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3 Precious Clays - L'Oreal Elvive Extraordinary Clay

Hello Friends! 最亲爱的中文读者,我很抱歉。 我不能在这个博客中加入中文评论。 我很生病,我的大脑有点乱了。 哈哈。 所以我觉得很难用中文写我的评论。 我保证,一旦我恢复好了,我会用中文写我的评论。

It is quite fun what I get to test as a blogger. I'm not going to lie, it is a WHOLE LOT OF FUN. There are so many products available these days and it is always quite a treat when a unique set of products arrive at my door.

Yes, I'm talking about L'Oreal Paris Elvive Extraordinary Clay haircare line. Yup. It is quite interesting.

What are they?

  • L'OREAL PARIS Elvive Extraordinary Clay Pre-Wash Mask 150 ml in Australia retails for around RRP$9.95.

  • L'OREAL PARIS Elvive Extraordinary Clay Shampoo 250 ml in Australia retails for around RRP$5.95.

  • L'OREAL PARIS Elvive Extraordinary Clay Conditioner 250 ml in Australia retails for around RRP$5.95.

  • L'OREAL PARIS Elvive Extraordinary Clay Dry Shampoo 150 ml in Australia retails for around RRP$9.95.

  • (Prices depend on where you purchase them).

As you probably can perceive, these are very reasonably priced. It is available in most drugstores. The packaging is quite basic but attractive. I noticed that the cap for the Dry Shampoo was a bit thinner and flimsier than other dry shampoos I have tried.

Press Kit

This is a 4 step hair care system, formulated for those that suffer from oily roots and dry ends. It is described as a "re-balancing range". The press information claims that this formula should give you 72 hours of "pure roots" and hydrated ends.

Interestingly, the formula combines three types of refined clay: Green Clay to purify roots, Blue Clay to hydrate lengths and White Clay to revitalise hair. L'Oreal Paris has been releasing a number of clay based products including face masks and face washes which seem to work quite well.

The steps are as follows:

  1. Use the Clay Pre-Wash Mask: you are meant to massage this into the scalp and rinse out. There are no directions for use on the container. From the ingredients list, it includes: kaolin; olive fruit oil; eucalyptus leaf oil; citronellol; magnesium aluminium silicate; salicylic acid and palmitic acid. It also looks like it includes some alcohol derivatives.

  2. Cleanse with the Clay Shampoo: silicone-free; use as per normal shampoos. It contains very similar ingredients as the Pre-Wash Mask. It includes citric acid and a chemical fragrance.

  3. Condition with the Clay Conditioner: The directions recommend that you apply this concentrating on the mid-lengths and ends of your hair, leaving it on for 2-3 minutes prior to rinsing it out. Again, it contains similar ingredients to the Pre-Mask and also includes citric acid and a chemical fragrance.

  4. Maintain with with the Clay Dry Shampoo: The directions recommend that you use this only on dry hair. Shake well and spray 15cm focusing on the roots. It is suggested that you leave this on for 2 mins prior to brushing it out.

The Pre-Wash Mask

Thoughts: The Pre-Wash Mask has a light pleasant fragrance. It smells like a combination of essential oils (eucalyptus; lemon and a touch of olives). It has a very slight gritty texture which is good for scrubbing your scalp. I had to use roughly 3 tablespoons/half a palmful (depending on the size of your head) of the product per treatment.

It felt quite "minty" (probably due to the eucalyptus oil). I left it on for about 2-3 minutes before rinsing it out. It was fairly easy to rinse out (I abhor products that take forever to rinse out). My scalp did feel clean and refreshed. I have not tried it on its own but only as part of the 4 step process so I can't really say how it feels after my hair is dried.

Thoughts: Texture wise, the Clay Shampoo is similar to most shampoos. It has a light blue colour and a pleasant scent (lemony and minty). It felt quite refreshing and was fairly easy to rinse out. The Clay Conditioner has a similar scent and I felt that it did leave my hair soft and moisturised. It took about the same time as most conditioners to rinse out.

After using the first 3 products, I think my hair felt clean and not greasy/oily for about a day or so. I do have a dry scalp that is susceptible to irritation.

The Clay Dry Shampoo

Thoughts: The most surprising thing about this dry shampoo was that it is completely transparent. I even sprayed it onto my arm to test if it would initially leave a white powdery cast and it DID NOT. I was surprised by this as most dry shampoos that I have used in the past do leave that white cast initially. It did its job and when applied to my roughly 36 hour hair, left it feeling refreshed. There was a very slight "minty" feel. It too has a scent that smells like lemon and mint.


Final Overall Thoughts

I like the idea of the Pre-Wash Mask. I think that really added to the experience. It made me really massage my scalp, so I felt like I had a good head massage. The Shampoo and Conditioner were okay. They did the job of cleansing and conditioning fairly well. I can't say if I like it more or less than other shampoos and conditioners. The Clay Dry Shampoo was useful and I liked that it was transparent. The scent perfumed my hair for a while but the scent did not linger for very long. I'm not sure that in combination, the 4 products kept my hair roots oil free and my hair ends hydrated for the advertised full 72 hours. I wanted to wash my hair mid-way through the third day as my scalp was starting to feel a bit itchy and a tad bit greasy However, I do have an irritable scalp, so the "drying" effect from the clays might have irritated my scalp. I think it might have stripped away more oil causing my scalp to produce more oil than it normally does.

The price point is very reasonable and the Mask, Shampoo and Conditioner lasted my husband and I for about 4 weeks (the shampoo and conditioner maybe a little bit less as my husband washes his hair every night).

I think I would repurchase the Pre-Wash Mask again and maybe the Dry Shampoo.


I hope you found this useful!.

Yours Truly with Lots of Love, TeacupOfMakeup. 待会见! 可爱的小茶杯!


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