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Jo Malone London Blossoms Spring Time Limited Edition

Hello! In this article I will be talking about Jo Malone London's Blossom range (there are two new releases in addition to the original 2), all coming in a new bottle design. A range created to celebrate the life and joy of Spring time, I will go through the entire collection with you, however, I will be doing a detailed review of "Jo Malone London Nashi Blossom Cologne" as I was sent that by PR. So that is where I will start!

Jo Malone London Blossom Collection
Jo Malone London Nashi Blossom Cologne in 100ml

Jo Malone London's Description of "Nashi Blossom Cologne"

"Pristine white blossoms signal the start of spring. Soon to become succulent nashi fruit. This radiant scent is bright with mouth-watering lemon, complemented by a crisp bite of apple. Rose adds a sumptuous texture to the floral heart, cushioned with white musk for a playful, efflorescent fragrance."

Top Note: Lemon; Heart Note: Nashi Blossom; Base Note: White Musk

It retails for AUD102 30ml; AUD204 100ml. Purchase it and find stockists at

My Thoughts on Jo Malone London Nashi Blossom Cologne:

The Bottle: A stunning circular design heavy feeling glass with a rounded dome plastic cap and tube in green to denote the fragrance in addition to the name on the bottle.

The Scent: First a burst of juicy nashi pearhits you right away. I could hardly sense any alcohol, which is what you tend to get with the first mist, so that was a nice surprise for me. I then got a sense of honeysuckle, jasmine, rose, lemon, and then finally some white musk.

The Dry Down: The musk develops more, and you get a bit more rose. The nashi pear does linger but ever so slightly.

The Tastes: My mouth did start to water. I got the taste of a deliciously sweet nashi pear, which to me tastes like a combination of green apple and pear. It also tasted of honey. It was so juicy, that I really felt like I had bitten into one! The tastes of a bit of lemon came through to balance the sweetness, and there were sprinkles of rose water.

The Colours: Of course, I saw green, then I saw lavender, creamy white and yellow colours with this beautiful scent.

The Feelings: It made me feel so bright and happy. It made me feel playful! I wanted to dance and skip around. I was going through a depressive episode (I have treatment resistant depression and panic attacks). This filled me with joy. I felt light and breezy. I felt like I was transported to Japan, to a nashi pear orchard surrounded by a fields of yellow and lavender flowers. There was a sense of being by a lively little brook. It felt like a cool day and I got the sense of waving my hand in the fresh clear water of the brook. There is an effervescence to it.

The Wear Time: Approximately 4-5 hours on the usual pulse points (behind the ear, neck, wrists). However, I do like to apply my perfumes and colognes to my Heart Chakra (not quite on the heart but between my breasts) and that area lasted overnight (I didn't take my usual night time shower). I found it a comforting scent to wear throughout the day and I could still smell it at night from my chest area. I do recommend that you apply your fragrances to your Heart Chakra area if you want it to last longer.

Suggested occasions to wear this: This would be perfect for day dates, weddings, garden parties, picnics and walks through the forest/park. I felt that this was definitively a "day time" scent.

Overall: A winner for me as I do like nashi pears. I felt the sweetness of this cologne was well balanced by the lemon and white musk. Don't worry, whilst I would call this a sweet scent, it is not sickly sweet., The rose notes are lovely too. It is also not "green" (which might come across as tart or dry), but luscious and juicy. I liked the simple yet aesthetically pleasing pop of green of the bottle design.

Jo Malone London Nashi Blossom Cologne in 100ml
Utterly luscious: Nashi Blossom Cologne in 100ml
Jo Malone London Nashi Blossom Cologne in 100ml
A pretty special edition red and white bow!
Jo Malone London Nashi Blossom Cologne in 100ml

The gorgeous and simple design that might be a bit misleading. Hiding a fragrance bursting full of life and juicy fruits. I felt like the bottle lit up from inside. Especially so, for the green cap.

From Jo Malone London's Press Release:

"Daydream in colour with Jo Malone London. Bask in spring sunshine on exotic shores, swept up in waves of uplifting scent and the soft flutter of petals. Discover a colourful Blossoms collection, available in a new bottle design.

Two brand-new fragrances celebrate the beauty of the hibiscus flower: Yellow Hibiscus, a beaming and juicy light floral and Red Hibiscus, a vivid solar floral and the fragrance house’s first Blossom Cologne Intense.

These two new fragrances are joined by returning Frangipani Flower, a radiant floral and Nashi Blossom, a playful light floral. Jo Malone London’s fruity signature fragrance of Nectarine Blossom & Honey is introduced in a limited-edition Body Mist, created with a blend of caring ingredients and natural origin glycerine to condition and scent the skin.

A new Solid Scent Duo of Nectarine Blossom & Honey and Orange Blossom makes for a refreshing combination. The smooth formula is easily applied to the skin with the dab of a fingertip; layered together these two create a lush floral fragrance. A special-edition Diffuser in tempting Silk Blossom completes the collection to create a joyful mood in any room."

Celine Roux, Global Head of Fragrance describes the collection as: Our Blossom fragrances are often inspired by white or pastel-hued flowers, so with hibiscus we had the chance to work with something bold and colourful.

A description of each of the other fragrances:

Red Hibiscus (red cap), a vivid solar floral and the fragrance house’s first Blossom Cologne Intense (Notes - Top: Yellow Hibiscus; Heart: Rose; Base: White Musk)

Yellow Hibiscus (yellow cap), a beaming and juicy light floral (Notes - Top: Mandarin; Heart: Red Hibiscus; Base: Vanilla)

Nashi Blossom (green cap), a playful light floral. (Notes - Top: Lemon; Heart: Nashi Blossom; Base: White Musk)

Frangipani Flower (white cap), a radiant floral and (Notes - Top: Jasmine Petals; Heart: Frangipani; Base: Sandalwood)

Nectarine Blossom & Honey is introduced in a limited-edition Body Mist (orange cap), created with a blend of caring ingredients and natural origin glycerine to condition and scent the skin (Notes - Top: Cassis; Heart: Acacia Honey; Base: Sandalwood).

Silk Blossom special-edition Diffuser completes the collection to create a joyful mood in any room.


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Yours Truly with Lots of Love, TeacupOfMakeup. 待会见! 可爱的小茶杯!


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