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Perfect Intense by Marc Jacobs

Here in today's Fragrance Story, is my review of the stunning Perfect Intense Eau de Parfum by Marc Jacobs.

Marc Jacobs Perfect Intense Eau de Parfum

Marc Jacobs describes the Perfect Intense Eau de Parfum as:

"The PERFECT INTENSE MARC JACOBS design is a chic reinterpretation of the original perfect bottle. Crafted in collaboration with Marc Jacobs himself and featuring an elegant blend of unexpected elements, the weighted glass base is inspired by the femininity and grace of a classic parfum. At the top, the crystal-cut cap is crowned with an extravagant assortment of mis-matched charms redesigned in shades of gold, silver, black, white, yellow, and a dash of cherry red – a nod to the intensified new fragrance offering."


  • TOP: Daffodil, Night Blooming Jasmine

  • HEART: Roasted Almonds

  • BASE: Sandalwood

Beautiful Cap - Marc Jacobs Perfect Intense Eau de Parfum

My Thoughts on Marc Jacobs Perfect Intense Eau de Parfum:

The Bottle: The bottle is definitely one of the outstanding features of this EDP. The intricate cap with its many additions of charms like a bow, banana, sneaker, dice, cherry, glass slipper and white cat, makes it extremely charming (forgive the pun). Once you see this EDP, you just WANT to have it. The simple bottle with gold toned liquid offsets the cheerful and intricate cap. Gorgeously playfull!

The Scent: Very musky and can I say, "intense"? This EDP definitely hit me in the nose when I was comparing it to earlier Marc Jacobs EDPs. I've not tried the original Perfect, but this is formulated to be a more intense version of it. I smell vanilla, some jasmine tones and sandalwood. The inclusion of the roast almonds at the heart of this EDP, gives it a "weight". This is not a light fragrance and it has been created to not be light. Intense describes it very well. The jasmine opening notes ring clear like a bell. I grew up in a neighbourhood filled with jasmine plants and the scent just brings me right back.

The Dry Down: This EDP very quickly reached the heart and base notes, with the top notes lingering behind like a trail of petals. Knowing that this is meant to be an "intense" version of the original "Perfect EDP", I was very impressed by the formulation. It really gets right down there and intense.

The Tastes: Definitely can detect the roast almonds and a bit of vanilla. This tastes very musky to me.

The Colours: Rich opulent gold tones and browns. Perfectly captured by the bottle design.

The Feelings: I wasn't quite ready for the "intensity", so this made my head spin a bit. To describe the feelings I felt, well, it is very dazzling. This EDP is ideal for those with bold and unique personalities. The accompanying campaign for this EDP is #PerfectAsIAM. Truly, the fragrance does embody all of that. An almost, "take me as I am" sexy fragrance, with a touch of wantonness.

The Wear Time: Oh, the wear time is impressive. More than 8 hours. This fragrance lingers (in a good way). As it softens up, there is some warmth to it. Applied to myself, I found that I could still detect the fragrance after 12 hours.

Suggested occasions to wear this: This is a bold fragrance. This is the EDP to wear if you want to exude confidence and personality. It is also a sexy scent. Where it wherever you want to be noticed and appreciated for who you are. There is a bit of a masculinity to it, so expect to attract a lot of attention with this fragrance from both sexes.

Overall: A collector's items. A statement fragrance. A confidence booster that makes you feel sexy and bold. Definitely one of the more outstanding fragrances I've reviewed this year.

Gorgeous Design - Marc Jacobs Perfect Intense Eau de Parfum

The beautiful graphics on the box are simply charming. From the handwritten/scribbled on font at the top, to the pretty hand drawn bottle and graphics all around the box. I just had to share the beautiful box with you.

Oh so charming and very collectible. Who wouldn't love this bottle with it cap of charms. It has white cat on it and as a cat lover, that immediately got my attentions.


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