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ShuXMario Collection - Super Cute & Good!

Hello friends! This is a post that could be considered as "makeup porn" :P as there are lots of photos. I always look forward to Shu Uemura's Christmas collection each year and this year, I was so delighted to find out it was a collaboration with Mario from Mario Bros! I still play Mario Cart and my husband is currently playing Super Mario Odyssey (which has such adorable animation). So here are some of the uber cute ShuXMario collection and my thoughts on them.

你好朋友你好吗?今天的博客是关于 Shu Uemura 和 Mario 的圣诞特色产品。这些产品太可爱了!我一直在收集 Shu Uemura 的圣诞节产品。所以每年这个时候我都会很兴奋和激动地等待着它们出售。这里有很多我试过的产品的照片和我对它们的想法。

Except for the Eye:Primer and the P Light Orange 21 Pencil, all of the other products were kindly sent to be for consideration by Shu Uemura.

除了两个产品外,其它的产品都是从Shu Uermura 给我的礼品。为我的意见。

I love my Shu Bear! I bought the Mario pixel figurine myself.

The snow globe was such a delightful surprise! It has all of the main characters from the Mario games including the evil mushrooms!

Let's talk about the makeup case first. Oh my goodness! How adorable is it?! It is quite sturdy and has a faux leather texture. The words and images are printed on it. It is so adorable and quite a good size.

There are three compartments to it. I like how it was designed as it makes it very easy to access all of your products.

The boxes that the products come in all have different designs along the Mario theme. They were so cute that I had to save them. Haha yes, I am a hoarder!

I love palettes, so this one is the star of the collection for me. It is called the "Peach's eye and cheek palette".

Unlike the last few years, there is only one palette this year. It also comes in the custom palette format so you can reused the palette itself once you have finished the products.

AS you can see from the removable plastic overlay , there are helpful hints about how to use them. I think it was very thoughtful of them to include both cool and warm toned colours. The blushes are the ones with the cute Mario character embossing.

The brush is a good one. It is a sturdy brush and the bristles are like the makeup brushes that you can buy separately. I like this about Shu Uemura's palettes. They always provide good brushes.

Swatches are below. I believe that the photos show the colours as you would see them in real life.

The lightest shades of each colour combination seemed a bit dryer than the other two. It also did not blend as well.

There are micro glitters in the shadows but I would say that it just adds to the luminosity of the eyeshadows rather than being all glittery.

There was minimal fall out when I applied them.

You can definitely build up the eyeshadows and apply them for an intense look. I would recommend the Eye:Primer (which you will see below).

Again in this colour trio, the palest shade was a bit dry. I think it would be better to press it on if you want to use it as a pop of colour in the middle of your eye lid. Otherwise it works well as a highlighter for your brow bone.

Of the two blushes, I was not so keen on the orange one when I first opened the palette. However, when applying it on the skin, I liked it! It gives you a peachy glow, that almost looks like a highlighter.

I think if you have an olive complexion, the orange one would look best on you. Though I would recommend mixing in a bit of the pink.

Oh how I love these eyeliners! Here are P Light Orange and Matte black (there is also a matte brown and a pink)

. I honestly don't think that these photos do them justice. The Black one is a rich and creamy eyeliner that delivers a true matte finish. The orange one is so so beautiful. It is a warm chrome golden colour. Both are so long lasting! That the little heart i drew above has lasted through three days! That's three days of showers, hand washing and dish washing and other household chores I've done.

The ShuXMario collection does include a lot more shades to choose from, but I only have these two to show you. Isn't the packaging divine?

They have Mario and Princess Peach on them!

This is "M PK 375" from the Rouge Unlimited Supreme Matte series. . A lovely matte reddish plum. It goes on smoothly and lasts leaving a nice stain as it wears off during the day. Very comfortable on the lips! Trust me, you will want this in your makeup bag as it is such a flattering colour and super cute. A swatch is below.

This is "Saved Peach" from Rouge Unlimited Sheer Shine collection. I AM SO SLOW. It took me a while to figure out the cleverness of the name "Saved Peach" haha! It's when Mario saves Princess Peach! This is a lovely coral colour. It almost looks like a lip gloss but not. It makes your lips look plumper with that subtle sheen. Very moisturising as well.

The matte one is on top and you can see the lovely sheen of the "Saved Peach" below. I like to wear "Saved Peach" during the day. I note that there is a very faint pleasant scent to these lipsticks. Smells almost like peaches to me.

