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Why Red Ginseng and Manuka Honey are good for you: Kiehl's Pure Vitality Skin Renewing Cream | K

The first press event I attended this year was for the launch of Kiehl's new Pure Vitality Skin Renewing Cream. It was quite an experience and I was totally blown away! I'll tell you more about the event held at the famous Three Blue Ducks restaurant in Rosebery, but let's talk about this new Kiehl's product first.

我今年参加的第一个博客活动是为了推出 Kiehl's Pure Vitality Skin Renewing Cream。 我会之后告诉你更多关于在Rosebery着名的Three Blue Ducks餐厅举办的活动,但让我们先来谈谈这个新的Kiehl's产品。

Kiehl's Pure Vitality Skin Renewing Cream | 关于产品

I was very excited to learn that the cream has a 99.6% of naturally derived formula. You might be a sceptic about such claims but they are backed by excerpts from clinical studies which were provided to us in the press kit. Being a lawyer, I understand that such claims made to the public not only have to pass the Fair Trading rules but also the FDA rules.

The cream claims to increase smoothness, softness and radiance in about 8-10 weeks. I tested it for about 6 weeks and was pleased with the results.

The cream combines two of the most nutritious and beneficial ingredients in the World. Korean Red Ginseng and New Zealand Manuka Honey. The top 3 ingredient listed are: water; propanediol (a commonly used ingredient in moisturisers) and glycerin. Usually the top 3 ingredients indicate the larger components of the formula. The Manuka Honey and Korean Ginseng are listed as in 37 ingredients as number 11 and 13 respectively. It also contains shea butter.

它声称在约8-10周增加光滑,柔软和光亮。 我测试了大约6周,并对结果很满意。它包含两个在世界上最有营养和有益的成分。 韩国红参和新西兰麦卢卡蜂蜜。 列出的前3个成分是:水; 丙二醇(保湿剂中常用的成分)和甘油。 通常,前3种成分表示式的较大组分。 麦卢卡蜂蜜和高丽人参分别列为37种成分,分别为11和13。 它还含有牛油树脂。请注意,它还包括云母和水杨酸(如果你对这些成分敏感)。

Note that it includes Mica and Salicylic acid (some of you may be hyper-sensitive to these).

Kiehl's Pure Vitality Skin Renewing Cream 有99.6%的天然派生配方。Kiehl's 提供了有关此新产品的所有信息,包括产品功效背后的临床研究摘录。

It looks just like whipped honey butter doesn't it?


The cream is not overly thick nor light in texture. I found that it took just a miniscule longer to absorb than some of my other night creams (by miniscule i mean half a second more?). I used it mostly as a night cream, though it is recommended for both morning and night use. Over a period of 6 weeks, I did seen an improvement in the texture of my skin. Due to good genetics, I do not as yet have any wrinkles (I'm sure they will pop one day), but I did have less breakouts and my skin felt softer.

它的质感不是太厚又不太淡。刚刚好。 我发现它吸收比我的一些其他护肤霜稍长一点点。 我使用它主要作为晚霜,虽然它被推荐为早晚使用。 在6个星期的时间里,我看到我的皮肤的质地和光芒的良好的改善。 我也有较少的青春痘和我的皮肤感到柔软。它有一个非常轻微的香味。 有点蜂蜜,柑橘和香草。 你几乎没有注意到它。价格是RRPA $ 87,这似乎昂贵,但我认为这是值得的价格,因为你不必使用太多。

There is barely a scent to this cream. I can just detect a bit of honey, citrus and a touch of vanilla. You hardly notice it at all.

It is priced at RRPA$87. You might go "holy s*&^!" but oddly (in a very positive way), I did not have to use much. The recommended amount was a pea size. I think I used half of that. For pots of products, I use a cotton bud to extract the product, so I think the amount I used was much less than a pea size. I do still have quite a fair bit left.

SO, what's so good about Korean Red Ginseng? | 韩国红参的好处

Hello??? Where have you been? O.K. If you are not of Asian heritage or have not lived in an Asian country before, I forgive you. I also forgive you if you are of Asian heritage but you never got to experience the wonders of Korean Red Ginseng.

