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Karen Murrell says Nothing Nasty Touches My Lips

Hi Friends! In this article I talk about Karen Murrell's luxury natural lipsticks. I was gifted some and have purchased a few as well. I've been testing the ones I feature here for a few months now.

嗨朋友们! 在本文中,我与你有关“Karen Murrell”的唇膏分享我的想法。 这些是由天然成分制成的口红。

Disclaimer: All of the photos here are taken by me. You cannot use them without obtaining my written permission first. These are my personal views and I do not any way guarantee or warrant the accuracy, completeness, or usefulness of any message and will not be held responsible for the content of any message.

Review of Karen Murrell luxury natural lipsticks

Last year, I was invited to attend the Australian launch event for Karen Murrell's lipsticks ("KM") in Australia. After that, I've become a little obsessed with KM's lipsticks. We got to hear from Karen Murrell herself about these gorgeous lipsticks which are made from natural ingredients minus any nasties.

该品牌于2008年由创始人在奥克兰创建。这些唇膏采用鳄梨和月见草油,小烛树,巴西棕榈蜡,肉桂和甜橙配制而成。 它们不仅是持久和耐用的唇膏。 它们而且滋养您的嘴唇。

The brand "KM" began in 2008, when Karen Murrell drew inspiration from the natural flora of Auckland.

These lipsticks are formulated with avocado and evening primrose oils, candelilla, carnauba wax, cinnamon and sweet orange. They are made not only to be long lasting lipsticks but also to moisturise and nourish your lips the more you wear them.

KM also has lip pencils and a lip palette. To see the full collection you can go to:

In Australia, you can buy them from Priceline: and they retail for AURRP$29.95.

For other countries, please check KM's website for stockists or to shop online: KM ships Worldwide.

在澳大利亚,您可以从“Priceline”购买这些口红。 您也可以从它们的网站上购买。 它们提供全球服务:



Sometimes not all lipsticks by a brand perform consistently. As these are what I would classify as "luxury lipsticks" (they retail in Australia for AU$29.95), I've taken my time to really test them, out.

My first impression was that I LOVE their cinnamon scent (naturally derived from the inclusion of cinnamon in the ingredients). It is more like a combination of cinnamon and cloves to me. I find it very soothing. Did you know that cinnamon has several health benefits? One of them is that they can you lose weight by lowering your blood sugar levels.

For more on the health benefits of cinnamon; please go to:

They taste a bit like cinnamon, cloves and mint.

The full ingredients list is below:

Ricinus communis (castor) Seed Oil, euphorbia cerifera (candelilla) wax, simmondidsia chinensis (jojoba) esters, isopropyl, jojobate, simmondsia chinensis (jojoba), alcohol, copernicia cerifera (carnauba) wax, ethylhexyl palmitate, caprylic/capric triglyceride, cera alba (beeswax), persea gratissima (avocado) oil, limonene, calendula officinalis (calendula) oil, simmondsia chinensis (jojoba) seed oil, tocopheryl acetate, cinnamal, oenothera biennis (evening Primrose) oil, butyrospermum parkii butter (shea), cinnamomum cassia (cinnamon) oil, citrus sinensis (sweet orange) oil, linalool, eugenol, tocopherol.

They are free from parabens, phthalates, sulfates. They are cruelty-free. Their packaging is also printed with vegetable-based inks on sustainably sourced paper by an FSC-certified printing company.

The key active ingredients are:

  • Avocado oil which provides moisture, nourishment and hydration;

  • Cinnamon which helps plump your lips (think of mint or chilli, and how that makes your blood rush to the surface, cinnamon works in the same way);

  • Evening primrose oil which is rich in Omega 6 and is also known for its soothing and super moisturising properties; and

  • Carnauba wax. KM has used Carnauba wax because of its high melting point. This serves to prolong the wear of these lipsticks, making them hard wearing even on very warm days.

唇膏的成分对你的嘴唇非常有益。 它们含有抗氧化剂,有助于抗衰老。

I've tried other natural luxury lipsticks before from brands like Bite Beauty (you can read my review by clicking here); Antipodes, Burt's Bees, Natio and Nude by Nature. There are quite a few options out there for natural lipsticks.

There are 26 shades. One is a uncoloured lip balm and one is a limited edition one called "Rachael’s lipstick". Rachael's Lipstick was created by 18-year-old Kiwi Rachael Cox who has cystic fibrosis. She created the lipstick with KM as part of the "Make a Wish" Foundation.

有26支口红。 一个是润唇膏,一个是由患有囊性纤维化的女孩创造的特别版。 Rachael's Lipstick由这位18岁的女孩创建,作为“Make A Wish”基金会。

KM's lipsticks stand out for their length of wear and cinnamon flavour. I was very surprised by how long lasting KM's lipsticks are. Even though they have been formulated to have a high melting point, they really apply very smoothly "like butter". This surprised me as some of the other natural lipsticks have a more waxy consistency.