This is a new product to me. I've never tried it before. It is described as a "deepsea hydrability moisturising lip balm". There is a very faint scent similar to the lipsticks. I've used it a couple of times to prep my lips for lipsticks and it does help if you are applying a long lasting matte lipstick. So far, it seems to prevent cracks from appearing. I like the easy to use applicator. The balm is clear.

Super cute huh?

I can't remember the last time I tried a Shu Uemura eye primer, so when I spotted this at Sephora (it was the last one) I really had to get it. I usually use Shu Uemura eye foils as a base (or alone). I'm obsessed with them! If you follow me on Instagram (@teacupofmakeup) you will see me demo this quite often!

The eye primer has a faint beige colour to it which then dries down to an almost translucent colour. I've only had the opportunity to try it once but I do like that it helps to conceal some of the redness/darkness on my upper eyelids. My eyelids do get kinda oily during the day and so far this has held up well (my holy grail eyeshadow primer is the NARS Pro-Prime eyeshadow primer) and I think it is almost as good as the NARS one. Eyeshadows blend out well with this underneath and last for about 7-8 hours before my eyelids get oily and things start to slip. :P

Ahhh... the ICONIC Shu Uemura eyelash curler!! I believe this must be in every pro-mua's kit. I like it. It gives that perfect curl if you know how to use it. I'm working on a separate post about what type of eyelash curler you should use depending on your eye shape, so I'll talk more about this eyelash curler later. However for now, let's just admire the GOLDEN GOODNESS of this and that cute little star which is also made of metal.

I know people who collect the limited edition eyelash curlers every year (like me, hee hee). I do recommend this one because it is not only cute but luxe as well as the star is made of metal. Past few years, the accessory has been made of a rubber type material.

Everyone likes a good makeup cushion don't they? This is the "dreamy mauve" fresh cushion blush. Yes, it is dreamy!

As with cushion products, it has an airtight compartment so that the product does not dry out. It also comes with a round flat sponge.

Dreamy colour huh? It is a lighter shade blush so those with darker skin tones may not enjoy it. On my light-medium skin, it comes out looking like a natural blush with a very faint purple tint. It has a wet feel to it so I would recommend patting it on, and letting it dry first before you put more. It dries down to a powder. That's why I recommend patting on a layer first, it might seem too light initially but you don't want to pat on too much or it might end up looking cakey. It does give you a slight luminous glow.

Here it is on my tanned hands. I do a lot of work under the sun (photography and gardening) so my hands are more tanned than my face. Here you can see that it gives you a slight luminous glow. If this light mauve is not for you, there is an amber shade.

Have you tried skin perfector makeup refresher mists yet?? If you have not, I do recommend them. I purchased all of them. Yes, another set of products that I am obsessed! They currently come in four scents: Yuzu (a citrus scent, Yuzu is a fruit that is like a combo of a lemon and an orange); Sakura (cherry blossoms); Shobu (Iris); and Cypress (smells like pine needles). The ShuXMario collection has two special ones out: just the Yuzu and Sakura. What the refresher mist does for you is to refresh and hydrate your skin between touch-ups. I love the Yuzu scent in Summer as it is so refreshing. I recommend popping it into the fridge for a couple of hours before you bring it with you out for the day. I also like to quickly mist my face with this as a sort of primer. It has a bi-phase formula, so do take note that it has some essential oils in them.

Every year, it seems that Shu Uemura seems to pick a different cleansing oil to highlight in its Holiday Collection. Last year's Takashi Murikami collection featured the Anti/Oxi skin refining anti-dullness cleansing oil. This year, we have the Ultime8 sublime beauty cleansing oil. Yes, it is sublime. It has 8 botanical oils in it sourced from Chinese medicine and beauty oils from all over the World. This one suits all skin types. I've done several demos of how to use this on my Instastories (it features quite a lot) so do follow me on (@teacupofmakeup).



There are much much more from the ShuXMario collection, so I do recommend that you run down to your nearest Shu Uemura counter or boutique.

The item that I am most sad about missing out on is below:

Gahhhhh... I really wanted this because Shu Uemura's liquid eyeliners are so good, plus this one has a STAR STAMP!!!! SO cute! I'll keep searching for it though!


I hope you found this useful!.

Yours Truly with Lots of Love, TeacupOfMakeup. 待会见! 可爱的小茶杯!

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