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Maskcara Beauty Eyeshadows

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I'm a huge fan of Maskcara Beauty as you might already have guessed. So I was so happy to receive these two eyeshadow palettes from their new eyeshadow range. There are six palettes and I chose two. Barely there (cool toned) and Rosie (warm toned).

我Maskcara美容一个巨大的风扇,你可能已经猜到了。所以,我很高兴,从他们的新眼影范围接收这两种眼影调色板。有六个调色板. 我选了两个。"Barely There"(冷色调)和 "Rosie"(温暖的色调)。

Each of the eyeshadows arrived in beautiful individual tins. There are different colors of tins. Gold, Rose Gold, Silver.



The eyeshadow palettes all come in the above Boho Patterned Leather Compact. You need to unpack each eyeshadow and place it in the compact, which is magnetic. It is a very beautiful compact with a good sized mirror.


You can also choose to purchase the above Brown Leather Compact for US$15. 您也可以选择买这种棕色皮革紧凑。


This is "Rosie" the warm toned palette. It comes with 8 eyeshadows, 4 matte colors and 4 shimmer colors. Isn't it pretty? I think it will be good for everyday.

这是"Rosie". 它有8种不同的颜色的色眼影。我认为这是很好的日常使用。你不觉得它们很漂亮?

Swatches are top row L to R and bottom row L to R.


Rosie's eyeshadows are Valencia (yellow cream); Mama (lavender) ; On Wednesdays (pink); Bubba (warm brown); Gilded (bronze red); Bright eyes (light cool tone bronze); Kin (purple); and Trust (dark grey).

They are very pigmented and smooth. I swatched them on my arm with no eyeshadow primer. The matte colors seemed a bit chalky but I think it is because my skin is very dry. 他们是非常色素和流畅。我转向它们在我的手臂,没有眼影底漆。磨砂颜色显得有点垩白,但我想这是因为我的皮肤很干。

This is "Barely There". 8 colors, 4 matte and 4 shimmers. I think it compliments the colors in "Rosie" very well.

这是 "Barely There". 我觉得颜色恭维“Rosie"的颜色非常好。

Swatches are top row L to R and bottom row L to R.


The colors are Sabrina (shimmer light gold); On Wednesdays (pink); Mama (lavender) ; Valencia (yellow cream); Pup (patina); Stardust (shimmer gold); London (grey toned lavender); and Penny (bronze).

Like "Rosie" the colors are smooth and pigmented. 像"Rosie"一样它们也是是非常色素和流畅。我转向他们在我的手臂,没有眼影底漆。磨砂颜色显得有点垩白,但我想这是因为我的皮肤很干。

Final Thoughts

I think they are very pretty and reasonably priced. The quality of the shadows are good and pigmented. I'm a huge Maskcara fan but I'm being truthful here. Even swatched on my very dry skin, the colors are intense and smooth. 我觉得他们都非常漂亮,价格合理。阴影的质量是好的,色素。我是一个巨大的爱好者Maskcara但我求真这里。即便色板在我非常干燥的皮肤上,颜色是激烈和流畅。

Yours Truly and Lots of Love, TeaCupofMakeup

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