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Tiffany & Co Rose Gold Eau de Parfum Review

In today's Fragrance Story, I'll be sharing my thoughts on Tiffany & Co's NEW Rose Gold Eau De Parfum.

Tiffany & Co Rose Gold Eau de Parfum Review

Tiffany & Co describes "Rose Gold EDP" as:

"Tiffany & Co. Rose Gold Eau de Parfum, draws inspiration from Tiffanys iconic diamond cuts and luminous metals. Housed in a radiant glass flacon, the blush-tinted juice illuminates the bottle and is reminiscent of Tiffanys rose gold jewelry designs. Vibrant and magnetic, Tiffany & Co. Rose Gold Eau de Parfum is the innovative creation of master perfumer, Jerome Epinette of Robertet.

The fragrance opens with a fruity blackcurrant paired with pink pepper and lychee fruit for a sparkling, playful top note. At the heart of the fragrance is the blue rose accord, a unique hybrid of Japanese rose that nods to Tiffanys signature shade and lends a delicate floral scent to the fragrance. For a warm finish, ambrette seed blend with deep musk and iris at the base." (source link and shop it by clicking here)

My Thoughts on Tiffany & Co. Rose Gold Eau de Parfum:

The Bottle: The bottle and cap do resemble beautifully cut gemstones. Elegant and simple in design, it looks illuminated from within with a light rose gold inner light. The bottle is further enhanced by a ring of faux leather in the Tiffany Blue and embossed with "Tiffany & Co".

The Scent: It is floral and fruity. You can certainly smell the blackcurrant and lychee fruit notes along with the blue rose accord (Japanese rose hybrid). I love the notes they used to create this fragrance. At once, fruity and floral, it is also romantic and sophisticated.

The Dry Down: It took about 4-5 hours for the dry down to fully develop. I really enjoyed the journey through the fruit and floral tones to the musk and iris. Smooth and delicious at the same time.

The Tastes: Yummy juicy blackcurrants and lychee fruit with a clear and bright taste of rose. Delicious!

The Colours: The scent itself does exude a rose gold tone. With the touch of Tiffany Blue, this EDP was a delight to the senses.

The Feelings: I felt comfortable and sophisticated. Joyful and bright. I think the spice from the pink pepper gives it a feeling of warmth as well.

The Wear Time: Well into 7-8 hours. Which is pretty impressive.

Suggested occasions to wear this: Wear to a party or date night. This is a special occasion fragrance that you will treasure. I would wear it for occasions that I want to remember as the lovely fragrance will evoke memories of such occasions.

Overall: A beautiful scent. This well-composed EDP is a delight. Everything from the elegant gemstone bottle to the balanced fragrance is appealing. I think this is a very wearable scent that you could use as your everyday fragrance but it is Tiffany & Co after all, and deserves that luxe treatment. I would also recommend this as a gift, as I think the fragrance would appeal to a broad range of people.

Tiffany & Co Rose Gold Eau de Parfum Review

Tiffany & Co Rose Gold Eau de Parfum Review

A simple yet sophisticated box accompanies and compliments the Tiffany & Co Rose Gold Eau de Parfum.


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