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In this chapter of my Fragrance Story, I review Anya Hindmarch' Lollipop Diffuser. Just like fragrances for the body and hair, home scents have a similar effect on mood and also evokes certain memories.


Disclaimer: All of the photos here with my watermark were taken by me. You cannot use them without obtaining my written permission first. These are my personal views and I do not any way guarantee or warrant the accuracy, completeness, or usefulness of any message and will not be held responsible for the content of any message.

Before we delve into my detailed #reviewofanyahindmarchlollipopdiffuser, I thought a brief introduction to Anya Hindmarch might be of interest to you.

About Anya Hindmarch

Anya Hindmarch is a London based fashion designer who launched her brand in 1987. She primarily focuses on bags and accessories. Her style is quirky and witty, and she sometimes conveys a child-likeness through her designs.

Anya Hindmarch first started offering home scents/fragrances in 2017. As I've observed in other chapters of #teacupofmakeupfragrancestory, it is not uncommon for fashion houses to start branching out into fragrances and home scents. The two industries, fashion and fragrances have this synergistic relationship that conveys the tone, mood, style and taste of the fashion designer. Expressed in the form of fragrances, a whole wider range of customers can embrace and own a piece of luxury fashion. That, in my humble opinion, is what drives the designer fragrance business. Money is Money anyway you get it and home fragrances, being perishables (i.e. candles burn out, diffusers diffuse) are a very clever way for designers to have another stream of income. Not everyone can own £1,095.00 bag nor would they continue to buy that same bag as it doesn't (generally) need replacing every few months. THAT'S good business, especially when they are designed so beautifully.

The collection of #anyahindmarchhomefragrances currently comprise of candles and ceramic diffusers. I would categorise them as a niche luxe fragrance brand, they are collective called "Anya Smells". Often they have a playful and comedic aesthetic about them, and the visual designs sometimes echo her bags/phone cases.

To see the full collection of #AnyaSmells home fragrances go to:

In Australia, you can purchase Anya Smells from Mecca Cosmetica (click here to shop there).

Most home fragrance diffusers use reed to "dispense" the fragrance. It is simple, the reed absorbs the fragrance and it "diffuses" into the air. There are also paper diffusers made more stronger fibers like bamboo. Some of these paper diffusers are made to look like flowerbuds that then bloom into flowers as it soaks up the fragrances - quite a beautiful sight.

The Anya Hindmarch diffusers are made from unglazed ceramics, which being porous, soaks and draws up the fragrance oil. I also have other ceramic diffusers which come in the form of a bird perching on branch. The "bird" soaks up the fragrance oil via its feet that sit in the "branch". I also have other ceramic diffusers that work by pouring the fragrance oil directly onto the diffuser that sits in a dish.

Review of Anya Hindmarch "Anya Smells Lollipop Diffuser"

The design element is simple, humorous and clever. The jar and "pencil holders" are made from glazed ceramics. The "pencils" are made from unglazed ceramics. I particularly enjoy the design of the plate that holds the "pencils" in place. It looks like an artist's paint palette.

Another design element that I like is that the fragrance oil comes in a separate bottle, allowing you to dispense as much/little fragrance oil as you like.

The pencils are designed to look so much like actual pencils that a guest has mistaken them to be. That's really cute. It gives one that element of surprise and delight. All that is missing are the brand names of popular sketching pencils like "Faber-Castell"; "Prismacolor Premier Graphite" and so far and indications of HB; 2B; 3B (the density of the graphite of the pencil = how soft/hard and the pigmentation you should expect) etc.

The pencils have the initials "AH" on them.

Also included in the box are these little cards with instructions and other useful information.

The designer sets out a brief description of the inspiration behind the fragrance oil and the design of the diffuser. It's cute, adorable and very collectible.

The notes are:

  • crushed blackcurrant leaves;

  • geranium;

  • juniper;

  • peony; and

  • rose.

The crushed blackcurrant leaves impart a crisp green freshness with a subtle blackberry scent. In combination, this smells like a berry flavoured lollipop. It is a sweet scent and not overly complex. When I smell it, I feel happy. When I look at it, I feel happy. HAPPINESS abounds with this diffuser.

It does bring back childhood memories. I think I chose the Lollipop Diffuser more for the red pencils because they remind me of the actual pencils I used to sketch portraits etc in art class. Memories of being in art class in school are some of my happiest memories. We were given full creative freedom as we exercised our artistic creative muscles. I remember we would share sweets and other treats as we drew, painted and sculpted. I would pay anything to go back to that time, and as such was able to justify the price of this ceramic diffuser by Anya Hindmarch. It cost me A$196 - not an overly expensive amount to pay when viewed in totality but this one is definitely at the top end of my diffuser collection.

The ingredients include: 3-Methoxy-3-methyl-1-butanol, Geraniol, Phenethyl acetate, dl-Citronellol.

The #anyasmellslollipopdiffuser is a collectible and as such is currently fairly rare to come across in stores or online. However, Anya Smells does offer the "Lollipop" scent in the form of candles.

There are two other Anya Smells Diffusers available (if you can find them - they are highly popular).

  • Diffuser Pencil Shavings (Cedarwood &Patchouli)

  • Diffuser Chewing Gum (Fresh Mint & Wild Raspberry)

  • Diffuser Lollipop (Blackcurrant Leaves & Rose) (reviewed in this article).

The Anya Smells Home Fragrance collections include so many whimsical and delightful candles as well. There are ones called "Washing Powder"; "Lip Balm"; "Sun Lotion"; "Coffee" and so and so forth. All of them convey a "happy happy joy joy" mood. They are very very cute.

To explore the full collection of Anya Smells Home Fragrances click here. Once you have one, I think you will be quickly addicted and will want to collect more.

So I hope you enjoyed this article on my review of Anya Hindmarch "Anya Smells Lollipop Diffuser" and found it useful. I'm pretty much on my social media platforms in some way or fashion 7 days a week. I hope you enjoyed this review.

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