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Clarisonic Mia Fit "Behind the Scenes" | 内部预映

I'm so excited to be a part of Clarisonic Australia's Blogger Mentoring Program. I was invited to attend a session on Monday August 22, 2016 held at Australia's Facebook HQ (so cool - check out pics on my Instagram TeacupofMakeup


At the session, we learnt so many tips about how to grow our social media channels, choosing the right skincare and proper skincare routines.


We also learnt quite a few awesome tip about the Clarisonic cleanser.


One of the really cool things were that we were each gifted a Clarisonic Mia Fit (

I've had about one day to try it and it is so cool. I love the ergonomic design (it fits in the palm of your hand), how easy it is to travel with (it's compact, no awkward handles sticking out in my makeup/skincare travel bag) and the fact that you can charge it via USB.


I'll be posting more on the Mia Fit as I test it out, so watch this space! 我会写更多关于它在我的博客。

Our very gracious host for the evening, Susanna

当晚的活动主持人, Susanna

You can also see the group of Influencers doing a FaceBook Live with me looking all nervous and stuff.

Click on the photo above to watch us at play.



The SUPER cool headquarters of Facebook where this Clarisonic event was held.


I can imagine how fun it must be to work here. We weren't allowed access to the actual office area but I did have a sneaky peak through the grills and it looks like they have a huge recreational room and giant fridges filled with all sorts of drinks.


I really have no idea what the "cowboy" saddle seats (photo below) are for, but they sure look cool and I want one!

The insides of a Mia Fit/ Alpha Fit

Do check back on my progress with the Clarisonic Mia Fit. It's going to be a fun one.

Yours Truly with Lots of Love, TeacupOfMakeup. 待会见! 可爱的小茶杯

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