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Makeup Store - Diamond Collection

When I was shown this by Maria, my mind went BLANK. It was the "sparkly sparkly" effect. I said: "I want EVERYTHING". This was all that was available from the new Diamond collection on that day. I eagerly await the rest.

Oh you are BEA-utiful. This is the dream twin. The texture of the packaging is quite different. It's a bit like the NARS' packaging, that slight rubbery matte feeling but more, uhmm, velvety. It has embossed on it the "Makeup Store" logo. I'm still trying to work out what that font is. The front section (which you press in to open the compact) is just pure crystals. I don't think they are Swarovski crystals. To be honest, I do not even know how much I paid for it. I'm sure I have the receipt for it somewhere, but the sparkly sparkly just made my mind go: "take my credit card...". I am frankly, every sales person's dream client.

I love the whole concept of the new packaging. The organic pebble style embossed print of the makeup is divine. I think it really adds something to the whole Makeup Store experience. From use and in comparison to the old packaging, I feel like the new formula is more pigmented. It may possibly be because the embossed format gives you more surface area from which your brush can pick up the pigments.

Yup, that's what you get with one single swipe. Extremely pigmented. The blush is a very flattering peach colour that works on fair to medium skin tones. The highlighter shade is a pretty champagne colour with microscopic crystals in it. Both work very well as eyeshadows too, so the multi-functionality of this compact gives you great value for money (I try to desperately justify every purchase).

It transfers pretty well as you can see. That's my little test for how pigmented something is, swipe on the fingers, swipe onto the arms. My arms are fairly tanned as I do maintain our garden and we walk the dog. So you can see that the colours look good on a medium to semi-dark skin tones too.

The microshadow trio has a clear cover, and is all the better for it! It shows off the lovely tones.

I think they pass the test. Three flattering, highly pigmented colours. 'Nuff said. I'll keep you posted when the rest of the collection comes in (a lipstick).

The shades chosen for this trio are perfect. You get two satin colours (the fresh pink gold and the rich plum) and in the middle a matte shade (a not quite white not quite pink colour). From a design aspect, I'm very curious to know how they arrived at the decision as to where to "cut" the pebble design for each column. With each column, you can see there is one very very slim row of "pebbles" that is hanging over. F*&^ that, it's beautiful, it's gorgeous, it's luxurious, you NEED this in your collection. If you have been tracking the foray of luxury brands into the cosmetic industry like more recent entrants like Gucci and just a few years back Marc Jacobs, it's because women (and men) DON'T stop buying makeup during financial crises/downturns because it is considered a "comfort" product. Makeup is just good business... O.K where did that come from?? Back to the trio. You deserve to spoil yourself, or to be spoilt. This is so pretty. You pull it out, sigh and admire it and you feel lovely already.

Yours Truly and Lots of Love, TeaCupofMakeup

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