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Review of Un Air de Bretagne by l'Artisan Parfumer

A review of Un Air de Bretagne eau de parfum by l'Artisan Parfumer.

Un Air de Bretagne by l'Artisan Parfumer

This fragrance has a "quiet elegance" to it.

This fragrance is described by L'Artisan Parfumer as:

"Fascinated by the wild Brittany coast, the perfumer Juliette Karagueuzoglou wanted to capture its iodized oxygen in a bottle.

To delicately evoke the sea sprays, she first composed a marine accord imagined as a salt vapour. A canevas on which she overlayed the absolute of seaweed and the absolute of cypress, which balance the tempestuous heart of the fragrance and also bring a touch of green that evokes Britanny.

On the skin, the breeze gives way to an addictive softness... The storm outside progressively becomes a comforting murmur." (source link)

Some fragrances sing brightly with a pizzicato; some fragrances fill the mind with a wash of colour; some fragrances have a personality that evokes emotions. Some fragrances have a tactile effect, like the feeling of brushing against velvet.

This particular one "Un Air de Bretagne" by the House of L'artisan Parfumer has an air of gentle quiet elegance about it.

It is very much like French Impressionist Claude Monet's series of Water Lilies oil paintings - in a word: ETHEREAL. There is a feeling of "I just woke up from a delicious dream but can't quite remember what it was about". I hear a very sustained hum of a F# minor chord.

There is a slight hint of saltiness from seaweed. A bit of languid haziness. Like Monet's Water Lillies, you need to step back and first experience this fragrance as a whole rather than trying to break it down into its elements. It is then where you see the perfumer's work of art.

This is a 2017 creation by master perfumer Juliette Karagueuzoglou who wanted to capture the iodized oxygen of the wild Brittany coast in a bottle.

Admittedly, this fragrance does strike me as being very green. My mouth is filled with the salty sweetness of pickled limes. It is not overwhelming. It is just... there.

This masterpiece is described as a "Woody Aquatic" with notes of bergamot; citruses; calone; neroli; cypress absolute; sea spray accord and seaweed absolute. This fragrance lends itself very well to being a "unisex fragrance" but I do note the absence of florals. The dry-down is moody but in a good way, much like a bitter sweet romance.

Oddly enough, this fragrance reminds me of a Japanese Kaiseki meal we had in Kyoto, composed of seasonal seafood and other fresh produce, served in silence and enjoyed with much reverence. "Un Air de Bretagne" shares that same "layering" and slow "revelation" as it develops upon contact with your skin and then dries down.

This makes for a wonderful unisex fragrance. Perfect for couples who like to share.

Notes: Top Note: Amber; Heart Note: Neroli; Base Note: Seaweed Absolute


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