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Givenchy in Vinyl - Rouge Interdit Vinyl Lipsticks

I was gifted these two lipsticks from Givenchy's latest lipstick range: the Rouge Interdit Vinyls. I received them from the Sephora Exclusive Brands Showcase, which is such a beautiful but distant memory now. 这两个口红是由丝芙兰给我。 它们的名字是: No. 10 Rouge Provocant and No. 16 Noir Révélateur. 在法国它们的名字的意思"挑衅"和"启示者"。

The two colours are: No. 10 Rouge Provocant and No. 16 Noir Révélateur (which means Black Developer). Noir Révélateur is a very special one and you'll see why.

You can purchase them at Sephora Australia. 你可以从丝芙兰购买。

The first one is Rouge Provocant (which means "challenging"). Just like it's name, this is a flaming hot red.

The Rouge Interdit Vinyl lipsticks give your lips a subtle glossy finish and wrap comfortably around your lips. Their not as long lasting - an average of 4-7 hours and can't really stay put if you're eating something.


However, that being said, these are some pretty lipsticks that are moisturising and look absolutely stunning.

This is the fantastic Noir Révélateur (which means Black Developer)).

As you can see, it looks like a very blackish plum colour.

You can wear it on it's own and it will give your lips a nice darker glossy colour, or you can use it as a top coat on your other lipsticks.

It does pick up some of the base colours as you swipe it on, but that's pretty easy to fix. Just gently wipe it down with a bit of tissue paper.




The packaging of these lipsticks are so luxurious. It comes in long plastic case where you can see the Givenchy logo on Vinyl type background.

The designer really thought about the subtle details well. You can see above on the right, a cover for the ribbon (on the left). You use the ribbon or the cover to pull out the lipstick. I really like this distinguishing detail.



These are the swatches. On the left is Rouge Provocant and on the right is Noir Révélateur. As you can see the red lipstick is very pigmented and has that subtle glossy sheen. In the middle is the red with Noir Révélateur on top, making the red a darker colour. You can tone down any bright lipsticks with Noir Révélateur. From the swatch, Noir Révélateur comes off as a lovely darkish plum colour.

这些都是色板。左边是RougeProvocant,右边NoirRévélateur。正如你所看到的红色唇膏是非常色素,并具有微妙的油亮光泽。您可以淡化任何明亮的口红与NoirRévélateur。从样本,Noir Révélateur脱落成一座美丽的梅花黑乎乎的颜色。

Do let me know what you think!

Yours Truly with Lots of Love, TeacupOfMakeup. 待会见! 可爱的小茶杯

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