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Hi, in this article about Shiseido's revamped makeup line and overview of some skincare products, I have included a Youtube video showing my first impressions.

Also you will find below, several photos of the products and a bit more information about them. I would recommend watching the video first and then coming back here for more!

[All photos with my watermark were taken by me]

The products shown were kindly gifted to me by Shiseido.

Did you know that Shiseido has been around since 1872? It was created in Ginza, Tokyo. Shiseido as makeup lovers would know, has always delivered incomparable high performing products. With the relaunch of the makeup line in 2018. Shiseido aims to combine its rich heritage with groundbreaking technology. Here, there is a unique focus on quality and as well as delivering a sensory experience to uses.

Shiseido's motto is "Beauty reimagined. Beauty made with soul."

As a general observation of the items I was sent for consideration, I felt that a lot of thought went into the creation of each piece. You can see it in the packaging which immediately says" Japanese" AND is very modern; to the performance; the choice of colours and choice of names. The name of the shades of colour are taken from both ancient and modern Japan.

The products performed beautifully. In the video, you can sort of see me fumbling around with the products as I discover each one and how well they perform even though I really didn't know what I was doing. Now that I know what each product does, I can start to create more polished looks.

The new makeup line is comprised of 18 products and 115 shades. They has been divided into four "texture" categories:

  • Dews: There is a completely new product called the "Aura Dew" (in 3 shades) that works for face, eyes and lips. You will see how beautiful and delightful these are.

  • Gels: There are 24 "VisonAiry Gel" lipsticks and 8 ColorGel Lip balms.

  • Powders: There are 24 ModernMatte Powder Lipsticks; 8 eyeshadow palettes; 6 whipped blushes; and 8 innerGlow cheek powders.

  • Inks: Taking inspiration from Japanese calligraphy, the new ink products aim at providing graphic precision and intensity of pigment. In this collection, there are 12 LacquerInk lipshines; 10 kajalink artist shadows; 4 Brow InkTrios: three-in-on brow products that includes a brow powder; 5 MicroLiner inks; an ArchLiner Ink and 2 types of mascaras.

The collection also included 5 makeup brushes.

You can see the full collection at:

Further, I will also be giving you my first impressions of the skincare products you see above, all in the video below. I hope you enjoy it!


The New Makeup

You can imagine my enormous delight to receive the box above. I am such a huge makeup junkie that I was completely stunned by the beautiful and generous box above.

For the Lips

There were two lipsticks in the box. The shorter one is the ModernMatte Powder Lipstick in "Nightlife- 510" and the longer one is the VisionAiry Gel Lipstick in "Shizuka Red" - 223". look at he the detail on the cap. How gorgeous!!

On the left is the VisionAiry Gel Lipstick in "Shizuka Red" - 223" - applies like a dream. The texture is so smooth and the colour is quite intense. My lips felt moisturised.

On the right is the ModernMatte Powder Lipstick in "Nightlife- 510. This one came with such a beautiful sculptural bullet that I could not bring myself to apply it the conventional way. You will have to watch the video to see how I apply it to preserve its beauty.

For the eyes

How sleek is the packaging? I think these products perform so well and are so easy to pop into a small makeup bag. This is one of the eyeshadow palettes. I received the "Kotto Street Vintage 05" palette.

I like the shades in this palette. The beige on the furthest left is just the perfect colour to cover the discoloration on my eyes. It is a matte shade and so is the brown next to it. The next two are beautiful satin shades.

These eyeshadows are incredibly easy to apply. There is practically no fall-out.

This is the Naname Fude multi eye brush. This is an impressive brush that has been cut in a perfect shape for application and blending.

This is the AURA DEW. IT IS AMAZING! It has tiny shimmers in it and you can use it all over your face including your lips. When I dabbed it on my eyes on just a base of the beige eyeshadow powder, I really liked the effect. It was very elegant.

As a highlighter on the face, it is very beautiful too.

It has a slight puffy texture and is soft to touch. There are three shades and this one is "Lunar 01". I definitely will be saving up for the other ones.

