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Pocket Makeup - MicroBeauty Essentials

Hi Friends! I have the pleasure of introducing a NEW global makeup brand “Microbeauty Essentials” (‘MicroBeauty’) to you today. MicroBeauty launches on 26th June 2018, globally. If you follow me on Instagram (@teacupofmakeup) you would have seen my very comprehensive tutorial on their first release “Micro Bomb” which comprises of a set of 3 highlighter sticks that are safe to use on your eyes, face and lips. [Click here to see my Instagram tutorial - saved on my profile page under the Highlight “MICROBEAUTY”]

[This is a sponsored post, however all opinions are mine. Also all photographs with my watermark in this blog were taken and styled by me.]

The Micro bomb Trio is the first of many exciting products that you can expect to see from MicroBeauty. All products are vegan and cruelty-free. The philosophy of MicroBeauty is to create mini makeup that still packs the punch of full-sized products. So their products are so handy to have in your bag, and/or when you go travelling.

You can use the discount code "teacupofmakeup" for 10% off. This code is not an affiliate code.

MicroBeauty ships Worldwide! Hurray!


Overall Performance

The 3 highlighter sticks in the Micro Bomb series are:

Spark - a gold toned highlighter

Flare- a pinkie red toned highlighter

Ignite - a blue cool toned highlighter

Each highlighter is “prismatic” as you will see in the photos below. You can also purchase each highlighter separately if you do not want to commit to the trio, although I do think you will want all 3.

Top to bottom; Flare; Spark and Ignite. Under studio Lights.

They are each about the size of your average lip balm and you twist up the product. They each perform as good as the others, so consistency of performance is good.

They are pigmented and also “buildable”. When I used them on the lips there was hardly any perceivable scent or taste. They smell faintly like cotton candy.

The texture of the highlighters are fairly creamy and they glide on to your eyes, lips and face without dragging the skin. If you are in a colder climate, you might experience a bit of a “drag” but I found that if I just held it in my hands for a little while, my own body heat would make the highlighters apply as they should - creamy and smooth.

I really like the “prismatic” aspect of them. They all “shift” into beautiful multi-colours.

With “Spark” (the gold toned one), it shifts between a gold to bronze to pink to pearl look. With “Flare” (the pink toned one), it shifts between a pink; blue; pearl and gold look. “Ignite” (the blue toned one) looks like Unicorn tears from Too Faced.

Swatches under studio lights (top to bottom: Flare; Spark; and Ignite)

Swatches under studio lights (top to bottom: Flare; Spark; and Ignite)

Swatches under studio lights (top to bottom: Flare; Spark; and Ignite). Layered on top of the lipstick above.

All of them contain micro-glitters that I can hardly see unless I use a magnifying glass. Again, I stress that the texture is creamy. When I rub the highlighters between my fingers, all I feel is just a cream texture.

It also does something very interesting to my freckles - I usually don't wear too much foundation and concealer on a day to day basis, so I discovered that if I patted "Spark" (gold toned highlighter), the light reflected off my skin making my freckles and dark spots almost unnoticeable.

You can wear each one on their own on the eyes and face for a subtle glow. When worn alone on your lips, it gives you quite a pigmented prismatic look.

I found that they apply well when layered on top of each other. For a glowy look, I like to use a combination of any two on my eyes. One for the lid well blended out and one under my brows. They work well on top of cream/powder eyeshadow. You might experience some “slip” but using an eyeshadow primer will easily fix this issue (if this is an issue you are concerned about). I love wearing this under my brows and in the inner corners of my eyes. I have also used them on my waterline and they really do make a difference! My eyes look brighter and bigger (to me anyway).

When layered on top of a lipstick, I get the prettiest sheen which makes my lips look smoother (I have uneven lips so by applying these in a particular way, I can almost balance out my lips). They are quite moisturising/hydrating on the lips.

In the above photos (taken in daylight); you can see the shift of the highlighters depending on what angle you view it from . From top to bottom: Flare; Spark and Ignite.

In terms of longevity, I would say that they perform just as well as any highend cream highlighter. I usually use a primer and setting powder/mist and they seem to last all day.

As mentioned above, I generally apply these using my fingers. If I want to apply them on my waterline, I use a brush. Fingers or brushes do not make any difference in terms of performance.

In terms of price, I think they have been priced at a very reasonable price point. They are small but so pigmented that you really only need to use one swipe.

MicroBeauty ships Worldwide.



