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Tried & Tested: Stila Stay All Day Foundation & Concealer

Hello! Today, I will be talking about Stila's STAY ALL DAY FOUNDATION AND CONCEALER (sent to me for review by Mecca Cosmetica). It did take me a while to form my thoughts as I do like to try new foundations out for a significant length of time. I think I have been using these on and off since August 2017 (yes, I like to test products out for a while). 这是我对 Stila Stay All Day 粉底液和一个遮瑕的想法。 如果我的中文翻译写的不好,请原谅我!我还在复习/练习我的中文写作。

I was sent four for consideration by Mecca Cosmetica/Maxima (go shop there) if you are based in Australia and you want super quick delivery (for me, it comes the next business day). I received the shades: Fair 2; Medium 9; Almond 11; and Golden 10. They retail for AUD58 (USD40).


What are they?

This is a two-in-one product which is for that very reason, very cool. You get a foundation and a matching concealer with this. HOW EASY. You can't imagine the number of times, I've bought a foundation and then got a concealer that just didn't work with it. This saves time (not too sure about money, Ill get to that later). One thing to note: this did not make me break out unlike some other long wear foundations.

这是一个两合一的产品。在一起,有一个粉底液和一个遮瑕。粉底液和遮瑕的颜色是兼容的。这是Stila的粉嫩哑光妆效,全天持久清爽粉底液。自从八月份以来,我一直在使用它。 我想在相当长的一段时间尝试新的粉底液和遮瑕,看看是否会导致痤疮。

The cap of each foundation contains the concealer (which can be removed) and a handy mirror.


As you can see from the photo above, removing the cap reveals the pump-style foundation. I quite like this type of dispenser as I think it is more sanitary. However, it is a bit difficult to control the amount of foundation you need. One full pump was a bit too much for me.

粉底液包含在密封容器中。 你必须按下来放弃粉底液。 我很喜欢这种类型的包装,因为我认为它是卫生的。 但很难控制有多少粉底液出来。

It can get a bit messy when you pump out the foundation. The foundation does have a nice consistency about it. It is not runny or too thin.


Colour shades are shown underneath the packaging.

What it looks like on

The first picture on the left shows me without any foundation or concealer on. The middle picture shows my face with the foundation and concealer in daylight. Finally, the picture on the right shows how it looks under studio lights.

在第一张照片中,我没有任何化妆。 在中间的照片中,我使用了这个粉底液和遮瑕。 这是它在白天的外观。 最后一张照片(右侧)是它在工作室灯光下的外观。

What I like about them

  • Well, it's pretty obvious. A foundation and a matching concealer. There are 16 shades to choose from.

  • The foundations have a peachy undertone which in my experience does help neutralise dark spots/discolourations, so you need less product.

  • The formula has Stila's Youth Revival Bio-Available Mineral Complex™ - 15 bio-available vitamins, minerals and antioxidants.

  • The formula is pretty good. Applied without a primer, it does seems to last all day (roughly 6-8 hours depending on the season. Longer in the cooler months; shorter during Summer). Though, if you have combination/oily skin, you might need a bit of touch up and powder every few hours or so. I don't think this is sweat-proof, I wore this on a day when it was really hot (about 38° C) and humid and after just a few hours, my face was literally melting off.

  • The foundation alone provides pretty adequate coverage.

  • It has a matte finish.

  • The concealer was creamy enough that it blended out well and didn't seem to crease under the eyes.

  • There is an in built mirror in the top of the cap which houses the concealer.

  • You can remove the pan that holds the concealer. Pretty cool if you were building up a kit (put it all into a Z palette or similar).

  • The packaging is novel. It is one of those "press down; foundation pops up" kind (see photo please). I think this keeps it fairly sterile. I'm actually a sucker for this type of packaging.

  • This did not make me break out.


  • 我喜欢同时具有粉底液和遮瑕膏在一起的便利。很方便。

  • 它有15种生物可利用的维生素,矿物质和抗氧化剂。

  • 它有一个磨砂的外观。

  • 我觉得是的它适合所有肌肤使用。

  • 很容易涂抹在皮肤上。

  • 配方是很轻,但覆盖面很好。

  • 它持续了大约6-8个小时。 我确实需要在油性区域涂上多一点。

  • 我喜欢它的包装。 粉底液是在一个密封容器。

  • 这并没有导致我的皮肤有粉刺。

What I did not like about it

  • Uhmm... if you are trying to buy it online, it is pretty hard to figure out what shades would suit you. I can't tell from the names, which normally give me a goo indication. Also on most websites, the swatches mean nothing to me. Best place for swatches seems to be the Stila website itself (link) Names like: "Bare"; "Hue"; "Honey" and "Almond", mean very little to me. I do note that not all of them are named in such vague terms. There are the usual names like "porcelain"; "fair"; "medium".

  • As much as I love the "pumpy pumpy" packaging, some of them frustrated me. Some would spurt out the foundation and it would fly everywhere. The other's seemed to work ok. Uhh.. quality control?? Even if I tapped it on the table to try to knock out the air pockets, it did not work on the ones that spurted/squirted everywhere.

  • Unfortunately, I was not able to remove the pump cover (it was easier on other similar pump packaging as I could just unscrew the top); so it is going to be hard to scrape out the last bits of the foundation.


  • 如果你在互联网上购买它,选择合适的阴影是很难的。因为所显示的例子并不完全符合真实的颜色。

  • 虽然我喜欢它的包装,当你使用它时,可能会弄得周围脏兮兮的。其中一个粉底液会到处喷涌而出! 所以要小心啊!

  • 我无法打开容器。 所以可能会留下一些浪费的产品。

There is a bit of splatter that you can see in the photo above, Once I realised that could happen, I was more careful. I only found that I had this issue with just one out of the four samples.


I hope you found this review useful. Yours Truly with Lots of Love, TeacupOfMakeup.

待会见! 可爱的小茶杯!


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