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Maskcara Cosmetics Review

Hi There Beauty Lovers! 我的评论是在我的旧网站。请按照去那里。 Maskcare Cosmetics was founded by CARA BROOK Beauty Blogger/Makeup Artist in 2013. SO... being lured in by the pretty packaging, I had to try it. I also like her philosophy about how:


what are they?

Each little tin (yes, I was a bit shocked by how small they were - each tin measures 5.5cm by 2.5cm by 0.5cm). That does has it's advantages because you can easily pop several items in your makeup bag.

Each tin has a beautiful illustration on them. It's kinda boho/astrology. They are all slide tins.

Each tin contains a cream product. It's made in the USA and are Cruelty Free. The ingredients used differ depending on the product (see From what I can see, the common and main ingredient seems to be paraffin and various types of waxes.

I purchased:

  • Blush Bundle (U$50) - Pink Grapefruit; Dahlia; Baby Watermelon; Desert Sunset and Ruby

  • Stone Contour (U$10.50)

  • Moonlightt Highlight (U$10.50)

  • Honey and Cherry Illuminators

You can buy them directly from Shipping to Australia was a whopping U$30.49 (add U$1 for express shipping)

what's good about them?

The exterior packaging is pretty. Stunning even.

The price point is good because they are so pigmented (more below).

The colour payoff and longevity is great (all day wear in mild - cold weather). Easy to apply with your fingers or a synthetic brush. Some of the blushes do leave a stain so best not to use your Chukuhodo brushes.

They are very pigmented so you don't need much. The blushes also leave a pretty stain as it slowly wears off.

They have a unique concept which is that the contour + highlight = your foundation (see photo below). The highlighter is meant to act as a concealer as well, but mostly for the under-eyes. You will need a concealer to cover up spots.

I will post photos of looks on my Instagram - TeacupofMakeup

They also sell brushes which I think I might save up for as I am a brush whore. I did buy one duo brush that was on sale (it's sold out now) and I have yet to test it.

what's not good about them?

It's kinda weird having to do my base using the contour, highlight, blush and illuminate products alone. You need a concealer.

It's very much guess work trying to determine what shade would suit. There is a colour finder but most of the girls shown are White, one hispanic (I think) and an african american girl. So if you are Asian, and most Asians have yellow/olive undertones from very fair to dark, it's a bit hard.

For combination/oily skin, a setting powder is necessary.

It won't work well in hot weather on it's on. It'll just slide right off.

Creams are messy. I'm worried if I put this in my pocket, my body heat might melt it.

I would like to use some of the blush colours as a lip colour but the list of ingredients (and my pure laziness to do the research) sounds a bit scary - all chemical names.

Of the blushes, I found Desert Sunset to be the least pigmented. Baby Watermelon (a fair pink) and Pink Grapefruit (a fair peach) looked almost identical when swatched.

Of the two illuminators - Black Cherry is pretty dark, I would wear this as a blush.

The Moonlit Hightlit did drag a bit leaving streaks but it did work ok when very well blended out.

Hosted on my old Blog Please click on the photo above to be redirected there for this engaging review!

Yours Truly and Lots of Love, TeaCupofMakeup

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