle scent is also very calming and soothing.

主要成分是薰衣草,香兰,荷荷芭和玫瑰。 我相信它里面也有水杨酸。 它温柔的香味也很平静和舒缓。

It really did help my skin rebalance while I was using it. I was quite skeptical at first but I have been proven wrong. It is a very light oil that absorbs into your skin quickly. It made my pores appear smaller and the oils on my T-Zone and dryness on the rest of my face were not as apparent.

当我使用它,我觉得我的脸不那么油腻。 它也使我的脸上的毛孔看起来更小。 我喜欢它的香味!



I hope you enjoyed this blog post on 6 different facial oils. There are lots more on the market and I will be sharing my experiences with you as I try them out. 我希望你喜欢这篇博文! 我正在测试多更多的面部油, 所以请回来读更多的评论。 您可以通过在“Blog”页面底部输入您的电子邮件来订阅我的博客。

Yours Truly with Lots of Love, TeacupOfMakeup. 待会见! 可爱的小茶杯!

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