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Skeyndor Clear Balance Gel and Derma Peel Pro

I am very honoured to have been gifted these two products from @skeyndoraustralia the Scientific Skincare line with 50 years of research.

I was sent the Clear Balance Defence Gel and the Derma Peel Pro which have done wonders for my skin. I love that the Clear Balance Defence Gel (with SPF15). It blocks out the nasties and keeps my complexion clear and shine free. I've also been using it as my primer.

You are supposed to use the Derma Peel Pro for 28 days first, but because it is so precious to me, I use the Derma Peel Pro only once a week on Sunday nights and I can see such a huge improvement in the texture of my skin. It is so soft and I've received compliments that my complexion is glowing (in a nice way not as in an oil slick way!). These are my skincare essentials that I have with me even when I travel. Thank you Elysha and the rest of the Skeyndor team! I can't wait to try out the other products! Shop at

Skeyndor公司拥有50年的科学研究的历史。我喜欢这两个Skeyndora的护肤品! 这个皮肤凝胶(Clear Balance Defence Gel)已清除与我的肤色。它也有SPF 15。它使我的皮肤看起来无光泽。我还用它作为一个化妆底漆. Derma Peel Pro - 皮肤剥离产品是一个善良温和的去角质。你应该使用它,为期28天。然而,因为它是如此珍贵,我只用一个星期一次。我用它每个星期天晚上。它确实提高了我的皮肤。我很高兴能够去尝试这些产品。谢谢Elysha和Skeyndor团队。

I'll be posting more about these products as I use them and give you an update! 我使用他们几个星期后,我会写更多关于这些护肤品的效果。

Yours truly and with lots of love, TeacupOfMakeup

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