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Mai Couture: Luxe Makeup & Blotting Papers | 高级时装的除油纸

Here are the most luxurious and glam-looking blotting papers I have ever seen! They are by Mai Couture, and the range of blotting papers is extensive and they also have makeup papers as well. Blotting papers have been around for awhile now, but makeup papers are a relatively new idea. Mai Couture's range includes Powder Foundations, Blushes, Highlighters and Bronzers.

这是我见过的最豪华和魅力的吸油纸! 这个品牌被称为“Mai Couture”。它们的产品范围广泛。 它们也有化妆纸。 吸油纸已经有一段时间了,但化妆纸是一个相对较新的想法。 Mai Couture的系列包括基础,荧光笔, 腮红, 荧光笔和古铜色。

They are sold exclusively to Sephora in Australia (in stores only at the moment) | 在澳大利亚只在丝芙兰商店出售. Click/按这里 here to see where is your nearest Sephora Store.

They retail for A$36 - A$42 for the blotting papers and A$35 - A$42 for the makeup papers (GST inclusive prices).

一本吸油纸书的价格是: A$36 - A$42. 一本化妆纸书的价格是: A$35 - A$42

They are also sold online by Mai Couture (they currently only ship in the USA). Click here to go to their store.

它们也在网上销售。 点击这里进入它们的网站。 (仅限美国境内发货)

In the USA, they retail for U$12 - U$14 for the blotting papers and U$15 - U$18 for the makeup papers (prices do not include taxes).

在美国,它们的价格不同。一本吸油纸书的价格是: U$12 - A$14. 一本化妆纸书的价格是: U$15 - U$18

Let's start with the wallet which you can purchase as well (it comes in 3 colours) . It measures 11.5 cm by 7.5 cm and can get as thick as 1 cm depending on how many books of papers you put in.

让我们从你可以购买的钱包开始(它有3种颜色)。 它的尺寸为11.5厘米乘7.5厘米,可以得到厚达1厘米,这取决于你放入多少本书。

Each Blotting Paper Book comes with 100 sheets and each Makeup Paper Book comes with 50 sheets.


Each book measures just 10cm by 6.5 cm.


Each book also comes with helpful instructions.


This is their foundation touch up papers. They come in three shades. It's quite pigmented as you can see.

这是它们的基础触摸论文纸。 它们有三个阴影。 你可以看到它是相当色素的。

This is their blotting and bronzing paper. They also come in three shades. "Downtown" is the middle shade. Just as pigmented.

这是它们的吸油和古铜色纸。 它们有三个阴影。"Downtown" 是它们的中等色调。 你可以看到它也是相当色素的。

You can even use it as a dry shampoo! Just pat around the scalp area.

你甚至可以使用它作为干洗发水! 只是轻拍头皮区域。

This is their blush papers. There are seven shades in total. I chose "Uptown" which is a lovely light pink/purple colour. The blush papers are very pigmented.

这是它们的腮红纸。 它们有七个阴影。"Uptown" 是一个漂亮的粉红/紫色的颜色。 腮红非常着色。 你可以看到它是非常色素的。

They also have a trial pack which contains one highlighter and two blushes. The highlighter above is called "Crystal Cove".

以上荧光笔称为“Crystal Cove”。


They have two highlighters to choose from. 它们有两种颜色可供选择。

I tried two of their blotting papers. I chose the "Lavender Refresh" and "Salicylic Acid Blemish Control" Rejuvenate Specialty papers. The "Lavender" one has a very faint lavender scent which I like. I did not sense any smell from the "Blemish Control" one. Both apply colourless. They worked well and kept my makeup intact while removing excess oils throughout the day. I think I only used about three sheets during a period of 6-8 hours.

我试过两个它们的吸油纸。 我选择了“薰衣草刷新”和“水杨酸褪色控制”复兴特种纸。 “薰衣草/Lavender”有一种非常微弱的薰衣草香味,我喜欢。 我没有从“瑕疵控制”感觉到任何气味。 两者都无色。 它们工作得很好,保持我的化妆看起来完好,同时在一天中除去多余的油。 我想我只用了大约三张在6-8小时的时间。

There is one more blotting paper that I want to try. That's the "Vitamin C +E Blotting Paper". As you know, both vitamins are very good for skin. Vitamin C is known for its brightening effects. Vitamin E is known for its healing and rejuvenation effects.

还有一个我想试试。 这是它们的“维生素C + E吸油纸”。 如你所知,两种维生素都对皮肤非常好。 维生素C因其增亮效果而闻名。 维生素E以其愈合和复原效果而闻名。


I hope you found this useful! Do drop me an email if you have any questions!

我希望这对你有用! 如果您有任何问题,您可以随时给我发电子邮件!

Yours Truly with Lots of Love, TeacupOfMakeup. 待会见! 可爱的小茶杯!

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