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How to get a V face shape non-surgically - Silk'n FaceTite Review

The "V" shape face has been seen as one of the indicators of beauty, particularly in Asia. So popular, large numbers of plastic surgery hospitals have sprouted around the Globe promising both invasive and non-invasive treatments to achieve that perfect "V".

Even in here in Australia, we seem to deem both female and male celebrities with the "V" shape face as being beautiful.

Case in point, the beautiful Nicole Kidman (see photo above). The face that sells Millions if not Billions of merchandise.

Here's another example (see photo above). The very famous Youtuber Nikkietutorials (a.k.a. Nikkie De Jager). She is an incredibly beautiful and talented makeup artist and I believe the one with the most subscribers on Youtube (7M). I believe that she has lost quite a lot of weight since the above photo was taken, but as an example, you don't need to be reed thin to have a V shape face. And you know what, she looks ABSOLUTELY F(*ing beautiful. Almost cherubic.

I on the other hand have been "blessed" with a round face. I think it's cute. My husband certainly does. I did once achieve a sort of angular look to my face when I was overworked as a lawyer and became seriously underweight. That soon disappeared when I went on sabbatical. Oh well, so much for that.

So in order to achieve the V shape, I have been considering painful injections of weird chemicals into my face or having my jaw shaven/broken. Uhmm... I don't think so.

Enter the Silk'n FaceTite. Cue dramatic music...

I was approached to review this gadget (RRPAU$459 - though you can get it on sale and I also have a non-affiliate discount code for 5% off with “silknTeacup”). You can buy it from Silk'n Website (click the link)

The Silk'n FaceTite is described as a "anti-aging face treatment device which combines Home Tightening Technology. This technology combines three kinds of energy : Infrared Radiation (IR) that affects the upper layer of skin for improved skin texture. Red Light (LED) that reaches into the dermis for rejuvenation and collagen restoration, and focused Bi-Polar Radio Frequency energy (Bi-Polar RF) that penetrates deep into the subdermal fat for deep tissue tightening and wrinkle reduction." (extracted from page 2 of the FaceTite's Manual).

It was first described to me as a device for anti-wrinkles and firmness - not interested, luckily having good genes and oily skin,, I still look like I'm in high school (depending on what crazy things I'm wearing). I then saw the words V shape face and went: "Holy Cow, I gotta try it".

SO here I am. I've been through some rough patches in my short life and have always suspected that I've had a stroke (MRI is inclusive) as the right side of my face has started to droop. It is not obvious unless I specifically point it out to people. For goodness sakes, I draw portraits and take photos for a hobby so I do know about angles.

Did it work?

So far, I have used the Silk'n Facetite a grand total of 6 times. It promises visible results after 5 weeks of continuous use; 15 minutes on each area of concern/treatment zone (see photo from Silk'n below). I saw effects after my first try. My mother-in-law saw results after the first try and bought one. The effects of the first try did not last though. The product claims "optimal results in 10 weeks", so i believe that you need to adopt a regular regime of using it twice a week. I think this is fair. You need to eat to live. Exercise to keep fit. Learn new things to exercise your brain. So is the same for skin care.

I used it mainly to achieve a V shape to my face; to get rid of the droopy line on the right of my face and on my neck as my weight gain (side effect from some meds I'm on bleh bleh bleh...).

I think it worked. See photos below.

On the left is the "Before Shot" and right is the after shot.

The above photo is of the improvement in my neck fat - the folds are less defined.

These photos were taken after one treatment only. You can notice that the left side frown line has been reduced and the layers on my next are smoother.

How did it feel ?

The FaceTite comes with a tube of Slider Gel (water based and largely containing glycerin). It acts as a lubricant and improves conductivity so the FaceTite does not tug at your skin. I felt like I had to use a fair amount of it. You can buy extra tubes from Silk'N. I did not like this aspect of this gadget as there are other similar type gadgets that do not require a gel. You can use any other water based get but I struggle to think of one.

There are five settings; 1 to 5 being the warmest. It did not feel uncomfortable. The gadget comes with an in-built safety function that switches off the gadget when it reaches a temperature of 42°C - 43°C; it will automatically stop. The instruction manual said that it would start again once the skin temperature was lower but this just did not happen for me. I found that I could use it at level 5 for a few minutes and then had to continue the treatment at either levels 3 or 2 at the highest, even if I waited for my skin to cool down. This happened in Winter.

Is it worth it ?

I think it works. It impressed my mother in law and her friends enough to buy one. My husband was quite surprised too. I do believe that I need to keep using it to maintain my face shape etc etc. It does come in a nice little carry case; but the tube of gel does not fit in the carry case which is a bit of a bummer. I love gadgets and have tried other light therapy and massage gadgets. So I think I would buy this for myself but maybe only at the sale price because the fact that I might need to go back and buy the Slider Gel again bugs me.


Yours Truly with Lots of Love, TeacupOfMakeup. 待会见! 可爱的小茶杯!


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