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A Very Lacy Affair: Burberry S/S Lace Highlighters - White & Nude Gold

I was gob smacked when I first saw these limited edition highlighters from Burberry's S/S16 collection.

The Highlighter Palettes in In White No. 1 and Nude Gold No. 2.

They are pricey. In Australia, they retail for AU$94 each. In the USA, they retail for US$68 each.

They are sold out on the Burberry website but you can still get them at Sephora in Australia or at the Burberry counters at your favourite department store. They won't be there long though. I had to hunt down the White one.

White highlighters are the trend now. I see them E V E R Y where.

This is a pure white pigment as far as I can tell. There are no flecks of silver or gold in it.

I found it to be pigmented. This was with a few taps of the fingers which did not destroy the lovely lace pattern. I find it such a pity that companies go to great lengths to design such lovely makeup with embossed patters, only to have the patterns destroyed almost immediately upon touch. This definitely did not happen.

This had a chalky consistency as compared to the Nude Gold.

It was not too powdery though which is ideal as it is easier to apply the highlighter with more precision and less fall out.

Yup, definitely a dry formula.

I'm fairly tanned at the moment, yet I was so delighted by how natural this applied.

You get a subtle, natural glow. Your skin shows through. Even though it was dry, it did not look flaky. I applied it with just a normal soft contour brush to create cheekbones.

Nude Gold No. 2

As you can see it is a fairly cool/very light warm to neutral toned light medium gold. I was very pleasantly surprised by how pigmented it is. Unlike the White one, this has a smoother, creamier texture. Very rich in texture and colour.

Swatched on the back of my hand

This passes the swipe test for me. Smooth. No fall out. Just beautiful.

Though the Nude Gold's formula is richer, I didn't feel like I disturbed the Lace pattern too much.

This really enhanced my tan. Again, it applied well. As it was so highly pigmented, just a soft sweep of the brush was sufficient. As it is is highly pigmented, do tap off your brush, to avoid the GOLDEN egg look.

The Final look

My final look. I'm wearing Burberry's Matte Lipstick in Poppy Red

Sorry, I'm saving up for braces (yes, I am not doing a great job at that with all this makeup spending), so I rarely smile.

Final Thoughts

Are they worth it? If you are a makeup collector like me - YES. If you like pretty things - YES. Are they particularly special, disregarding the Lace pattern - No. They are pricey, but they are also highly pigmented, so you can justify the price. You could live without it.

But would you? Don't you think they are DIVINE? The luxury factor alone makes me say -YES!

Yours Truly and Lots of Love, TeaCupofMakeup

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