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Yazbukey X Shu Uemura Lipsticks

Hi Hi! In this blog, I will be talking about the NEW collaboration between Yaz Bukey and Shu Uemura. The Yazbukey x Shu Uemura Mattitude Collection. This collaboration consists of 32 matte lipsticks and 4 metallic lip liners.

朋友们你好! 这是我对Yazbukey x Shu Uemura唇膏系列的看法。

Yaz Bukey is a famous Parisian fashion designer, well known for her plexiglass accessories and bags adorned with her signature graphic designs. The graphics you see on this super cute collection were done by her. If you would like to learn more about Yaz Bukey and her fashion brand "Yazbukey", please click here for an interview and click here to see her website.

I was gifted two lipsticks and two lip liners by Shu Uemura PR in Australia.

In this blog post, I am reviewing the following items. In Australia, the lipsticks retail for RRPA$45 and the lip liners at RRPA$38.


  • Magenta Spell

  • *Powder Blue

  • Currant Mood

  • Yaz Red

  • M RD 165 Ruby Heart

  • *M PK Cyclamen Sound

  • M BR 771 Choco Crush

Magic Metallic Lip Liners:

  • Gold Wow

  • *Gun Metal Bang

  • *Pink Yeah

Items marked with * are gifted.



I really liked the texture and pigmentation of the lipsticks and lip liners that were sent to me for my review, that I went and bought a whole lot more.

Uhmm, I guess that's the end of my review.


Matte lipsticks are tricky to formulate. It is a fine balance between pigmentation and texture. These matte lipsticks have that perfect balance. They glide on smoothly and do not drag/tug at your lips. One coat is sufficient. I like to apply it with a lip brush, purely because of the fact that my lips are not even. I've also worn them applied and buffed out with my fingers. Either way, they look fab. The lipsticks do fade very nicely to an even tint on the lips. I would not describe them as transfer-proof as they do leave marks on cups/mugs and do come off if you eat something, but the lip stain they leave is very pretty. I like Shu Uemura lipsticks because they have almost no scent and almost no taste. These lipsticks do not bleed and they are not drying on the lips. You do not get that cracked lip look.

这些哑光口红是 Yaz Bukey(法国时装设计师)与 Shu Uemura 之间的最新合作。 该系列还包括4款金属色唇线笔。 总的来说,我非常喜欢这个集合。 我喜欢包装的设计,我也喜欢这些口红。 它们持续很长时间,并且不会感觉干燥。 颜色都很漂亮。 唇线笔非常特别,因为它们不是以唇膏的形式出现的,而是用刷子涂抹的液体唇膏。 这是一个非常可爱和丰富多彩的系列。



There are nine new shades across four ranges: "Sexy Red"; "Lovely Nude"; "Quirky Pink"; and "Edgy Berry". There are 32 lipstick shades, with 16 of them being encased with the limited edition Yazbukey lip motif.

"Sexy Red"

"Lovely Nude"

"Quirky Pink

"Edgy Berry"

You know when you are in trouble when you are even obsessed with the boxes. See the pretty details inside? LOVE.



The 4 magic metallic lip liners are quite unusual. I have not seen lip liners like these. They are in the form of a lip brush with a highly pigmented viscous liquid. You can apply them first and then blend in your lipstick; wear them on top of lipsticks (my personal fave); or even on their own for a high octane look. There are four shades: gold, pink rose gold; gun metal silver and a bronze. I did not get the bronze one as I felt that by combining the other three would give me a kind of bronzey look. For some reason and not always, when I applied the lip liners, I felt a slight tingle.



For both products, I would recommend that you use a lip scrub and a lip balm first to prep your lips. This should ensure a more even colour on your lips.

From left to right: Yaz Red & M RD 165 Ruby Heart; M PK Cyclamen Sound; M BR 771 Choco Crush; Magenta Spell; Powder Blue; Currant Mood; and the three Magic Metallic Lip Liners.



M PK Cyclamen Sound

Yaz Red

M BR 771 Choco Crush + Gun Metal Bang lip liner mixed in

Powder Blue + Gold Wow lip liner

Yaz Red + Gold Wow & Gun Metal Bang lip liners

Pink Yeah Lip Liner on its own

Gold Wow Lip Liner on its own


I hope you found this review helpful! Drop me an email ( or DM me on my Instagram (@teacupofmakeup) and let me know what you would like an in-depth review of. I hope you found this review useful. Yours Truly with Lots of Love, TeacupOfMakeup. 待会见! 可爱的小茶杯!

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