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Super Sephora Gift Guide | 我推荐从Sephora买的礼品

Hi! Yes, this is my Super Sephora Gift Guide. Like most of my gift guides, I have not included the price as they may differ depending on which Country you are in. I've decided to do things a bit differently and included a lot more photos and less words. I will be doing reviews on my Instagram ( as well as here.

You can find everything you see here at your local Sephora Store (in Australia) or online at

欢迎大家,这是我的"我推荐从Sephora买的礼品" 博客。我没有包括每个产品的价格,因为他们可能在你的国家有不同的价格。 此外,不像我的其他博客,有更多的照片和较少的话。 我希望你喜欢! 我会写我的评论在我的Instagram(以及这里。


1. Makeup | 化妆产品

Sephora Brand's Special Christmas Items | 质量非常好!

Tarte Cosmetics Limited Edition Items | 你必须买这些!

It Cosmetics Limited Edition Items - a must have |你必须买这些!

Kat Von D - always popular | 很受欢迎!

CoverFx - Lots of goodies!有益于日常使用!

Zoeva Cosmetics - Their Gift Sets are amazing! 我喜欢这个品牌!

CoverFX - Professional Standard Makeup! 专业化妆师喜欢使用!

That Instant Brush Cleanser is a must (I have 6 bottles stashed somewhere!)


Super Cute and Convenient!


Anastasia Beverly Hills

Can't go wrong with these! 非常受欢迎的化妆产品!


An Australian Brand that is taking over the World!


No Makeup Gift Guide is complete without Becca Cosmetics!

Get their famous Jaclyn Hill Champagne Pop Palette, so pretty. LOVE



2. Skincare | 护肤产品

Jurlique Products are World famous! | 世界闻名!

June Jacobs

Refreshing skincare that I am enjoying!


Taiwan's No. 1 Skincare Brand: FOR BELOVED ONE

I am so impressed by the results, you have to try them!

I'll be doing a separate blog post once I have tried everything.



Edible Beauty - natural beauty products that are safe enough to eat! Watch this space!


Estelle & Thild

Skincare from Sweden that smells as sweet as it looks!

瑞典品牌护肤品! 很香!

The Makeup Eraser

A product that everyone raves about and has copied


There are lots of good Korean Skincare items to try at Sephora.

Like Dr Jart+, 3CE, Pureheals and Caolion (just to name a few)


Caudalie, one of France's most popular skincare brand. Everything is good!

这是法国最有名的护肤品牌之一。 他们的产品非常好。

Percy & Reed; Caviar Anti-Aging and Ouai -

Great Products for your hair


Aromatherapy Associates London

Such beautiful bath products that help you manage your moods.



3. Stocking Stuffers | 其他小礼物

Erno Laszlo Skincare; Huda Beauty Lipsticks; Ole Henriksen and Algenist

Perfect little pressies!


Mai Couture; Perfeckt; Arcona and Klarity Skincare

I will be writing more about these but you can read my Mai Couture Review (click here)

我会写更多关于这些,但你可以阅读我的博客关于Mai Couture

Commodity Goods, Clean Reserve and Nest Fragrances

Perfume Sets are always good gifts!


WOW! That was quite a marathon huh? Loads to see. I hope you enjoyed! 哇! 我知道Sephora提供了这么多产品!

Happy Holidays! Wishing you all a very Merry Christmas! 圣诞快乐和新年好!

Yours Truly with Lots of Love, TeacupOfMakeup. 待会见! 可爱的小茶杯!

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