Here is a photo of the ingredients used.


The inspiration and philosophy of Microbeauty's Founders

From the Press Release:

In the age of trend-driven influential indie beauty brands, consumers are seeking new fresh innovative ideas in the beauty landscape. A new player, Micro Beauty Essentials, seeks to serve up their micro/mini size cosmetics for a convenient “anytime, anywhere” beauty experience. Driven by an active fast- paced, tech-heavy lifestyle, where social media and being “selfie-ready” at all times reigns supreme, having portable beauty products has never been more important.

Estee Lauder model Kendall Jenner reveals to Vogue her on-the-go makeup application experience: “I’ve done my makeup in cars, and in porta-potties... I’m not kidding.” While most have not had the dubious experience of applying makeup in a porta-potty, the need for beauty-on-the-go is increasing. Total portability is key as full- size cosmetics are quite impractical outside of the home. These resized portable cosmetics match the convenience needed for today’s modern mobile lifestyle. Micro Beauty Essentials provides their uniquely designed, quality makeup products with sleek minimalist packaging for this need.

The company’s commitment to providing these resized portable products has founded the “Micro Makeup Movement,” which describes a smarter approach to the beauty experience. The size and product-reducing concept involves not only mini-size makeup, but also the use of universal shades to accommodate many skin- tones, while utilizing smart multi-tasking techniques that maximize the beauty experience, while minimizing the waste and space footprint. Additionally, Micro Beauty Essentials is committed to the vegan and cruelty-free movement, and are a participating member of PETA’s Beauty Without Bunnies program.

On June 26th, Micro Beauty Essentials will launch their first micro/mini product, the Micro Bomb Highlighter Trio. Staying true to their vision, these are travel-friendly, lip-balm size, multi-purpose, pocket highlighters that are designed to impart a sheer glow for cheeks, lips, eyes, and body. Micro Beauty Essentials is developing other micro/mini beauty products and will launch them throughout the following year.

Founder and CEO Sharon Simpson, found through her own travel and on-the-go beauty experiences, the difficulty of finding smart, lightweight, compact cosmetics. Micro Beauty Essentials was born out of this need. With her lifelong love of cosmetics, she stays current with the global beauty industry, and expands her knowledge by experimenting with new cosmetics, trends, and techniques. She also stays current with industry news, research and development in cosmetics and packaging, and has relationships with beauty influencers around the world. She earned a BA, MA and PhD in Marketing /Communications, with a career serving in PR/Marketing/Communications/Writing/Teaching.

As Simpson embarks upon the next chapter in her career, she remarks, “Micro Beauty Essentials is proud to be leading the charge of designing smart cosmetics, using smart techniques, creating a reduction in the need for larger, less portable beauty products. I am thrilled to share our vision with beauty lovers around the World”



Flare (pink)

Ignite (blue)

Spark (gold)

Flare on dark lipstick

Ignite (blue) on the lips by itself and Spark (gold) on the cheek and brow bone)

More Ignite (blue)

Flare (pink) to the left and Ignite (blue) to the right

Ignite (blue) on red lipstick

Spark (gold) on cool toned nude lipstick

Flare + Spark on the left and Ignite and Spark on the right

In the look above, I have used both Spark and Flare on their own; blending them out well. I have Spark on my cheek bones. The left photo shows Ignite on top of my lips (on its own). The right photo shows Spark on top of my lips (on its own).

In the photos above; I layered Ignite on top of a pastel green cream eyeshadow. I added a bit of brown in the crease. and I have Spark under the brow bone. I have Flare on the lips on top of the lipstick in the photo above. On the cheeks, I have I have Flare.

In the look above, I used Spark and Flare on top of Tarte's Toasted Palette. On the inner corners, I have Spark. On the lips, I have layered Ignite on top of the lipstick above. On the cheek bone, I have Flare. Under the brow bone, I have Spark.

In the look above, I'm wearling ModelRock's lashes. I like this look the best out of the three.

I used Spark and Flare on top of Tarte's Toasted Palette. On the inner corners, I have Spark. On the lips, I have layered Ignite on top of the lipstick above. On the cheek bone, I have Flare. Under the brow bone, I have Spark.


I hope you found this very quick review helpful! Drop me an email ( or DM me on my Instagram (@teacupofmakeup) and let me know what you would like an in-depth review of. I hope you found this review useful. Yours Truly with Lots of Love, TeacupOfMakeup. 待会见! 可爱的小茶杯!


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