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The Cult of Smith and Cult

Hi Friends, in this article I talk about my addiction to Smith and Cult. I was lucky enough to get to meet and interview co-founder Jeanne Chavez, in 2017, when she was in Sydney, Australia, for the Sephora Showcase.

In Australia, Smith & Cult products are available exclusively to Sephora. For other countries, please refer to:

Shop the brand at Sephora Australia here:

The nail polished featured here were kindly gifted by Smith & Cult Australia.


About Smith and Cult and my Interview with Jeanne Chavez

I first met Jeanne Chavez co-founder of Smith & Cult in 2017 in Sydney Australia. Jeanne was in Sydney for the Sephora Press Day/Showcase (it's just called a different name, depending on which country it is being held). I was invited to interview Jeanne. The original plan was that I would do a video interview with Jeanne at the Intercontinental Double Bay, Sydney. I had brought with me to the interview: 3 cameras and various studio lights. The whole process lasted about 2-3 hours. Unfortunately, when I was trying to edit the video, the footage got corrupted and I lost those files (#woeisme). I’ve felt so guilty since then and so have been secretly buying heaps of Smith and Cult (“S&C”) products (I might have the biggest S&C collection in Australia).

I did take a few notes as I was filming it with me "off camera". I've set out below, the question and answer “Q&A” interview.

Me (Q): Jeanne, thank you so much for having me. You look fabulous. What are you wearing and what makeup are you using?

Jeanne (A): Why thank you! My boots are from Marchesa and I’m wearing S&C’s eyeshadows and lip tint.

Me (Q): Jeanne, please would you tell me some of your background and how S&C was created?

Jeanne (A): Sure! S&C was created by Dineh Mohajer, the founder of the brand Hard Candy (which is now owned by another company) and myself. I knew Dineh well as we had done a few collaborations in the past. After Hard Candy was sold, S&C was created as our next step in the beauty industry.

Me (Q): WOW, the creator of Hard Candy. That’s SO cool. I LOVE your nail polishes. The rose gold design is so on trend. AS Hard Candy’s first started out as a nail polish brand, is that why Smith & Cult’s are nail polishes?

Jeanne (A): Thank you! Yes, packaging design is SO important. We invested a lot of time in not only creating high quality performing products, we were also very careful in creating the visual representations of the S&C brand.

Me (Q): Where do you and Dineh find your inspiration? I love the shades you’ve created as well as the names of each shade and product (S&C now has eyeshadows; highlighters; blushes and bronzers and more, along side the core S&C product range i.e. the nailpolishes).

Jeanne (A): Dineh and I find inspiration from many areas and places. Very often, we will go shopping together and look for emerging trends in the fashion industry which we then translate into the design and concept behind each of S&C’s products. Marchesa is one of our favourite fashion brand.

Me (Q): I can just picture you shopping in Beverly Hills in LA! That’s such a fun way of finding inspiration and working for that matter. One final question: “why the “SMITH” and the “CULT”? Who is the “SMITH” and who is the “CULT” meant to represent?

Jeanne (A): Well, we think that everyone has a bit of a Smith (your girl next door) and a bit of a Cult (niche trendy) in them. So S&C is all about finding and delivering the perfect balance of the two.


To be honest, I recall that I felt at that time, that Jeanne’s reply to my last question was a bit cryptic. However, watching the brand develop and grow over the past few years and the stunning visual design behind each of S&C’s products; Itotally get it now. S&C is now one of my favourite brands and I always eagerly await the release of new products.

In Australia, Smith & Cult products are available exclusively to Sephora. For other countries, please refer to:

Shop the brand at Sephora Australia here:



From left to right: "A Short Reprise"; "Analog Fog"; "Peaceful Paranoia"; "Extra Ordinary"; and "Ceremony Of Secrets".

From a product design perspective, Smith & Cult is "A Class" for me. I LOVE them! The subtle rose gold cap and six different shaped tops make this brand very "Instagrammable" and for me "collectibles". Every time I add a new one to my collection, I get so excited.

These nail polishes are made with a 8-free formulation. They are long lasting and the colours are very pigmented. I generally find that I only need to apply one coat. Smith & Cult also have their own nail polish base and top coat (which I have purchased).

"A Short Reprise"

"Analog Fog"

"Peaceful Paranoia"

"Extra Ordinary"

"Ceremony Of Secrets"



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