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In Full Vinyl: NARS Full Vinyl Lip Lacquers

Hi Friends! In this post, I will be talking about the NEW NARS Full Vinyl Lip Lacquers.

I was also very blessed to attend an event (in June 2018) hosted by Mecca and got to meet Uzo, NARS’s Director of Global Artistry.

I had a few minutes to talk to Uzo and so I did my nerdy fan girl thing - gushing and showing her photos. I also got a photo taken with her and that photo (see below) is on Mecca’s website (cuecrazynarsfanscreaming). I die.

The NEW NARS Full Vinyl Lip Lacquers are available in Australia on 31 August 2018. I also have a video on my IGTV channel where apply these and you can see live swatches (go to my Instagram @teacupofmakeup to watch).

All photos here with my watermark were taken by me.

I also did a little demo on my IGTV channel (

Click on the photo below to watch it!


The Collection

There are 10 shades in the collection. There is also a limited edition as part of the Orgasm collection.

The collection is split up between four metallics; three reds; and three pinks.

The metallics.

From left to right: At First Sight (this looks quite good as a lip topper and on its own); Cape Town (a delicious gold); Everglades (looks like a black shade but shifts between a dark red and a deep green - this is one of my faves); and Abruzzo (dark red with prismatic pigments - another one of my faves).

The Reds.

From left to right: Baden Baden; Mississippi and Red District.

The Pinks.

From left to right: Santo Dominigo; Valencia and Conquest (lying down - get it? "Conquest"... ok, a most terrible pun).


Overall Performance

I felt that all of them did perform consistently, except for the “lip topper” one called “At first sight”. This one felt like it was a tiny bit watered down compared to the others.

I’m really enjoying the texture. These lip lacquers feel like the offspring of a liquid lipstick wedded to a lip gloss. They ARE NOT goopy or overly watery. They do have the sheen of a lip gloss, but not the tackiness - which I feel is the most brilliant aspect of these. I generally avoid lip glosses because my hair always gets stuck on my lips during a “lip gloss day”. With these lip lacquers, I did not have the same problem.

In terms of durability, I would say pretty good for something that looks like an intensely pigmented lip gloss. They will leave a lip mark on your cup or glass. If you kiss someone, there is going to be a bit of transfer. They do gradually wear down to a somewhat even stain. I felt the metallics and the pinks lip stains were not quite so even but they looked good enough for me! The shades themselves are just SO SO beautiful, that you will want to keep replying them anyway!

The applicator is quite interesting. It reminds me of a platypus’ beak (see photos below of the applicator - under "Swatches"). Flat, some-what long and rounded at the tip. I have uneven lips (because of my horrendous teeth which are getting fixed soon) so I always struggle when applying your normal lipstick. I felt that the applicator did a good job for me. I could use the rounded end to “line” my lips and then fill in my lips.

You can wear a matching lip pencil under them, which of course would increase the wear time.

Oh yes, have I mentioned that these are INSANELY pigmented. So So BEAUTIFUL.

There is not much of a taste to them, though I could detect a faint candy scent.



The metallics.

From left to right: Abruzzo (red with prismatic pigments); Everglades (looks like a black shade but shifts between a dark red and a deep green - this is one of my faves); Cape Town (a delicious gold) and At First Sight (this looks quite good as a lip topper and on its own).

You can also see the shape of the paltypus duck bill applicator.

The Reds.

From Left to right: Mississippi; Red District and Baden Baden

The Pinks.

From left to right: Conquest; Valencia (a coral); Santo Dominigo (a nude pink).

Side by side comparison of all of the ten shades. I did not include the LE Orgasm one as that is likely to be sold out.


I hope you found this very quick review helpful! Drop me an email ( or DM me on my Instagram (@teacupofmakeup) and let me know what you would like an in-depth review of. I hope you found this review useful. Yours Truly with Lots of Love, TeacupOfMakeup. 待会见! 可爱的小茶杯!


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