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Jo Malone London Starlit Mandarin and Honey

Here is my review of this delectable Holiday 2021 release from Jo Malone London, the "Starlit Mandarin & Honey" Cologne. This one is truly a beauty. Sold out in most places, it is worth your time hunting this down.

Jo Malone London Starlit Mandarin & Honey Cologne

Jo Malone London describes this beauty as:

"In the darkest skies shine the brightest stars. Vibrant mandarin sweetened with honey and wrapped in the powdery warmth of coumarin. The elegant citrus fougère cologne comes in a star-bright limited-edition design."

It is described as a "Genderless" fragrance.

Top Notes

Yellow Mandarin: The sparkling yellow mandarin top is joined by cedrat which complements the tanginess of the mandarin and star anise which starts to bring warmth.

Heart Notes

Honey: In the heart Jo Malone London brings the Honey, which in itself has touches of tobacco. It is deep, rich and brings an elegant sweetness. Complemented by nuances of sweet dried grass with the hay and geranium which is lemony & rosey, found at the heart of most fougeres it brings a powdery softness.

Base Notes

Coumarin: That powdery softness goes through to the base with milky notes of coumarin, sensual warm, balsamic oriental notes of Peru balsam and the creaminess of Holy grass.

In Australia, it retails for AUD218.

Jo Malone London Starlit Mandarin & Honey Cologne

My Thoughts on Jo Malone London Starlit Mandarin & Honey Cologne:

The Bottle: OK. The bottle is a stunner! The glass bottle is has eight point star shapes carved out of the glass to mimic the "starlit" effect. The hand feel is amazing as you can brush your fingers across each star shape. They kept the elegant rectangle shape which is just perfection accompanied by the star shapes. The cap is a matte silver. Very chic. Very desirable.

The Scent: Magnificent. Gorgeous. Beautiful. VERY desirable. It is meant to be a genderless fragrance, so I wasn't surprised by the number of different notes in it. This fragrance sparkles and reminds me a bit of Moët & Chandon.

There are quite a few notes in "Starlit Mandarin & Honey", in contrast with the release before this "English Pear & Freesia". The noses really went all out with this one.

My first sniff revealed the fresh juicy sweet mandarin and warm molasses like honey, then it gets complex with the base notes of coumarin, balsam and Holy Grass - luxurious ingredients. Overall, there is a bit of powderiness to it.

Each basic note is accentuated with luxurious ingredients.

The base note of mandarin comes across more juicy, fresh and rounded because of the cedrat (a citrus fruit, and affords any product it is infused into a cascade of freshness. It is a green, sparkling scent to start, a delicate nature quickly undercut by the bitterness of the woody rind - source link).

The heart note of honey is deep and rich with hints of tobacco. This is accentuated with the use of sweet dried grass with the hay and geranium. Geranium adding some rosey citrus tones.

I find the base notes very intriguing:

  • Coumarin (a sweet note resembling the scent of vanilla and a bitter taste);

  • Peru Balsam (similar to vanilla, with hints of cinnamon and just a touch of earthiness, or even bitterness; Balsamic ingredients have a warmth that perfumers just love, for a soft, sensual, cocooning feel – and they help perfumers to 'fix' flower notes in a perfume - making them longer-lasting source link); and

  • Holy Grass (which is where the coumarin comes from).

The Dry Down: The dry down took about an hour or so to be fully revealed. Once you hit the base notes, scents like pine and grass come through. There is a bit of green to it. The mandarin and honey scents still are there playing a supporting role to the base notes of earthiness and spice.

The Tastes: Delicious. Definitely a warm thick manuka honey with a bit of mandarin and cinnamon.

The Colours: Bright sparkles. Like the bubbles in a champagne.

The Feelings: Joyful. Bubbly and loveable. The tobacco notes lend it a bit of masculinity but it is very slight.

The Wear Time: 5-6 hours (longer if you apply it to your chest).

Suggested occasions to wear this: OH I would wear it everyday! It is such a special fragrance. Truly delightful. For special occasions, wear it to events, nights out on the town, your favourite places.

Overall: Well worth the price. From the beautiful bottle to the amazing genderless fragrance, this is one you need to hunt down! The notes of mandarin and honey are just too yummy!

The beautiful bottle - Jo Malone London Starlit Mandarin & Honey Cologne

Reminiscent of sparkly bubbles like the best champagne.

Stunning - Jo Malone London Starlit Mandarin & Honey Cologne

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