Ginseng in general, has been used for over thousands of years in traditional Asian medicine (from China - Thailand). I can remember the times I was studying for my exams, and mum would always cook me ginseng chicken soup (which tastes bitter) to help increase my concentration and stamina. It also helped as I suffered from poor blood circulation and mum would always wake me up fearing that I was dead when she touched my cold hands and feet. In Asian medicine, we talk about chi (the body's vital energy) and colloquially the "hot elements" and the "cold elements" and finding the perfect balance. The "hot elements" (as I understand it) comes from food and air. Ginseng falls within the "hot elements" as it gives vitality and energy to the body.

So why the hype about Korean Red Ginseng? Well, firstly, it is only available from Korea (duh) and Korean Red Ginseng is cultivated based on a 1,000 year old method. The production time for premium Korean Red Ginseng from cultivation to processing is at least six (6) years. Yup, no joking. It first involves planting the ginseng and then replanting it after a few years. It also has to be planted in relatively high altitudes. Once it is processed, it contains less than 4% water.

韩国红参是根据1000年的传统方法栽培的。 优质韩国红参从种植到加工的生产时间至少为6年。 它首先涉及种植人参,然后几年后重新安置。 高丽红参必须种植在相对较高的高度。 一旦加工,其含有小于4%的水。在亚洲,我们使用韩国红参作为健康补品。 它有着许多良好的营养益处。 韩国红参被认为是优质的。如果您想了解更多关于韩国红参的健康益处,我推荐这个网站:

Taken orally, some of the benefits of Korean Red Ginseng (anecdotal evidence) are:

  • It enhances the strength and immunity of the human body. Adaptogen is a particular element found in Korean Red Ginseng that assists the body to fight against environmental diseases such as chronic fatigue and stress due to modern day living.

  • It is effective in relieving hangovers. Saponins, another element found in Korean Red Ginseng works on the liver to reduce the effects of alcoholic content in the body.

  • A certain element in Korean Red Ginseng decreases the blood sugar content. It acts like insulin. Thus It may be beneficial as a protective measure to diabetics.

  • Korean Red Ginseng may restrain the multiplication of abnormal cells which is one of the common causes of cancer. Thus cancer patients can also take Korean Red Ginseng.

  • The intake of Korean Red Ginseng builds up immunity resistance to the elderly or the young or for those of who live stressful and hectic lives.

  • It is good tonic to keep warm during cold seasons. Some people use it as a treatment for cold. Ginseng has been used as a general tonic for poor or ill health in Ancient history (China, Japan, Korea, Taiwan etc). It has been a World known, herbal product for centuries.

  • It is useful as an anti-aging agent as it restores the energy level and relieves chronic fatigue. The elements in Korean Red Ginseng helps the anti-aging enzyme to reduce bodily weariness. This involves detoxification and invigorates aging cells.

  • For women the intake of Korean Red Ginseng increases the amount of hematocele which relates to the ovarian function and prevents depressive moods and physical weakness due to the menopause. Saponin is a helpful element in dealing with osteoporosis because it makes the bones stronger and harder.

  • It has been reported that pigmented anemia were relieved or cured by taking Korean Red Ginseng.

  • It removes toxins and crystals (gout) from joints, tissues and organs.


AND how about New Zealand Manuka Honey? | 新西兰麦卢卡蜂蜜有什么好处?

My first question would be, why does it have to be New Zealand Manuka Honey? Surely Australia is capable of producing its own manuka honey! After all, the manuka bush is a plant that is indigenous to both Australia and New Zealand. However, it appears that the (specific type of) bees that produce the much prized real manuka honey are indigenous only to specific areas of New Zealand., and you can't produce the good stuff without those bees!

Manuka Honey, or honey in general, has been used for thousands of years both as an oral health supplement as well as a topical ointment of sorts. New Zealand Manuka Honey is highly valued for its anti-inflammatory and anti-microbial properties. Studies have also shown that Manuka Honey helps cure wounds post surgery.

