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Wicked Love by Replica Maison Margiela

Here's my quick review of Wicked Love Eau de Parfum by Replica Maison Margiela!

Wicked Love Replica Maison Margiela
Review of Wicked Love by Replica Maison Margiela

Fantasies: "Wicked Love" Eau De Parfum

Gender: Anonymous

Description: Gun Metal and roses

Year: 2017

Top Notes: Green pepper, basil, water hyacinth

Heart Notes: Egyptian jasmine, centifolia rose essence, centifolia rose absolute Base Notes: Cedarwood, white musk and vetiver.

VERDICT: "the bitter sweet regret of a lost opportunity to lose oneself in another that has haunted you for years"

ME: When I was 16, I had an enormous crush on a boy at school. He seemed like everything I was waiting for in a first love. One day during class, he did the oddest thing. He sat right next to me, laid his head on the table, and stared at me for entire lesson. He utterly and totally lost himself in me. I was 16 and I didn't know what to do and so I "ignored" his odd behaviour - I stared right ahead. Once class ended, he just ran away. We had always had a touch and go kind of relationship and he always had the broadest smile whenever I spoke to him. Every once in a while, the memory of the incident cuts me in my heart and I regret. I bitterly regret not turning and staring back at him. What if?

FEELINGS: It makes me feel exactly as above. This is an oddly spicy musky sexy scent. The green pepper is unexpected. I never did like green peppers but there is this first fresh burst of it in the top notes. It is like that inexplicable incident in class. The romance is in the roses. The sex is in the musk and vetiver. All of that is cut by the smell of an old wooden box's metal hinge - a mix of musky wood and metal. It is distinctly grey to me (grey is one of my favourite colours).

Available in Australia at Mecca Beauty. For International, please go to


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