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Sisley Paris Sisleÿa Le Teint and Double Tenseur | 美丽的粉底和皮肤的血清

I was lucky enough to be invited to a breakfast launch of Sisley Paris' new products: the Sisleÿa Le Teint Foundation and Double Tenseur Serum.

The breakfast was delicious and the setting very glamorous (photos of the event down below) but let's get down to the goodies that I have been testing out over the past few weeks since the launch.

我被邀请参加从Sisley Paris的两个新的奢侈化妆/护肤产品的推出。它在一个可爱的地点举行,事件是神话般的。 但是,让我们先来讨论一下Sisley Paris的新产品!

Sisley Paris products are available from David Jones and also online at

Sisley Paris产品可在 David Jones 和他们的网站 购买

The foundation Sisleÿa Le Teint Foundation retails for A$190 and comes in 6 au natural shades. Click here to go straight to the website to purchase it.

Sisleÿa Le Teint Foundation, 一个化妆粉底,它有6种天然肤色,RRPA$190 购买

Double Tenseur, 一个护肤精华, RRP$220 购买

First, Sisleÿa Le Teint | 让我们先来讨论粉底:

The foundation comes in a luxurious glass bottle and the foundation is dispensed via a pump (which I much prefer as it is more hygienic).

这个化妆粉底包含在一个豪华的玻璃瓶。 粉底通过泵分配,因此更卫生。

This is a long lasting foundation that wears for about 6-7 hours on me (I have dehydrated but combination skin). It has been specially formulated to brighten, smooth and plump the skin. It is an anti-aging product and works in a number of a ways with the use of several specifically formulated/chosen ingredients. This foundation gives you a dewy look.

这个粉底是持久耐用,具有抗老化性能。 它通过使用许多先进的技术成分给你的皮肤一个露水和光明的外观。在我的油状,但脱水的脸上,它持续了约6至7小时。

Sisley has created a complex of 2 MICAs:

  • the "Crystal Mica" is like having tiny tiny mirrors on your face to give you a glow and natural appearance; and

  • the "Healthy Glow Mica" has a pearly pink like effect which makes your skin look fresher and more vibrant.

这个粉底有两种的云母. 水晶云母:它像微小的镜子一样反射光线,给你的皮肤一个完美的外观。 此外,“健康发光云母”是一种珍珠粉红色云母,使你的脸看起来更光滑,更年轻。

Using Sisleÿa L'Intégral Anti-Âge technology, this foundation works as an anti-aging product by targeting cellular energy deterioration through the use of 3 key active ingredients | 这一目标的抗老化使用三个关键因素:

  • Persian Acacia extract; which helps promote cell production to reduce the signs of fatigue | 波斯金合欢提取物; 这有助于促进细胞生产,减少疲劳的迹象;;

  • Chlorella extracts. Packed with minerals, vitamins and amino acids to boost cell metabolism | 小球藻提取物; 包含矿物质,维生素和氨基酸,以促进细胞新陈代谢;

  • Red Vine extract; to provide a toning action, bringing radiance to the skin | 红藤提取物; 以提供调色作用,给皮肤带来光泽.

The foundation targets wrinkles with the use of 4 active ingredients | 它针对皱纹使用三个关键因素:

  • Soy Peptide Extract; shown in clinical studies to reduce significantly the appearance of dark circles & puffiness around the eyes (source of info click here). 大豆肽提取物; 显示在临床研究中显着减少黑眼圈和眼睛周围浮肿的外观。

  • Adenosine stimulate collagen synthesis to increases collagen production (read more on this ingredient by clicking here) | 腺苷刺激胶原蛋白的合成,增加胶原胶原的产生;

  • White Willow extract which has anti-oxidant, anti-collagenase and anti-elastase properties | 白柳提取物具有抗氧化,抗胶原酶和抗弹性胶原酶的性质; and

  • Vitamin E Acetate which is a known anti free-radicals (if you have a scar putting pure vitamin E on it really helps to heals it much faster) | 维生素E乙酸盐是一种已知的抗自由基(如果你有一个疤痕,提供纯维生素E对它真的有助于治愈它更快)。

For plumping and moisturising benefits, the foundation also includes:

  • Cherry Blossom Extract, to help retain moisture; and

  • Wheat Sugar extract derivatives, creates a protective barrier function.


Essentially, the daily use of this foundation is meant to help slow down the anti-aging process. Less wrinkles and more youthful looking skin. I tested it for 6 weeks and my skin did look more brighter and even toned. My skin was tested by a dermatologist about 2 months ago and I do not have wrinkles, so I can't say how this works on wrinkles but my skin tone did improve with the daily use of this foundation.

我在一个6周的时间测试了这个。 我没有皱纹,所以我不知道它是否帮助那些有皱纹。 然而,我觉得我的皮肤的纹理看起来更好,更光滑,更均匀的色调。

The foundation has a slight pleasant scent. Most likely due to the Cherry Blossom extract. 它有一个轻微的气味,它,我认为是从樱花。

The first photo (from L to R) above shows my skin after applying Double Tenseur, the middle photo shows one coat of foundation; and the last photo, a second coat and using a bit more of the foundation as a concealer around the eyes. I should have put a bit more on the dark spots on my cheek bones to for more coverage, but it did cover the birthmark on my face very well with the second coat. The coverage is buildable and even with a second coat, I felt like I was not wearing anything at all. It does have a "blurring effect". During the day, it just slowly wears off around my oily T-Zone because that's where I blot my face the most. While testing it, I did on a couple of random days use a setting powder on my T-Zone to prolong the coverage in the oily areas of my face.

