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"Amber & Lavender" Jo Malone London Queen of Pop Limited Edition by Poppy Delevingne

Here is my review of "Amber & Lavender" cologne by Jo Malone London in limited edition packaging as part of the "Queen of Pop" collection in collaboration with Poppy Delevingne.

Review of "Amber & Lavender" cologne by Jo Malone London

In the Fragrance world, a crucial element in understanding why a Fragrance is classified as a feminine or masculine scent, is an understanding of the psychology/science behind the design of a Fragrance's packaging.

Shown here is Jo Malone London 's "Amber & Lavender" in Limited Edition packaging as part of the recent (very popular) Queen of Pop collection curated by Poppy Delevingne.

At a glance, you might immediately think:"Oh, that's a pretty one. Perfect for my girlfriend/sister/wife/mother/aunt/gran." However, in Jo Malone's Fragrance world, "Amber & Lavender" is considered a CLASSIC masculine scent.

Created in 1995 by Jo Malone herself, "Amber & Lavender" is an oriental green/fougere fragrance. This cologne is composed of notes of bergamot, lavender, mint, lily-of-the-valley, clove & cinnamon and grounded with notes of myrhh, patchouli and amber.

If presented in the iconic Jo Malone packaging (simple chic silhouette)/a blindfolded test, you might actually pick this out as being a feminine fragrance. It comes down to personal preference really and how its composition sings to your memories and experiences.

It is described by Jo Malone London as:

"Classic male perfumery, refined. French lavender and petitgrain bring a fresh luminosity to precious amber. Cultivated and cosmopolitan."

Notes Top Note: Petitgrain; Heart Note: French Lavender; and Base Note: Amber


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