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5 + 1 Reasons why I never leave home without my Shh...Silk Pillow | 我的 Shh...Silk 真丝枕套想法

I was sent a Shhh...Silk pillow case for review. Now I want silk pillowcases for all of our pillows! You can purchase them online in Australia at or internationall at A single pillow case retails for AUD79. A two pack retails for AUD139.

They come in 6 colours and Shhsilk also sells silk sleep masks and caps. Check out the photo gallery below.

Here are 5 + 1 reasons why I never leave home without my Shhhsilk pillow case |为什么我爱我的丝绸枕头套5 +1的原因

Reason 1: It helps me sleep better | 它帮助我睡得更好

These pillowcases ("PCs") are made from 100% silk. 100% Silk is a great insulator so, whether the weather is hot or cold, it helps adjust the surface temperature of the pillow so that it does not get too warm or cold for you to sleep on.

Reason 2: It is hypoallergenic | 它是低过敏性

These PCs are naturally hypoallergenic. Qualities that make it compatible with any skin type. So no more random allergies for me!


Reason 3: Allows your body to release more anti-ageing melatonin| 帮助您释放更多的抗衰老的褪黑激素

'Nuff said! You are never too young to start on anti-aging products. If it works naturally and I can sleep on it, gimme more please!


Reason 4: It is good for your hair | 帮助你的头发

Unlike other non-silk PCs, your hair won't catch on the silky smooth material, as it is less abrasive. So you will get less spilt ends and frizzy hair in the morning (or after mid-day siestas - a thing I like to do as I work pretty much all night till the wee hours of the morning).


Reason 5: No creases on your face | 在你的脸上没有更多的折痕。

Again, due to the smooth texture, it never bunches up and you do not get those awful embarrassing creases on your face! I think this should also help you get less wrinkles (not scientifically proven) but it makes sense to me as your face is in contact with a non-abrasive material all night.


Reason +1: Kim Kardashian uses them | 著名 Kim Kardashian 用于它们

O.K. You might not be a fan but if she uses them, I'm pretty sure they must be good. I'm not a huge fan of the Kardashians but I do know that they love great quality products and will spend whatever it takes to purchase them. So...

这可能不会是这样一个很好的理由,但如果她使用了它们,它们一定是好的。这是因为它们是如此丰富,可以买任何东西,所以,如果KK使用这些,它们一定是优良品质,对不对? 哈哈!

Twin pillow cases retail at AUD139, singles for AUD 79

They come in 6 colours. There is also pink and grey.

两个枕套零售价为AUD139, 和一个枕套零售价为$79。它们也有粉红色和灰色的。

Silk Sleeping Masks! Oh the ultimate luxury. I really want one!! I wear sleeping masks all the time. Great for flights too when you just want to zone out.

They retail for AUD39 for the plain ones, and AUD45 for the marble pattern ones.

它们还出售豪华丝绸的眼罩!价格从AUD39 - AUD 45。

SO are you going to get a Shhh Silk Pillow case now? I'm ordering the two pack marbled ones. An extra one for me and one for the husband!

Yours Truly with Lots of Love, TeacupOfMakeup. 待会见! 可爱的小茶杯!

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