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Cutest Cuddly Monsters for your phones, tablets and laptops!

Welcome! I'm so happy that you are reading this! For new comers, such a pleasure!

Don't these little monsters look so adorable?

Their handmade by these two lovely girls from Germany, Desi and Khanh of

Desi and Khanh are so sweet and so I think it is best that I let them describe themselves to you, the following is from their beautiful http://iyu-iwebsite

Hello. Our names are Desi and Khanh. We are two designers based near Frankfurt am Main, Germany. We create and sell our own clothing and accessories. Our philosophy is simple: carefully thought out designs, hand-picked materials and self-employed production. This way we make sure, that each single item corresponds exactly with our expectations. The result: handcrafted items produced in small quantities, which are available on IYU IYU only.

You see they made each of these little monsters with much love and care.

Firstly, their packaging is amazing (well everything about their whole concept is amazing. you simply must check out their website I received the beautiful box above. It was very lovingly wrapped so that the white box would not be soiled or spoilt.

AHHHH imagine my delight when I opened the box!!!

Hahahah, so cute! I let out a big laugh when I opened the package and saw them for the first time! They really did make my day. They are so adorable. They are made of very soft and cuddly material which is still strong and sturdy enough to protect your phone, tablets etc (fluffy terry cloth [100% cotton] and a colourful inner lining [100% cotton]).

They sent me three monsters. One for a kindle (iPad Mini size), a iPhone 6 plus sized one and finally one for my iPhone 6. Yes I do carry around a lot of gadgets!

This is what they look like with your devices stored inside of them. It's very secure as half of the head acts as a kind of pocket, so your phone/device will not slip out. It is also very easy for you to take your device out as the material has a bit of give.

In the gift box you receive a surprise cracker filled with yummy candy, a keychain (so cute, so kawaii), a notebook and pencil, two post cards and some stickers. I think this is a great gift idea!

hey do make cases for laptops as well. They have so many more designs on their website and they also have beautiful jewelry, see the following photo below!

Yours Truly and Lots of Love, TeaCupofMakeup

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