This is one of the new Kajal InkArtist pens. This is "Plum Blossom". I like how I can draw a thin or thick line and smudge it out if I want or I can apply it all over my eyes as a base.

You will see how pretty it is in the video.

They have also very thoughtfully included a smudger at the end of the pen that you can pull out. Perfect for makeup on the go.

Ink eyeliners are nothing new but wait till you watch the video. I was blown away by ArchLiner Ink eyeliner. It performs so well!! It is amazing.

I can create a cat eye or a thin/thick eyeliner look very easily. The applicator mimics a certain type of eyeliner brush.

For the Face

I am BEYOND in love with this blush. This is the Minimalist Whipped Blush Powder. It has that "boing-boing" texture to it and this shade "Sonoya 01". This is the perfect pinky coral that should suit anyone.

The texture is unbelievable and I could not stop trying this product. I think this could be my number 1 blush for 2018.

GET THIS BLUSH! You won't regret it.

When I opened this I really wasn't sure what it was just from the look of it. It seemed matte in colour.

This is the InnerGlow Cheek Powder. The shade is "Medusa Pink 10". In the video you will see just how beautiful it is and how it totally did not match my very first impressions.

Finally, the last item for the face I received was the Daiya Fude brush.

The polyurethane blender is meant for stippling creams and liquids and the diamond cut brush is for buffing out colours. I really enjoy this brush and highly recommend it.

C'mon, it does look super cool right?!?

Daiya Fude Brush

I think I was so happy with the results of my first experiment that I went selfie-crazy. Tip: Selfie's always look much better when taken in natural light and with as little retouching as possible.


New Skincare - InternalPowerResist

This new range InternalPower Resist combines several lovely products which work together to help you achieve your skincare needs. The lotion is for normal to very dry skin which is perfect for my current complexion.

It combined some 25 years of research and experience to create this luxurious line.

Of course I had to include a few photos of the beautifully presented products. How could I not???

The Clarifying Cleansing Foam is a lovely foamy cleanser that suits all skin types. It is made to help suppress the leading causes of skin damage.

I do a demonstration of this product in my video and you can see my initial impressions there.

This cleanser made my face feel smoother and softer. It has a scent that is similar to other Shiseido products, like a cherry blossom smell.

There are two other cleansers in the collection; the deep cleansing Foam for oily/acne prone skin; Extra Rich Cleansing Milk for dry skin.

The version I have contains: rice germ oil, silk extract and TMG (an ingredient made from sugar beets). It is also fueled by Acetylated hylauronate to boost hydration. I was surprised to learn that this foamy cleanser includes clay (which helps absorb impurities).

This is the Treatment Softener Enriched. It is a lotion you apply with a cotton pad (basically a toner). There is another version in the collection called "Treatment Softener" for normal to oily/combination skin.

I found this product to be most refreshing.

This product is meant provide moisture for 24 hours. It contains Kirishima mineral spring water (which upon doing some very brief research revealed that it has "many medicinal benefits including being helpful for sensitivity to the cold and physical fatigue. More specifically, sulfuric springs are good for arteriosclerosis, sodium bicarbonate saline springs and sodium chloride springs can ease chronic skin ailments, and simple thermal springs can help those with chronic digestive disorders".)

As a lotion, it helps clease away dead skins and also provides brightening effects.

I am really enjoying this product.

This is the Ultimune Power Infusing Concentrate that is meant to help increase your skin's defense system by 14%. This product has received many rave reviews. Some use it to help their serums work more effectively for them. It can also of course be used alone as it is already already an effective serum.

It has anti-oxidant rich reishi mushroom and iris root extracts, to strengthen skin, restore firmness and defend against daily damage.

In the video, I demonstrate how you can use it.

This ultra luxe serum contains Shiseido's exclusive Ultimune Complex. Made from Bulgarian rose water, aqua in pool, and yeast extract, to protect and strengthen skin against day to day damage and signs of aging, while a powerful botanical blend of gingko biloba leaf extract, shiso, and thyme maintain a healthy-looking skin surface.

It also features the comforting scent of ImuCalm Compound™ that contains fragrance ingredients of rose and lotus elements and a green floral fragrance.



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