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Review of "L'Ombre Dans L'eau" by diptyque

Here is a lovely melody by Diptyque. My review of "L'Ombre Dans L'eau" by Diptyque.

L'Ombre Dans L'eau Diptyque
Review of L'Ombre Dans L'eau Diptyque

Presenting "L'Ombre Dans L'eau" by Diptyque.

It is described by Diptyque as:

"Telling the story of daydreams, a calm river, a summer slumber under a weeping willow... The combined scent of roses and blackcurrant berries in the palm of the hand: the herbaceous, acidulated accents of blackcurrant leaves and buds, and the floral intensity of rose. A nature-filled moment to savour." (source link)

Notes: Rose, Blackcurrant buds, Petitgrain; Blackcurrant leaves

Created in 1983 by Serge Kalouguine, this was one of Diptyque's first "Floral Fruity" fragrances. Most fragrance critics and enthusiasts talk about the composition of fragrances in terms of notes or chords much like what one would use in a musical composition. I do tend to refer to notes too, but I also experience fragrances in a different manner.

This was my very first fragrance by Diptyque. I knew I really wanted one from Diptyque (how can you write a "Fragrance Story" without a Diptyque - impossible), but with a limited budget, I had to be highly selective. "L'Ombre Dans L'eau" translates from French to English as "the shadow in the water". Admittedly, I was first drawn in by its poetic melancholic name.

When I first saw this "shadow in the waters", I felt a huge rush of emotions overwhelm me. I had to hold back my tears. Then when I tested it, I knew this had to be my FIRST Dipytque fragrance.

In my mind's eye, it opens with a scene set in a late Autumn afternoon by a small river with willow trees. I see faint glimmers of light reflecting off the water. I see shadows that are slowly fading as dusk approaches. I then "feel" a light breeze that is so light it almost flutters by. I "hear" a very distant wind chime. There is a light fruity taste that fills my mouth.

Composed largely of notes of black currant leaf and Bulgarian rose, this is everything I have described above captured in a bottle.

Classified as a "female fragrance", there is also a je ne sais quoi element that also makes it appealing to men who do not mind smelling a little like roses.


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