The ones I have tried are:

  • 01 Moisture Stick (the uncoloured lip balm);

  • 02 Cordovan Natural;

  • 03 Pink Starlet;

  • 05 Violet Mousse;

  • 12 Rymba Rhythm;

  • 13 Camellia Morning*;

  • 17 Poppy Passion*;

  • 19 Racyrata;

  • 21 Fiery Ruby;

  • 23 Blushing Rose; and

  • Rachael’s lipstick

Except for those marked with a *, the rest were PR gifts for my consideration.

The lipsticks all performed consistently. They went on smoothly and lasted for a long time (about 3-4 hours if I did not eat/drink) and wore off gradually leaving a nice lip stain effect. For long-wear lipsticks, they were surprisingly easy to wash off.

这些口红持续很长时间。 颜色非常丰富。 这些唇膏的质地非常光滑,非常保湿。 它们在亚洲也很受欢迎。

These lipsticks are hugely popular in around the World. I've also been told that a lot of Asian ladies in China and around Asia Pacific really love these lipsticks. If these lipsticks are a hit in Asia, you can tell how good there are, as those markets have very discerning customers due to the huge variety of beauty products they have available there in those markets.

这些口红在亚洲很受欢迎。 他们在亚洲的受欢迎程度表明他们有多好,因为那里的女性有很多选择。



I readily admit that I am a "packaging whore". KM's packaging is to die for. I'm SERIOUS! It has been great to follow the evolution of their packaging. You'll see the changes below. Enjoy some #packagingporn

包装由可回收和可持续材料制成。 我真的很喜欢漂亮的包装。 它们有三种版本的包装。 它们的包装和插图不断的变得更好。

The line up. You can see the evolution fo the packaging.

So far there have been three designs for the lipstick case.

It started off with the ones on the far left, a simple black case with the "KM" initials and a quote "nothing nasty touches my lips"

The next batch came in the gorgeous dark rose gold packaging.

This was then followed by the current new ones in this maroon colour with beautiful gold printing on them. SO sublime and totally instagrammable.

The evolution of packaging.

I think the packaging gives it a real luxurious look. The boxes them selves are works of art (see below).

The illustrations on the boxes are so beautiful.

These were the first illustrations To me they look a bit alike retro-art-deco.

KM first started with a fairly retro-art-deco style it their packaging. The illustrations were printed across two sides, so that you had to turn it at an angle to fully appreciate them. I love these works of art.

New Illustrations for the ones in the Gold Tube.

It never gets old. Every time I look at these, I fall in love with them. They are part "fairies and magic" and part "Lord of the Rings". The women depicted here give off a sense of strength and simultaneously a sense gentleness. They are very feminine.

The latest versions come in this lovely maroon colour. The illustrations on the box have these golden vines which are echoed on the lipstick cases themselves. The metal bit is "rose gold". How divine is the cap. It reminds me of Japanese artisan cakes. Like a sakura.

Both the gold and maroon coloured lipsticks no longer have the words "nothing nasty touches my lips".



I've done both swatches on my hand as well on white acid-free paper. I think if you have been following me for a while, you will remember that the reason why I do swatches in white paper is to show you the "true" colour untainted by the undertones of my skin.


02; 05; 13; and 19.

In the old packaging (the numbers match up to the lipsticks): 02 Cordovan Natural; 05 Violet Mousse; 13 Camellia Morning; and 19 Racy Rata

Gold Packaging: 03; 12; 17; and Rachael's Lipstick.

In the gold packaging (the numbers match up to the lipsticks): 03 Pink Starlet; 12 Rymba Rhythm; 17 Poppy Passion; Rachael’s lipstick.

In the maroon packaging: 21 and 23

In the latest maroon packaging: 21 Fiery Ruby; 23 Blushing Rose

I've done swatches under sunlight; in the shade and indoors (top to bottom).

Left to Right: 02 Cordovan Natural; 03 Pink Starlet; 05 Violet Mousse; 12 Rymba Rhythm; 13 Camellia Morning; 17 Poppy Passion; 19 Racy Rata; 21 Fiery Ruby; 23 Blushing Rose; and

Rachael’s lipstick.

One of my current go to everyday lipsticks is 23 Blushing Rose. Seen above (L to R), shot in outdoor light and in indoor light. It is the perfect neutral pink shade for everyday. 我最喜欢的颜色就是这个"23 Blushing Rose"。 我认为它适合日常使用。


So I hope you enjoyed this article and found it useful. I'm pretty much on my social media platforms in some way or fashion 7 days a week. I hope you enjoyed this review.

我希望这篇文章有用! 谢谢你的阅读。 我几乎每天都在社交媒体上,所以请订阅我的社交媒体平台!

You can find me at:






Do follow me on my Instagram @teacupofmakeup_luxe, I do loads of demos and vlogs on there.

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