新西兰麦卢卡蜂蜜具有非常好的营养和抗菌性能。 它只能在新西兰创作,因为特殊类型的蜜蜂和麦卢卡布什是新西兰某些地方的土地。蜂蜜多年来一直被用作顺势疗法的补救。新西兰麦卢卡蜂蜜是非常重视其抗炎和抗微生物的性能。 研究还表明,麦卢卡蜂蜜有助于治疗手术后的伤口。如果您想了解更多关于新西兰麦卢卡蜂蜜的健康益处,我推荐这个网站:麦卢卡蜂蜜的健康益处

Some of the known benefits of New Zealand Manuka Honey are (source:

  • Manuka honey contains two ingredients, MG and hydrogen peroxide, which make it a powerful antibiotic and antibacterial agent. MG (methylglyoxal) is found in most honey, but the highest concentration is found in the nectar of the Manuka flowers. Another study also shows that this type of honey has significant antibacterial properties.

  • Manuka honey can be effective in shortening the healing time of mild burns and wounds.

  • Studies show that honey can be effective in preventing dental caries and gingivitis.

  • National Cancer Institute approved a proposal for the use of Manuka honey to help reduce inflammation of the esophagus after chemotherapy.

  • Studies show that by substituting sugar to honey, women can effectively lower their LDL cholesterol. Choose Manuka honey for added benefits.

  • Honey has been shown to be effective in reducing gastrointestinal pathogens and even found to be potentially effective microorganisms like Salmonella.

  • One study has shown that the bacteria related to all three of these conditions, Clostridium difficile, was found to be susceptible to Manuka honey. This may offer an effective way of treating conditions that are caused by the organism and help balance your digestive system.

BUT do they both work if applied onto skin? | 如果应用在皮肤上,它们是否有效?

As you may know, the skin does absorb nutrients to a certain extent. Several drugs are administered that way (for example a nicotine patch). From my limited understanding and research about 60% of nutrients applied topically depending on the formula of in which it is delivered. (source:

当然! 你可能知道,皮肤确实吸收营养素在一定程度上。 以这种方式施用几种药物。 从我有限的理解和研究约60%的营养素局部应用。蜂蜜已应用于伤口以帮助愈合。还有一些研究论文表明,韩国红参的健康益处可以通过皮肤吸收。

I was somewhat sceptical about what Korean Red Ginseng would do when applied topically, as I was so used to the traditional method of use. However, Kiehl's does cite a western research paper indicating Korean Red Ginseng has demonstrated:

  • significant improvement of aged, dull skin to improve radiance.

  • increase in skin hydration, barrier function and collagen production.

  • decrease in extracellular matrix degradation.

  • ability to prevent UV-induced roughness.

*Source: Rovesti P. Studio suli'impegio di estrati di ginseng in cosmetologia. Communication to Congress. 2nd Italian American Symposium, Milan-Stresa, 1962; Lee KG, et al Efficacy of Korean Red Ginseng in the treatment of atopic dermatitis. J Ginseng Res 35(2):149-54, 2011; Cho S, et al. Red ginseng root extract mixed with Torilus fructus and Corni frutus improves facial wrinkles and increases type I procollagen synthesis in human skin: a randomised, double-blind, placebo controlled study. J Med Food 12(6): 1252-9, 2009; Hwang E, et al, Efficacy and Safety of Enzyme-Modified Panax ginseng for Anti-wrinkle Therapy in Healthy Skin: A single-centered, randomised, double-blind, placebo-controlled study. Rejuvenation Res 18(5): 449-57, 2015

HIGHLIGHTS from the launch event! | 活动亮点!

We were asked to choose between attending a yoga session or a cooking class by the famous Andy Allen of Three Blue Ducks. Obviously, I chose the cooking class! 那一天,我们可以选择参加一个瑜伽课程或烹饪班由着名的安迪·艾伦的"Three Blue Ducks"。 显然,我选择了烹饪班!

Andy Allen of the Three Blue Ducks showing us his skills at cooking and charming the ladies.

The super cool 3D glasses we were given! Once our phones were fitted in, we could watch a 3D video on the Kiehl's App.


The delicious and very healthy breakfast we were treated to.

Yummy granola with a mix of fruits.

The presentation about the new Pure Vitality Skin Renewing Cream.


This may look like mush but it's not! It is absolutely delicious eggs with brown rice.


The gorgeous table setting.

Yours Truly with Lots of Love, TeacupOfMakeup. 待会见! 可爱的小茶杯!

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