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Shanghai Suzy Lipsticks A/W16 Collection

I was sent a collection of Shanghai Suzy Lipsticks to review and was so pleased to receive them! I first came across Shanghai Suzy's lipsticks at IMATS Sydney 2014. I was meandering around the stalls during the last few hours of the last day of the show and I came across them. I can't remember what colours they were but I loved them. They were a hot red and a very dark purple. About Shanghai Suzy The cool things about these lipsticks are:

  • Each is a limited edition item as the colours are released every season and available for that season only (generally this is true but you can hunt down older ones from stockists or online)

  • As they are seasonally themed, they are on trend with fashion styles of the moment

  • their super affordable - A$14.95

  • they are not tested on animals and are vegan-friendly (they contain no animal-derived ingredients)

  • You can get them online at

  • They have this cool pop out packaging that is reminiscent of Chanel's lipsticks

  • They are made in Australia - so they must be good!

  • They come in a variety of formulae, mostly matte with some shimmers and metallics thrown in.

  • They do not come with a box so less packaging and good for the Mother Earth

What I liked about them I received 6 of the 7 lipsticks (from the AW16 "Romance and Strawberry Kisses" Collection. Each one has an Autumnal tone and are mostly wearable neutrals, which is very easy to pair with just about any style of makeup. They have a candy scent. It's described as grape bubblegum. Let's just say, it smells o.k. to me. Not particularly good nor bad. I don't go around constantly sniffing my lipstick (who would do that? So weird) so that's one of my least concerns. It tasted like nothing to me. Which is a big two thumbs up. I hate lipsticks that taste like "old ladies' perfume mixed with talcum" (a very popular big drugstore brand is guilty of this but shall not be named). The lipstick labels' state that each is a "whipped matte". On the lips, they applied creamy, did not tug, did not bleed, and had a matte finish. They felt comfortable on the lips and generally one to two coats were enough. If you're not eating or drinking much during the day (which can happen if you are an obsessive worker like me or like to sleep in your makeup, also like me), they generally last about 5-6 hours without needing a touch up. If you are eating, say something like a hot roast meal, then they won't last much longer than before the meal and after meal. Only a stain can last through that! They did not leave a stain and were fairly easy to remove with normal makeup cleanser. What I received The ones with the * are my faves Miss Carla BABY HONEY* is a gorgeous taupe-tinted, pastel honey nude, suited best to those with olive undertones in their skin. Miss Eliza ORCHID* is a striking purple berry hue that reminds us of Singapore orchids. The perfect pop of colour this Winter. Miss Jacqui PINK LACE is the perfect 'everyday' pink. With dusty warm pink and nude tones, this one is ultra-flattering - and the matte finish and natural hue combo gives the impression of fuller lips. Miss Leah BABY COCOA* is a re-run of our most popular lippie colour ever, but now crafted in our new Whipped Matte Formula! The ultimate cult lipstick colour, Miss Leah is a pink-based nude that complements all skin tones. Miss Steph BABY LAVENDER* is sweet and feminine in pastel but with a quirky lavender undertone; the finish is baby pink meets lilac. Miss Trish ROSE TERRACOTTA is a stunning burnt terracotta orange with pinky rose undertones.


Swatches (and watches and matches...)



Yours Truly with Lots of Love, TeacupOfMakeup. 待会见! 可爱的小茶杯

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