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Brand Regrams!

Just a few re-grams from my fave brands. They are are all flatlays. I do tend to take a very long time to compose each one. I do update this post every once in a while. My Instagram used to be called "teawithmakeupmagic88" but I had a rather nasty experience with someone trying to hack into my account. Hence the multiple name changes. Thank goodness that Instagram has stepped up it's security features. You can see all of these regrams on my Instagram page under the section "PHOTOS OF YOU" on your mobile device. I've just done screenshots of them here showing them with my Instagram tagged. Everything photographed is purchased or gifted, styled and photographed by me. On some occasions I am given the greatest honour to borrow items.

Almost back to back reposts by Ne'emah

Hosted on my old Blog Please click on the photo to be redirected there for this engaging review! I will progressively post all of the regrams onto this page.


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