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Shu Uemura nutri:nectar 温和乳液洁颜油 - absolutely delicious

Hello! I trust you have all been well. It has been a while since I last blogged. I was in hospital for 3+ weeks for surgery and things... well just got piled up. Sorry about that.

In this blog, I'll be talking about Shu Uemura's NEW Skin Purifier - the Nutri:Nectar. You might have seen me demonstrate it on my Instastories (yes, I am on that quite a fair bit). Here is a link to my Instagram DO follow me, pretty please.

The Nutri:Nectar is, in a word, FABULOUS. I like it very much. I tested it over a period of about 6 weeks.

我喜欢这个新产品。 我测试了6周以上。

RRPA$58 for 50ML and RRPA$126 for 450ML. So I would recommend getting the 450ML as it is much better value.

Shu Uemura 创造崭新质地及针对性功效。Shu Uemura 建基于悠久五十年的传统和崭新技术的一系列洁颜油,品质极臻完美,呼应 "美丽妆容始于美丽肌肤" 的哲学。隆重呈献新一代洁颜油 — 首支乳液配方的nutri:nectar洁颜油。

This cleanser is suitable for delicate skin (which I think suits all skin types).

My first impressions about it was that I really liked how one pump of the product was sufficient for me to cleanse my face and neck. With the oil cleansers from Shu Uemura, I also use one pump but sometimes thing it is too much.

It smells delicious. I think it was aptly named. Just like nectar. Not too sweet or cloying. Just right, calming and refreshing. It also rinses off very easily, much faster in comparison to the oil cleansers which takes a bit more rinsing off. It leaves my face feeling clean and moisturised. It is just as effective in removing water proof makeup as the oil cleansers.

As it is an Oil in Emulsion, the texture of it is more gel like than like an oil. It melts on contact with the skin. Similar to the oil cleansers, you apply it on your dry skin, rub it in to break down any dirt, makeup and pollutants on your skin and then emulsify it with a bit of water till it becomes milky. Rub it in a bit more and then rinse it off. I like to use Avene's Eau de Thermale to spritz it but you can use tap water. Works just as well. I'm just a bit more precious :P.


I personally feel that the oil cleansers would work better for the colder dryer seasons and the Nutri:Nectar is just perfect for the warmer and more humid months.


The main active ingredients are calming Acai, replenishing Magnolia and Reishi Mushroom for its resilience restorability. Reishi mushrooms are prized as herbs in Asian medicine and are often very expensive, The Reishi Mushroom is used as a herb to promote longevity and is often given as a gift. Acai is rich in anti-oxidants and vitamin C, both of which have their well know health benefits. I was not familiar with the use of Magnolia in skincare or alternative medicine and so I did some research and discovered that Magnolia (specifically the Magnolia bark) has been known to aid weight loss, and help with problems of anxiety, stress, depression, fever, headache, stroke, and asthma. There are scientific studies proving that nutrients like vitamins can be absorbed through the skin, so I do think you do get some of the health benefits of these three remarkable ingredients through prolonged use. It would also help if you left it on you skin for a bit longer :P


Do I recommend it? YES. My skin feels soft, fresh and very clean. I like its calming scent and I usually do face massages while using it. Do I prefer it over the other Shu Uemura cleansers? Not quite. It is different, slightly more convenient to use as the gel like consistency means that there is less chance of it spilling through your fingers. Honestly, I like all of the Shu Uemura skin cleansers. You just can't go wrong with them. There are ones to suit all skin types and Shu Uemura has 50 years of experience in formulating them.

我推荐这个的原因是因为我的皮肤感觉柔软,清新,很干净。 我喜欢它平静的气味,我通常在使用时进行面部按摩。

This is what it looks like. Kinda like jelly/jam huh? One pump is all you need.

它有果冻一致性。 您只需要一个泵。

I hope you found this useful!

Yours Truly with Lots of Love, TeacupOfMakeup. 待会见! 可爱的小茶杯!


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