上面的第一张照片, 显示我的皮肤,应用 Double Tenseur 后,中间的照片显示一到两个泵的在我的皮肤上; 和最后一张照片,在我的皮肤上添多两个泵的粉底,我并使用更多的粉底作为眼睛周围的遮瑕霜。 我应该更多地在我的脸上的黑点给它更多的覆盖,但它确实覆盖了我的脸上的胎记很好地。 覆盖面是可以建立的.。而我正在使用它,我觉得我没有穿任何粉底。 白天,它只是慢慢地在我的油性 T Zone 周围,因为这是我的脸最油滑的部分。 在测试的时候,我在几天的随机日子里在我的T-Zone上使用凝固粉,以延长我脸上油质区域的覆盖。

I felt that my pores looked smaller (i have a "pore problem") and that the foundation was very natural looking.

我觉得我的皮孔看起来更小, 并且粉底在我的皮肤上看起来自然。

Double Tenseur |护肤血清:

The Double Tenseur is a moisturizing gel and advertised to have immediate and long term beneficial results for your skin.

The gel comes in an airtight container and is dispensed via a pump. The gel is somewhat viscous but still light. When I applied it on my skin, I did see an almost immediate smoothing and plumping result, especially when I was swatching it on my very dry hands.

这是一种保湿凝胶,具有许多护肤效果。 它有一个轻的纹理,迅速吸收到皮肤。 你不需要使用太多。 只是一两滴。 应用它轻轻拍上到你的皮肤。

It is meant to be suitable for all skin types and you can even use it as a primer before you apply your foundation.


It is described as having a "stretching effect" to tone, firm and smooth the skin. The key ingredients are plant-based. 它被描述为具有“拉伸效果”以使皮肤紧致,紧实和光滑。 关键成分是植物为主:

  • Oat seed extract [燕麦种子提取物] which is meant to provide a continuous stretchy and flexible 3D mesh on the skin giving it a lifting sensation;

  • Rhatany which is a an astringent extract of the root of a South American shrub, known to be used in traditional medicine; Rhatany是南美灌木根部的收敛提取物,已知用于传统医学;

  • Lemon extract which is also an astringent and known to have skin lightening effects; 它也是收敛剂并已知具有皮肤增亮效果的柠檬提取物;

  • Tiger Nut extract to improve elasticity; 虎纹提取物提高弹性;

  • Cottonseed extract to help the production of collagen and hyaluronic acid; 棉籽提取物有助于胶原和透明质酸的生产;

  • Watercress extract to revitalize and tone the skin. 水芹提取物使皮肤恢复活力和色调。我喜欢吃豆瓣汤! 这是非常健康的,有冷却的效果。

It is fragranced with essential oils of Geranium, Coriander, Lavender and Litsea cubeba, which I believe adds to it's soothing effect. 它是用天竺葵,香菜,薰衣草和Litsea立方体的精油香料,我相信它也增加了它的舒缓效果。

Before, above left photo and immediately After applying Double Tenseur in the above right photo

施用前后 Double Tenseur (左是用护肤精华之前)

正如你从照片中可以看到,有一个立即效果! 我的皮肤看起来更亮,更光滑,更年轻。我觉得我的皮孔看起来更小。我喜欢从草药油舒缓的香味。当我使用它作为一个底漆,我觉得我的粉底应用更加顺利,持续更久。

I did like the effect this had on my skin. It made it feel smooth and look clearer. It did improve the texture of my skin and make it look brighter without any oiliness. It absorbed fairly quickly into the skin. I applied a pump of it and dotted on the serum then pressed it into the skin with my fingers and the palms of my hands.

My pores have started to look smaller. I think with continued use, it will further lighten the dark spots on my skin. It has a faint scent from the essentials oils which I found to be a comforting scent.

I did not get as many acne spots on my face while using it.

As a makeup primer, I felt that it did make the foundation apply on smoothly and helps blur out the pore but this does not mattify the skin if that is what you are looking for.

Final Thoughts | 摘要:

All in all, I really enjoyed these two products. These are really high end top notch products that perform beautifully. I will repurchase Double Tenseur and maybe the foundation (maybe only because I prefer a more matte foundation).当我使用它们,我的皮肤感觉更好。 它看起来更光滑和明亮。 我没有得到那么多疙瘩。 这是我会推荐的两个非常豪华的产品。 我想我会买 Double Tenseur 当它用完了。 我可能不会买这粉底,因为我更喜欢更哑光的外观。

The launch of these products were held over a breakfast at the lovely Chiswick Restaurant, a beautiful heritage-style venue. I highly recommend it for lunch or dinner ( . It was such a lovely and enjoyable event. I've included some photos of the day below. 发射事件非常愉快。 它在非常漂亮的Chiswick餐厅举行。 我下面有一些照片,我在活动拍摄。

Yours Truly with Lots of Love, TeacupOfMakeup. 待会见! 可爱的小茶杯!

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