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An Enchanting Body Shop Christmas

Hello! I love it when big brands contribute back to the community. This year, the Body Shop's Holiday Collection is supporting their World Bio-Bridge Mission which helps to regenerate and protect 75 MILLION square metres of forest in England and Armenia.

Every purchase you make this Christmas will go towards this very worthy cause.

In addition, the Body Shop will be donating A$20,000 to help establish a pilot " Healing Hearts Garden" in partnership with the Australian Childhood Foundation. This pilot program is aimed at creating a natural and restorative environment where children can go and heal and explore their senses.

Here are some very enchanting and super cute gift ideas from the Body Shop. As you might know, pretty much everyone loves Body Shop's holiday sets. How could they not? Their products perform amazingly and the packaging is super cute!!!

This year, the Body Shop's holiday collection is themed "Enchanted by Nature". I think it is a lovely and quite refreshing theme.

I was gifted the items below but the holiday collection is huge and I am sure you can find something for everyone on your holiday gift list. You can shop them in stores or online at

今年The Body Shop 的圣诞礼物套装非常漂亮。 主题是“天生的魔法”。 The Body Shop的节日礼品套装总是非常受欢迎,我知道很多人都喜欢它们。 礼品种类繁多,我相信你可以找到一个给你买礼物的人。 我最喜欢Body Shop的圣诞节礼物的一件事是你不必包装它们。 它们有这么漂亮的包装。 这使他们如此环保!您可以在商店或网上购买:

I hope you find this article useful. Don't forget to check out the Body Shop for the full range of holiday goodies! If you have any questions, you can email me and I will try my best to answer them. Email me at: You can also find me here: (ig) (igtv) (website) (facebook) (youtube)


One of my favourite gifts to give are Advent Calendars. The Body Shop's Advent Calendar is simply adorable. You don't even need to wrap it as it comes in such a colourful box. I LOVE the illustrations on them! They are SO whimsical.

我最喜欢的礼物之一是“降临节日历”。 这是一个装满礼物的盒子,你每天一个接一个地打开,直到它是圣诞节。 有三个“出现日历”可供选择。 这太可爱!!!

This year, the Body Shop has THREE different advent calendars to offer you. They all offer fantastic value. You can view them all online at

Isn't the packaging just adorable??? This advent calendar retails for A$100 and has 24 items worth A$165 - NOW that's really good value.

I'm not sorry about showing so many photos of it. I think it is absolutely adorable and I am going to keep this one for myself!

I know right?! Body Shop, stop it already with your beautiful sets!! This is the British Rose Ultimate Collection. This will make a very impressive gift for your female friends/mum/sister/cousin/nan etc. I adore the box. Again, how cool is it that you don't even have to wrap it? That's so environmentally conscious.

This set retails for A$80 and has the following items:

  • Shower Gel British Rose 250ml

  • Body Yogurt British Rose 200ml

  • Body Butter British Rose 50ml

  • Body Scrub British Rose 50ml

  • Eau De Toilette British Rose 100ml

  • Hand Cream British Rose 30ml

I love the smell of the British Rose range. One of my best friends loved this scent so much that I've come to associate this fragrance with her. Sadly, we are no longer in touch, but the very scent of this brings back happy memories.

这个“英国玫瑰”套装非常漂亮。 这款香水为我带来了美好的回忆,因为我最好的朋友非常喜欢这款香水,并且每天都穿着它。 这个礼品套装包含八种产品,价格为80澳元。 如此好的价值和盒子是如此美丽。

Isn't the box just delightful? I would be so happy to receive this as a gift as I would expect many others to as well!! Such a beautiful set.

The packaging of these two sets really made me smile, especially the little house. Aren't they cheerful? They make great stocking stuffers.

The little "house" contains the Body Shop's festive peppermint candy cane scented body butter and body wash along with a cute little wash puff. It retails for A$15.

我最喜欢的糖果之一是薄荷糖。 这个系列有“Body Shop”的假日薄荷味香水。 你只能在假期期间得到这个。 它有保湿霜,沐浴露和沐浴露。

这个漂亮的化妆品有四个项目; 有两面的眼线笔(一面是星形图章); 睫毛膏; 口红; 一种非常特别的蔓越莓香味的闪光喷雾。 闪亮的喷雾是一种漂亮的粉红色粉末,可以涂抹在你的身体和脸上,焕发光彩。

Guess what is in this cute "Santa" sack? When I first saw it, I was so enamoured by it for some reason.

It retails for A$30. I LOVE marshmallows and I LOVE smelling like them too. This set smells divine. I also very much like the fact that I can re-use the bag later to store bits and bobs.

It contains:

  • Shower Gel Vanilla Marshmallow 60ml

  • Body Scrub Vanilla Marshmallow 50ml

  • Body Butter Vanilla Marshmallow 50ml

  • Hand Cream Vanilla Marshmallow 30ml

Who can resist this little "stocking stuffer"??? SO adorable. I'm saving this one for myself.

这套味道像棉花糖和香草味。 有沐浴露,手部和身体润肤霜。 它闻起来很美味,我想吃它。哈哈哈! 你也可以用这个包来存放小东西。 这个闻起来很好,我只为我保留这个。

Last but not least, EVERYONE'S favourite Body Shop present. This little trio is a real bargain for A$25. Body Butters are fantastic at moisturising your skin and you really don't need to apply too much. This set contains all of my favourite scents.



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