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Colour Pop x Hello Kitty | Colour Pop 和 Hello Kitty 非常可爱的协作

Here is Colour Pop x Hello Kitty's Collection! I'm a huge Colour Pop fan and a huge Hello Kitty fan so the combo was irresistible! This was super kawaii.

这是一个非常可爱的化妆集合从品牌“Colour Pop”。 这是与Hello Kitty的合作。我在网上看到了就 不得不买它们! 你可以从Color Pop的网站购买: 但它们现在可能全部卖完了。但您可以随时在网络上搜索它们。

I purchased/我买了:

  • Colour Pop x Hello Kitty Face Kit

  • Mama's Apple Pie Super Shock Shadow Collection

  • Lippie Stixs in "Date Mate" (matte x finish) and Konichiwa (creme finish)

  • The makeup Pouch

Colour Pop's formula is almost always good and I can say that for this collection. I am in love! 对于低价格,这个品牌的化妆配方总是令人惊叹。 我爱上了这个收藏!我想你会知道为什么当你看到下面的照片。

Enjoy the photos!!

This is the Colour Pop x Hello Kitty Face Kit. It comes with 3 eyeshadows, 1 blush, 1 highlighter and an Ultra Matte liquid lipstick and an Ultra Glossy Lip Gloss. 这 Colour Pop x Hello Kitty 的套有3张眼影,1腮红,1张荧光笔和超哑光液体唇膏和超光滑唇彩。

The packaging is so cute! 包装是如此可爱!

These are the swatches for "Ribbon" Ultra Matte and "KT" Ultra Glossy.

They look fabulous when combined!

这些是来自集合的颜色。 口红和唇彩看起来很不错。 你也可以结合它们为美丽的唇色。

These are the swatches of the highlighter; blush and the 3 eyeshadows. "Juicy Apple" has a lot of little glitters in it. The last one is a brown matte.

这些是荧光笔; 腮红和3个眼影的色板; 。 “Juicy Apple”有很多小闪闪发光。 最后一个是棕色亚光。

The packaging for the Lippie Stix are also very adorable! 口红的包装也很可爱。

I only bought two. "Date Mate" (matte x finish) on the left, and Konichiwa (creme finish) on the right. Their such fun colours and really POP!

我只买了两个口红。 左边的那个更加哑光,右边的那个更有光泽。 它们是漂亮的粉红色的颜色。

Mama's Apple Pie Super Shock Shadow Collection". Isn't this so cute! The Hello Kitty head is a slip case. This is the "天啊, 这太可爱了!

It has 4 eyeshadows: "Rainbow" (irridescent white); "Friendship File" (lovely light frost pink); "School Bus" (gorgeous dark blue) and "Small Gift" (super cute pink". 有4种眼影:“Rainbow”(彩虹色); “Friendship File”(可爱的淡霜粉红色); “School Bus”(华丽的深蓝色)和 “Small Gift”(超可爱的粉红色)。

Aren't these pretty? 我真的很喜欢这些颜色。

This collection was just too cute. I had to buy the makeup pouch as well. :P 因为这个系列太可爱了,我甚至买了化妆袋。

Yours Truly with Lots of Love, TeacupOfMakeup. 待会见! 可爱的小茶杯!

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